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North launches new Learn to Foil Academy

by North Foiling 8 Dec 2023 06:00 PST
Jeremiah McDonald wing racing © Sailing Energy

The new North Learn to Foil Academy will enable Sailing Clubs and Schools to offer wing foiling as part of their Learn to Sail programs.

Wing foiling is the fastest-growing watersport in the world and progressive Clubs can now easily integrate it into their sailing programs in order to grow membership and give youth sailors a pathway out of dinghies into foiling.

Wing foiling is accessible to people of all ages and, with the right instruction, quick and easy to learn.

The North Learn to Foil Academy, which costs €250 to join, gives Clubs access to resources they need to teach wing foiling in a safe and accessible way.

At the heart of the Academy is the North Learn to Foil Course, which breaks wing foiling down into four steps and gets riders up and foiling in as little as 10 hours.

The four steps include:

  • Learning how to control the wing on land and on a skateboard
  • Learning how to control the foil by tow-foiling
  • Bringing the board and the wing together in displacement winging mode
  • Wind-powered wing foiling

Mike Raper, Brand Director of North Kiteboarding and North Foils said "I am most enthused by this initiative. Providing Clubs with these tools will help grow the sport globally at a grassroots level and ensure that wing foiling achieves mainstream status sooner rather than later. Wing foiling is the future of sailing and we're thrilled to be bringing it to the masses."

The North Learn to Foil Course is designed to be taught at Clubs, Schools, Outdoor Adventure Centres or from Super Yachts by competent dinghy or windsurfing instructors who have mastered the basics of wing foiling for themselves.

In addition to providing Clubs with the resources needed to teach the Learn to Foil course, the Academy membership also gives them the opportunity to buy Learn to Foil Club Kits, which include all the equipment required to run a 3-person course, including purpose-built Seek-Air inflatable boards, Sonar Foils, Nova Wings, Dune Skateboards, impact vests and helmets. Learn to Foil Club Kits cost less than USD10,000 to buy and are available immediately.

Clubs, Schools and Activity Centres interested in learning more about the Academy can visit here or contact .

Riders interested in learning more about the Learn to Foil course can visit here

Meet the coach

Currently ranked 13th overall on the IWSA WingFoil Racing World Cup Tour, 21-year-old wing foil coach and competitive athlete Jeremiah McDonald makes his North Team Rider debut with the Learn to Foil videos.

New Zealand-born Jeremiah lives on a Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchard by the sea and you can usually find him out in the elements - whether sailing, hiking, rowing or coaching others in his newfound passion.

"The North Learn to Foil course is an enjoyable and social way to learn. It can be overwhelming having an expert instructor telling you to do something and being the only one who can't do it - it's much easier when someone else is failing with you and having a laugh about it.

Jeremiah says adding skateboarding and tow-foiling to the mix when teaching people how to foil gives people a better understanding.

"It makes the journey more manageable. If you go straight onto the wing and foil, it's easier to pick up bad habits or not realize you're doing something wrong or dangerous. And it means you come away feeling like you have achieved something - which is vital for people to want to do it again. "It's also great not having to think about whether you have the right equipment when you're starting.

The Learn to Foil Academy will use all the best gear - including the Seek Air inflatable board and the new MA1850v2 Front Wing."

Keep an eye out for Jeremiah chasing the dream on the Wing foil Racing World Tour.

Want to learn to foil?
North works with established wing-foiling schools worldwide. If you'd like to learn to wing foil, please contact us.

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