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Border Counties Midweek Sailing 2023 concludes at Winsford Flash Sailing Club

by Dave Thomas 19 Oct 2023 12:09 PDT 3 October 2023
Pete Coop wins overall - Border Counties Midweek Sailing concludes at Winsford Flash © Brian Herring

Border Counties Midweek Sailing has now completed the 2023 series, and what a great series it has been! There was a fantastic turnout throughout, with 84 individual entries (15 of which were double-handed boats).

We started the series off at Shotwick where Pete Coop started as he meant to go on with a first place out of 26 boats, and first double Dave Thomas & Shan Stapley in their Enterprise. Will Pete continue his winning streak next year when he changes class to a Streaker?

Then onto Budworth with 29 boats on the water where a very unusual result with the GP14 of Andy & Tim Mcgovern taking two firsts and a second - so double-handers can beat the singlehander fleet.

The third event of the series took us to the narrow waters of Chester where Border Counties co-founder Dave Turtle took first place in his Comet in really light winds. First double-hander was locals Pete Blundell & Jackie in their Enterprise.

The fourth round took us to Llyn Tegid (Bala) in the heart of Wales and our biggest water, where local Daniel Partington took first in RS Vareo; first double Pete Thoms & Dawn Frost in their GP14. Being a large water we were joined by an F101 Foiling Trimaran with Steve Pooley at the helm.

Our fifth event took us to Llyn Brenig - our new venue for this year - which at almost 380 metres above sea level is the highest sailing club in Wales, where Daniel Partington from Bala in his RS Vareo took first place; first double-hander was Pete Thoms & Dawn Frost in their GP14.

The sixth event took us to Redesmere where Dave Turtle took first place in his Comet and first double-hander was Dave Thomas & Shan Stapley in their Enterprise.

The penultimate event at Nantwich had 24 boats out on the water with Phil Snewin from Chester in his Solo taking first place and Dave Thomas & Shan Stapley taking first double-handed in their new Miracle (after changing class due to a Laser attack on their Enterprise).

The final at Winsford Flash saw 25 boats on the water with a a battle for second place overall between Ted Garner, Budworth and Andy Todd with just half a point between them. Ted took second overall with series winner Pete Coop taking 1st place having already secured first overall in the series. First double-handed was taken by first timers at the series of Dave Southwell & Michelle Raines in their Miracle.

This year we had Junior Nayth Twiggs join us for almost all the events as he had special permission from his school to come and join us; it has been great to see such an enthusiastic junior joining in with all the rest of us lucky enough to be free on a Tuesday.

If you want to come and join us you are all welcome and if you want more information see our website and please feel free to email us with any questions.

The series has been a great success with many competitors wanting to compete again next year and want the dates so they can book their holidays. We now have the 2024 dates confirmed.

The Tuesday Club:

  • Nantwich - April 9th
  • Shotwick - May 14th
  • Llyn Brenig - June 11th
  • Llyn Tegid (Bala) - Jul 9th
  • Redesmere - August 13th
  • Budworth - September 3rd
  • Winsford - October 1st

Some of this years prizes were from the RNLI just as a little thank you to them for all the hard work they do.

The series has all only been made possible by all of the clubs putting on the events and all the volunteers from OODs to safety boat cover to all the others behind the scenes without these people giving up their time none of these events could happen, so a massive thank you to all.

See you all in 2024 for another great series.

If you want any further information please see our website: Or contact us via our contact page or email

Absolutely fantastic turnout with 61 entries and over 20 boats at five of the venues - the other two had reports of no wind at one and big wind and rain at the other but still twelve and nineteen boats (22 sailors) out at these and our best turnout of 26 boats (31 sailors) making the trip up to Bala.

It just goes to show people want to sail midweek all helped by a very low £5 entry fee.

We encourage all age groups with no upper or lower limit. Our oldest with a age of 162 years were Brian & Ros Herring in their National 12, and at Redesmere we had a great turnout from their juniors as the event was in the holidays.

We try and encourage double-handed boats as everyone seems to be in singlehanded nowadays and so we have a trophy for first overall and first double-handed, but as usual the series was dominated by the various singlehanders.

The series was led virtually from the start by last years series winner Pete Coop in his Supernova; let's see if anyone can challenge him for 2023.

There are reports on Yachts & Yachting for all the individual events.

We had a prize-giving after each event and then finally the series prize-giving after Winsford - the series results are all on our website.

We have an extra prize for the best attending club so 1 point for every sailor that attends and this year - it was won by Winsford again who put a great touring show bringing a good number of sailors plus their support crew followed by Shotwick.

Overall Series Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubPtsShotwick1Shotwick2Shotwick3Budworth 1Budworth 2Budworth 3Chester 1Chester 2Chester 3Bala R1Bala R2Bala R3Llyn Brenig R1Llyn Brenig R2Llyn Brenig R3Redesmere R1Redesmere R2Redesmere R3Nantwich R1Nantwich R2Nantwich R3Winsford R1Winsford R2Winsford R3
1stSUPERNOVA1281Pete Coop Winsford Flash22121‑8‑412‑6‑3‑32‑5212   1‑5‑4322
2ndSOLO5016Ted Garner Budworth44   ‑765‑921‑17‑7.5‑15‑124‑10324732‑914
3rdRS 100 8.4360Andy Todd Bala50.5‑9‑6‑112.536345254335      5‑8‑13
4thLASER/ ILCA 7189181Mark Nield Shotwick61.5   ‑21‑11‑95527‑18‑10‑115645337‑845.5‑11
5thSTREAKER1621Paul Newman Shotwick626435737‑11‑8‑13‑22‑9   832   176
6thSUPERNOVA1296Eric Haselden Winsford Flash64‑81‑92.55‑12‑8778‑117773   4‑10‑1023.5‑9
7thSOLO5963Phil Snewin Chester109.711‑15 12811OODOODOOD         211121510
8thCOMET815Dave Turtle Shustoke125      114      2115496.53.51
9thCOMET311Steve Bellamy Winsford Flash133.513118   48910.5121415‑17‑16      16103
10thENTERPRISE22688Dave ThomasShan StapleyShotwick135‑18‑1613   121411‑21‑21‑23‑22‑1915685987‑22.511.515.5
11thMIRACLE3794Simon DolmanJulie DolmanShotwick157   ‑2416‑22   1215‑20161214910914‑1861113‑17
12thSOLO5536Richard Wynn Budworth167   15‑20(DNF)131212      577181613152014
13thGP1413813Peter ThomsDawn FrostNantwich175.5   161716   10.513191713811  101114   
14thTOPPER49191Nayth Twiggs Winsford Flash177‑24121517‑291911910(DNF)16‑275‑2319   19‑2116‑219‑23
15thSOLO5154Bill Webber Shropshire S C18947591513636   141011         
16thSUPERNOVA1320Phil Watson Winsford Flash219.517571013.515   161716         6.55.55
17thSUPERNOVA1241Frank Lafferty Winsford Flash224.5‑2318RET‑22‑2218   2091719.5(DNF)9   15171920(RET)22
18thSTREAKER2165Alexander Mill Winsford Flash24820‑24 ‑2823‑25   231913182218   (RET)1511192324
19thSUPERNOVA406James Stark Winsford Flash277   252726   28‑30‑29242421   131217172221
20thCOMET705Martin Loud Winsford Flash3451419RET232424   OCS2028         181618
21stLIGHTNING 368410Jeremy Cooper Shotwick406386      66114117         
22ndCOMET690Carl Ellis Winsford Flash483   2926 1513 182524         262425
23rdSOLO5888Phil Proctor Chester494.8710 613.54OODOODOOD               
24thMIRACLE4108Geofrey WeirSarah BellShotwick553.5262316      2527.5252118DNS         
25thRS VAREO527Daniel Partington Bala609         111121         
26thILCA 7198302George Coop Winsford Flash669         9298984         
27thCOMET437Pete Chambers Winsford Flash679                  8258RETDNS
28thSOLO4636Miles Thomas Bala684         15102281413         
29thLASER RADIAL198833Ros Benson Winsford Flash690                  161315131912
30thSUPERNOVA519Pete Chambers Winsford Flash71659DNF1930DNS                  
31stCOMET900Neil Wallace Shotwick758         2226302525DNS         
32ndF101 FOILING TRIMARAN137Steve Pooley Bala780         3133DNF2726DNF         
33rdLASER RADIAL8Jim Young Shotwick780.515           19.516DNSDNF        
34thGP1414145Adam McGovernTim McGovernHollingworth Lake864   112                  
35thSOLO4463Kieran Lewis Shotwick867232                     
36thRS AERO 71118Gareth Williams Leigh & Lowton SC871         443            
37thLASER/ ILCA 7210021Peter Wilkinson Budworth873   427                  
38thSOLO5603Paul Scott Nantwich875                  663   
39thRS 100 8.4488Andrew Hodgeson Bala878.5         57.56            
40thDEVOTI D ONE405Paul Allen Bassenthwaite879         1432            
41stSOLO3871Phil Blakeman Redesmere882               796      
42ndSUPERNOVA1120Duncan Cheshire Winsford Flash88710134                     
43rdLASER/ ILCA 7173572Christopher Drake Redesmere889               10118      
44thSOLO5654Graham Ellis Budworth891   1498                  
45thMIRACLE3740Dave southwellMichelle RainesLeigh & Lowton892                     10148
46thLASER/ ILCA 733FPhil Whatson Winsford Flash892                  11912   
47thSOLO5712Tony Sampson Budworth893   131010                  
48thLaser 4.7219830Gethin Kelly Llyn Brenig896            10917         
49thLIGHTNING 368147Mark Heaton Shotwick899121710                     
50thContender2701Andrew Roberts Llyn Brenig900            66DNF         
51stLASER RADIAL199238Emily Harries Llyn Brenig900            131512         
52ndSUPERNOVA1253Ian Clarke Winsford Flash902                     14217
53rdSOLO5767Eric Paalman Budworth903   111814                  
54thGP1413834Mike HarveyReg BinnersleyChester903      141514               
55thBLAZE684Martin Clift Bala905         191412            
56thGP1413711Dave HarrisonDuncan CourtChester905      161613               
57thMIRACLE4103Dave ThomasShan StapleyShotwick909.5                     22.511.515.5
58thLASER/ ILCA 7143105Simon Todd Nantwich911                  121920   
59thRS 2001435Hugh Smallman Budworth912   201220                  
60thSOLO2769Simon Dolman Shotwick915212212                     
61stLASER RADIAL198548Maggie Harrison Nantwich917                  RET1418   
62ndRS AERO 51595Jeanette Davies Shotwick919252014                     
63rdBRITISH MOTH815Bill Webber Shropshire S C920                     241719
64thByte C13745Jessica Skelding Winsford Flash9211921RET                     
65thSOLO5518Dave Thomas Shotwick923   182817                  
66thCOMET745Fiona Niddrie Winsford Flash923                     251820
67thLaser 29213Alex WatsonRobert HarriesLlyn Brenig926            262020         
68thSOLO3636Ben Beachnell Llyn Brenig926            232122         
69thBLAZE837Ian Ramsey Bala927         262318            
70thmirror66521Harry M Nantwich927                  RET20RET   
71stSOLO5257Paul Clancy Budworth930   262123                  
72ndGP1413753Mike MartinNina MartinBudworth933   272521                  
73rdLASER RADIAL219391Finley Partington Bala936         243121            
74thALBACORE6673Andy BurfieldJacop BurfieldBala942.5         2927.526            
75thLASER/ ILCA 7215390Thomas Brindley Redesmere951               14       
76thDART 16 CATAMARAN2123David Ansell Bala953         303231            
77thLASER/ ILCA 7210236Mary Anne Beacock Coniston966               DNF6       
78thENTERPRISE23137Wally RileyLesley RileyChester966      1010                
79thENTERPRISE22620Mark NieldDadShotwick9761614                      
80thSOLO5062Graham Smith Nantwich987                  17DNF    
81stSUPERNOVA1047Ian Coverdale Winsford Flash9932225                      
82ndSOLO5185Ian Noble Budworth995    19DNF                  
83rdWayfarer????????????Nantwich995                  RETDNF    
84thBLAZE732John Tuckwell Bala997         2724             
85thNational 123078Pete ThomasR BinnsNantwich157                  RET     

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