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International Cadet class World Championship 2023 in Nieuwpoort, Belguim - GBR team report

by David Little 4 Aug 2023 10:45 PDT 20-28 July 2023
International Cadet class World Championship 2023 in Nieuwpoort © Jordan Roberts

Nineteen British Cadets made the short trip to the continent to take part in the Cadet World Championships (seven in the Worlds fleet and twelve in the Promotional regatta).

Nieuwpoort and the Belgian Cadet class didn't disappoint. This had the makings of an epic Worlds, with a formidable sailing area and an absolutely first class organising team behind it. A tented village had been erected (think Lawrence of Arabia combined with a Munich bierkeller) alongside the Belgian Airforce Yacht Club's facilities. Major strings had been pulled, for the Opening Ceremony saw a parachute display by the Belgian military and the Deputy Prime Minister present as guest of honour.

The Belgian navy provided four RIBs as safety cover throughout the event. Hats off to Patrick Schoonooge, the mastermind behind the event, and himself a Cadet sailor in his youth. Our Race Officers would be Peter Van Den Bossche and Bob Leclercq.

Those that arrived early trained on the unique waters of Nieuwpoort, getting an idea of the waves and swell - lots of advantages to be had for those willing to go surfing. Our coaches Alex Page for the World Team, and Will Shepherd and Toby Bush for the Promotional fleet, were excellent throughout and it was wonderful to see sailors grow in confidence under their tutelage during the week.

A day before the opening ceremony, and the first hint of drama emerged. A handful of Team GBR had succumbed to gastrointestinal problems. Was this food poisoning? Or something else? As cases mounted across all nations it became clear it was a bad stomach bug; for the rest of the week WhatsApp groups would buzz with news of latest casualties, with most families and boats having at least one victim.

Strong winds on the Saturday meant that the practice race was called off; a relief for several but frustrating for those eager to get started.

Sunday brought strong winds and the traditional deep swells. The first start showed the sailors' competitive intent, with a general recall. The restart showed Race Officers' intent, with a black flag flown to restore order. Team GBR coped well with the waves whipped up by 20kt base winds, but the Argentinians and Australians were already looking like forces to be reckoned with; ARG9988 sailed by Tomas and Vincente winning all three races.

The second and third races saw more of the same, with a few capsizes creeping in and slowing boats down as the teams grew tired. George Little and Hugh Voysey (GBR8533) managed to secure a ninth in race 3.

Despite a few retirements and no-shows, Team GBR fared much better in the promo fleet, with Elouise Mayhew and James Vellacott (GBR9400) securing a fourth in Race 1, a sixth in Race 2 and a seventh in Race 3. Rhona Enkel and Sophie Ringland (GBR9982) scored a seventh in Race 1 and a fifth in Race 3. Oscar Bush and Emily Krailing (GBR10003) bounced back from a BFD in Race 1 to secure a third in Race 3, and Zachary Windibank and Alice Boddy (GBR9673) similarly recovered from a dismasting to secure a fourth in Race 3.

Day 2 brought lighter winds, much to the relief of tired sailors, with some still fragile from sickness. The Race Officer continued in the same businesslike manner as yesterday, whilst hoping for enough breeze to kick in (seven knots seemed to be the minimum to progress against the tide). Team GB changed gears continuously but never quite found the top one, with Amelie Whitehouse and Maddy Sherwood (GBR10076) scoring a fifth in Race 4 and Sam Nee and Audrey Giumali (GBR9028) getting an eighth in Race 5.

In the Promo fleet, Race 4 saw Alex McEwan and Amber Giumali (GBR10092) take second, with Hettie Thorogood and Clementine Denny-Pickess (GBR10032) in third. In Race 5, Rhona and Sophie took first and Hettie and Clementine fourth.

The breeze really wasn't playing ball by the end of Race 5, and after waiting for a bit it became clear that it wasn't going to improve. Anchors up and back to the marina.

Day 3 promised similar conditions, but we were a race behind the schedule and the forecast for the lay day was for 30kts. No pressure on the committee boat, then! Races 6 and 7 were sailed in 7-10 kts, with a slight shift in the wind direction part-way through.

In Race 6, Sam and Audrey secured a fourth and Sophia Sfaxi and Evie Boddy (GBR9964) a fifth as they managed to get the hang of big fleet starts and mark-roundings. In the Promo fleet, in Race 6 Zach and Alice took third; Alex and Amber took fourth and Rhona and Sophie took fifth. In Race 7 Alex and Amber upped their game to take an excellent first place, with Oscar and Emily joining them on the podium in third place and George Cox-Olliff and George Letts (GBR10094) fourth.

The Race Team was clearly keen to get a third race in to save the Lay Day, especially with the forecast winds. With occasional hints of breeze, and the promise of something decent to come, the fleet milled around for several hours.

Finally a good wind arrived, building rapidly to 16+kts, and bringing a deep swell almost immediately. With rig tensions rapidly being tightened, the game was on. Tomas and Vincente from Argentina won again, clearly relishing the big stuff. Amelie and Maddy scored an eighth for Team GB.

In the Promo fleet, Kemel Thorogood and Georgina Loader in GBR10001 secured fourth, Elouise and James fifth, Alex and Amber sixth, Rhona and Sophie seventh and Oscar and Emily eighth.

Thursday saw a welcome rest day, with trips to Bruges for some and trips to the Protest Committee for others.

The final day brought a solid 12-16kts and the rolling sea state that typifies a Nieuwpoort regatta. A final chance for some personal and team achievement? Sam and Audrey seized the opportunity in Race 9, with a great first beat to claim fourth (bumped up to third with a boat ahead later knocked out). In the Promo fleet, Hettie and Clementine came first with a superb race, with Rhona and Sophie fifth and Daniel Ringland and Joshua Booth in GBR9241 in sixth.

Races 10 and 11 had the same wind conditions, although with a 20 degree shift part-way through Race 10, turning downwind legs into one-sided affairs. Sophia and Evie scored two sevenths (overtaking four boats on the last reach by sailing very smart angles) and Tom Shepherd and Joe Mycroft in GBR9994 secured an eighth in Race 10.

In the Promo fleet in Race 10, Zach and Alice took third, Rhona and Sophie took fourth, Elouise and James fifth and Hettie and Clementine sixth. In Race 11, Rhona and Sophie got on the podium with a second, Hettie and Clementine scored a fourth and Daniel and Joshua showed their continuing form with a sixth.

And that was that. Cadets back to shore, packing up for the journey back to the UK. Team kit swapped between former adversaries on the water, and friendships cemented during the evening ahead.

The prize-giving saw the Argentinian duo Tomas Fernandez Jardon and Vicenti Carloni Bohl crowned World Champions, with Vicenti making a speech that pulled at the heartstrings of everyone present. Second place was the Polish team of Franciszek Massalski and Wojcichek Szarynski, with the Australians Evie McDonald and Jack Jones third. Sophia Sfaxi picked up most improved helm.

In the final analysis, success was found more in the Promotional Fleet than the World Team. This gives confidence for the future health of the UK Cadet class. But all our sailors will have gained a massive amount of experience from our ten days in Nieuwpoort - sailing against the world's best in tough conditions, pushing boats and crews to new levels of performance.

Those sailors in the World Team are young, most competing in their first Worlds, and all will want to go forwards to the 2024 Worlds in Plymouth. And they will be challenged for places by up-and-coming talent. Now is the time to build a first-class training programme over the next 12 months to make sure we dominate the scoreboard in our own waters.

Promo Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11Pts
1 AUS 10052Josh GARNERWill GARNER1‑311‑212221112
2 BEL 8347Lotte MEYNENRemy MARIS212‑5DNF25142322
3 AUS 9917Zac SAYLECharlie WHITE326436633‑8‑1336
4 GBR 9982Rhona ENKELSophie RINGLAND7‑175615‑10754242
5 GBR 10032Hettie THOROGOODClemantine DENNY‑PICKESSRDGRDGDNS3488‑1316444
6 GBR 9400Elouise MAYHEWJames VELLACUTT467‑98‑107595758
7 GBR 10003Oscar BUSHEmily KRAILINGBFD83147UFD388121174
8 GBR 10092Alex McEWANAmber GIUMALI105926416DNSDNSDNS78
9 GBR 9673Zachary WINDIBANKAlice BODDYDNSDNS481631314133983
10 NED 9417Huib TEN KATEGijs ZIJLMANS124815‑212014‑23147599
11 GBR 10094George COX‑OLLIFFGeorge LETTS‑191113121574121510‑2699
12 GBR 10001Kemmel THOROGOODGeorgina LOADERDNS12111091121410UFD12100
13 BEL 10102Engida den HARTIGHMati VERBEECK1713DNS7DSQ9910261315119
14 POL 9957Kacper GAJKOWSKIMateusz PIENKOWSKI131017‑2619DSQ1611111814129
15 GBR 9241Daniel RINGLANDJoshua BOOTH1823DNS‑29241511206156138
16 GBR 9984Tom KRAILINGElla EDWARDSDNSDNSDNS171816121571119150
17 GER 9496Florian ZILSAaron GAMPEL11191219201817‑211816‑23150
19 BEL 9965Lore STROOBANDTNora van BESIENUFD715‑2411122224222120154
20 BEL 9754Willemijn CAMMAERHannelore CAMMAER5181422DNF22BFD26172317164
21 GBR 9042Kali KARASKASFrankie SHERWOOD14DNSDNS131714BFD16211421165
22 BEL 9839Jules PATTYNAugust van DAELEUFD91018DNF13BFD17292710168
23 NED 8868Mylène van der STELTSophie Noor JOOSSE621162010UFD2428DNF2024169
24 CZE 9481Vít KRCHNAVÝKarolína JIRÁNKOVÁDNS16202312UFD1525191922171
25 CZE 9470Zbynek SLUKAVojtech SLUKA162021‑281425BFD18242218178
26 CZE 9489Vojtech KRCHNAVÝMatej VOJÍKUFD151930131918271625UFD182
27 CZE 9407Radek JIRÁNEKFilip JUDA151418‑31232325DNF282616188
28 BEL 9189Wannes DUMONArthur DEMEYER922DNS21DNF172322272428193
29 BEL 9689Casimir MUYLLEJalmar NUYTS8DNSDNS25DNFUFD209231725197
30 GER 9736Aaron SCHOTTArinya FRAUENDNSDNSDNS16252127DNF202829236

Main Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11Pts
1 ARG 9988Tomas FERNANDEZ JARDONVicente CARLONI BOHL111117BFD1712‑31849
2 POL 10068Franciszek MASSALSKIWojciech SZARYNSKI1144DSQ22945‑121051
3 AUS 9614Evie McDONALDJack JONESBFD‑1221410101095354
4 AUS 9778Faye READOlive HOOPER4116‑22‑1612151143975
5 POL 10064Sebastian CZERWINSKIMateusz DUDZINSKI12108161DSQ26176‑1978
6 ARG 10019Valentino ROSSOValentin Asaf CARLONI HIRSCH17‑321315517717‑291193
7 AUS 9926Lillyanne JOHNSTONDillan BARNES2152141014621‑24‑41598
8 GER 10062Marten LISCHEWSKIYaron BARTHOLDY9‑30319316BFD132141199
9 UKR 9782Viktor ROMANOVYCHOleksandr SAVCHENKO‑2818‑3292281420192103
10 BEL 10055Loïc SCHOONOOGHEHanna KERRE66142033‑34328‑3825117
11 BEL 8518Emiel van DAELEVince MORINGBFD‑41RDG8619191413234117
12 BEL 9836Elias KERREFinn YSEWYN82262179‑329‑281927119
13 BEL 9575Miguel TOROCedric PEUTEMAN7323101221‑361511‑3622124
14 POL 9237Zdzislaw BULIKTomasz RUBAN2928‑313911‑36142218125
15 CZE 9773Adam WINKLERBerenika CVIKROVÁ3165‑493520283714‑37131
16 UKR 9961David GUTIEVIllia DONCHENKO20‑252013183422‑261517132
17 GBR 9028Samantha NEEAudrey GIUMALI‑41DNS122384252831020133
18 AUS 9551Luca GROVESAlex ASHBOLT5816142031‑422519‑3315153
19 GBR 9964Sophia SFAXIEvie BODDY13DNS30‑5127513401677158
20 AUS 9921Kylan THOMPSONSienna MILLERBFDDNS2571962419221621159
21 ARG 9991Franco Carlos BARONELorenzo Andres BARONE14‑352724281316‑41152013170
22 GBR 9994Tom SHEPHERDJoe MYCROFT‑382915‑362315202920812171
23 ARG 10020Jose Maria CAGLIOLO MACAGNIMaria Lucila GONZALEZ KUCK19272917152622‑33‑30216173
24 CZE 9774Tereza DITETOVAAnna Marie DITETOVA2157‑4729282772729‑47180
25 AUS 9822Emma SUDATess HOLROYD18717‑3821233027‑381130184
26 GBR 10012Alexander ENKELJude BALDOCK222310‑33242211‑30232524184
27 AUS 9611Carla MAERTENSHarper MILLER321919626‑4033121832‑44197
28 BEL 10096Cyriel DEBRUYNEFelix van BESIEN152124411311BFDDSQ371323198
29 GBR 10076Amelie WHITEHOUSEMaddy SHERWOOD23131853730378‑4230‑49201
30 BEL 10051Emilie WINANDThomas WINAND1691139‑403223540‑4526201
31 UKR 10097Oleksandr BEZPALYIMaksim BORISENKOBFD33441211BFD8426DSQ6219
32 GBR 9985Gwen THOROGOODPrimrose DENNY‑PICKESS31DNS282930361823‑471814227
33 GBR 8533George LITTLEHugh VOYSEY10DNS937382421184135DNS233
34 POL 10083Anastazja PASTUSZKAJoanna KLOKBFDDNS4618143712DNF102828250
35 BEL 9212Aron KERREAndreas SCHAFFRATH33223530343326‑3712‑4231256
36 BEL 10113Arthur MORINGDavid HELD3014222847273534‑5240UFD277
37 GER 10039Emilius HAUERTim BRAUNSDORFRDGRDGDNS314529BFD35252733295
38 POL 10103Natalia PIENKOWSKAJagoda MIKOLAJEWSKADNSDNSDNS353118545354829303
39 NED 9175Madee VERHEULBouke SCHAAP2734362549BFD383833‑5032312
40 CZE 10105Adam VRÁNAMichaela MARŠÁLKOVÁ25DNS39274138BFD51461738322
41 GER 9694Moritz SCHRÖDERKai ZOLONDEKBFD314534UFD35BFD16322153324
42 NED 9815Bram van GOINGALina ZIJLMANSBFD37372125BFDBFD26492648326
43 NED 8869Barend JOOSSESil KUNSTBFD26422642BFD2931434641326
44 CZE 9640Ludek RUŽICKATomáš JIRICKA3917334048433924‑50‑4945328
45 GER 10061Johanna WITTBennet ROHRLACK35DNS4843‑50253132453436329
46 BEL 8326Aurélie BOVENIaana de BLIECK36244142324140‑5036‑4443335
47 POL 9902Iga DEBECKA-STRZYZEWSKASoldan POLA3736NSC32397BFD44564742340
48 GER 9695Vincent MENNENGAAnton HANSCH343940‑464344BFD43392440346
49 CZE 9518Anna WINKLEROVÁMartin Morgan ŠEBOR263834‑544442344944‑5446357
50 POL 9972Filip NOWAKWiktoria KRAUZABFD2038483645BFDDNF484334369
51 UKR 9850Dmytro VERESKateryna VERES40DNS474453DNF43463139DSQ400
52 NED 10038Bloeme KLEINLars van der BURGTBFD42434546474139‑545150404
54 CZE 9517Matyáš PFEIFERPavel HORVATHBFD40DNS5252464448555239428
55 GER 9838Lucy LINDEMANNKian KOEPSELLRDGRDGDNS505139BFD47515351435.4
56 GER 9818Roderik MUTSCHHakon THOLEDNSDNSDNS53544845DNF535552474

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