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Team Malizia and Windcoop Cooperate On Wind Shipping Project

by Windcoop and Team Malizia 17 May 2023 02:02 PDT
The Windcoop cargo © Windcoop

Windcoop and Team Malizia are combining forces to promote wind technology for a carbon-neutral future in maritime transportation. "Maritime transport is responsible for around 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions", says Boris Herrmann, skipper of the international sailing team. "Windcoop and Team Malizia share the same fascination and vision for wind propulsion technologies. This collaboration gives wind a "voice" in the maritime industry."

"We are delighted to be associated with Team Malizia", adds Nils Joyeux, Managing Director of Windcoop and CEO of Zéphyr and Borée. "Through their mission A Race We Must Win - Climate Action Now!, they highlight sustainable initiatives to attention. As offshore competitors, they attract a large audience and can also bring in their expertise from ocean racing. By our side, we have chosen to organize our shipping company into a cooperative, precisely to enable many people to be involved in shipping transition that is urgently needed."

Windcoop and Team Malizia have agreed to actively collaborate towards their common goal of publicly promoting the application, innovation, and benefits of wind propulsion technologies. They want to jointly advocate climate action across their wide networks and partnerships in business, politics and society, and to make people better understand the impact of climate change on our Ocean.

"Anyone can become a member of Windcoop: Individuals, companies, and communities", explains Nils Joyeux. "Our partnership, therefore, seems obvious to us, Team Malizia presents with Windcoop a concrete solution to fight against global warming and we at Windcoop are delighted to benefit from the international audience. The icing on the cake: This is the best team!".

About Windcoop

Windcoop is the first carbon-free shipping company structured as a cooperative. Windcoop operates container ships under sail, propelled mostly by wind power. These innovative ships contribute to developing low-carbon transport. The first sailing cargo will go into building in 2023. Their ambition is for it to be owned by a host of shipowners wishing to accelerate the transition of maritime transport. As a cooperative Windcoop offers everyone the opportunity to become a member.

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