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SailGP Technologies: Delivering high-performance design solutions for over two decades

by SailGP Technologies 1 Feb 2023 19:00 PST 2 February 2023
“Our team's key is the know-how and the expertise in cutting edge niche sport that can be trickled down and transferred to other disciplines” - SGPT's Ignacio (Nacho) Castaneda Sabadel © SGPT

SailGP Technologies has worked to deliver high-performance design solutions for over two decades. Refining high-tech composite and fluid engineering to solve complex problems, deliver innovative design solutions and improve performance.

Head of Design at SailGP Technologies, Ignacio (Nacho) Castaneda Sabadell is pragmatic. “With our design projects we are engineering for high performance and reliability.” SailGP Technologies has a strong focus on sustainable innovation which is prevalent throughout the entire design process.

The design team offers complete solutions from concept to final drawings. Through advanced modelling and simulations, designs can be tested and optimised before implementation in its in-house manufacturing facility. Hydrodynamic, structural and mechanical engineers use analysis to verify every aspect of the design process while minimising timelines and budgets. SailGP Technologies includes end-to-end lifecycle of the product and are leading the way in minimising clients environmental impact through material selection, efficiency and technological advancement.

“Our team’s key is the know-how and the expertise in cutting edge niche sport that can be trickled down and transferred to other disciplines” says Castaneda Sabadell. The process starts with a review of what a client already has to get a baseline for performance from which improvements can be tested and measured. For a commercial ship or aeroplane project, it can be about speed and fuel efficiency. For a component such as a foil on a boat, this might mean understanding sailing performance, motorsport can be increasing downforce for greater traction. “The same physics applies when designing for different industries. This allows for the transferring of knowledge and know-how we acquired without forgetting the need of understanding the specificities of each sector.”

“Every design decision is a balance between competing needs. Our global design team is built on extensive knowledge and innovation from decades of elite-level, high-performance racing competitions” says Castaneda Sabadell. SailGP Technologies’ ability to design the F50 used by SailGP – the purpose-led, global racing league, is proof of its capabilities to deliver results. The F50 has already pushed the barriers of yacht design by being the most versatile and one of the fastest race boats in the world. It's also safer, more reliable and still commercially viable for a global race circuit."

“We push past barriers to gain the performance we get from the boat, and we have the same approach for all of our client projects across all industries,” says Castaneda Sabadell. This is the result of discipline within the design process itself. Knowing, through application of science, how to be inspired by extremes and how to create solutions that work in the real world all because of a conscientious methodology. Whether creating a new boat, an architectural, aerospace or motorsport component, or a new concept to revolutionise a global industry, the discipline of designing is in the process, the methodology, the tools, and the human expertise is what counts."

For more on SailGP Technologies and services offered check the website or follow the links below.

Design Having delivered high-performance design solutions for over two decades, we refine high-tech composite and use advanced computational fluid dynamics and simulation tools to solve complex problems, deliver innovative design solutions and improve performance.

Manufacturing Proven world leaders in manufacturing advanced composite components and developing cutting-edge tooling solutions for composites while pushing the boundaries of performance.

LiveLineFX Provide an Emmy award-winning, patented, broadcast graphics to enhance any sports broadcast or CCTV product by providing key storytelling graphical elements, enabling the sport to be understood and accessible to all fans regardless of technical knowledge.

Control Systems Offer an end-to-end solution, from electrical design and manufacturing services and embedded software development to cloud-based performance analysis solutions.

Data & Software Provide technology that elevates performance by offering custom software solutions and AI – from performance analysis to Race and Umpiring operations to improving product performance and/or preventing failures or enhancing personal safety in real-time.

TechTeam Multidisciplinary technicians that can provide onsite and remote deployment for all our services, aiding the seamless integration of new technologies and solutions into your operations.

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