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2023 Freestyle Pro Tour Calendar Announcement

by Freestyle Pro Tour 15 Jan 14:43 PST
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2023 Calendar Announcement

20 years, 20 events, 2023 Freestyle Pro Tour

The Freestyle Pro Tour is excited to announce the official 2023 event calendar for its 20th year anniversary. This years tour is packed with events at all levels, in all disciplines and all over the world. Thanks to Tow-in and Foilstyle, events can happen in any conditions, guaranteeing world class action at each venue. The calendar also introduces the Proving Grounds Series, as well as continuing on the tours commitment towards the womens fleet. Watch the teaser and read all the details below!

2023 Season Teaser


Adam Sims (FPT CEO): After years of planning and months of preparations we are really excited to present our calendar for 2023. Our mission to open the doors of accessibility to the sport, to create a clear pathway and support professional top tier radical action all at the same time has begun. We are pleased to present a comprehensive star ranking system, expanding on our existing operation and offering opportunity for all. Im proud of our team and the effort put in over the winter months as we see the freestyle discipline of windsurfing take a big leap forwards. The teams commitment to the sport through these recent tricky years is ever prevalent when we see such giant steps being taken with a number of ground-breaking achievements for the sport, all happening at once

In 2023 we see the FPT go global, crossing outside of Europes borders with new tour venues. This comes with a new 10 star ranking system allowing for opportunity at all levels. Starting at the Proving Grounds Series (1-5 stars), the tour aligns with national events and supports the future of the sport. On to the Continental Series (6-8 stars) which sees improved established events, as well as new events added. Finally the Championship Series (9-10 stars) will see the best of the best compete for the Freestyle Pro Tour Champion title. All events will carry ranking points, with separate series and combined champions being crowned at the end of the season.

So lets get to it! Here are all events currently planned for this year. Furthermore, in the interest of maximising confirmed events, the FPT is witholding other potential events that might happen. Keep your eyes peeled for additional event announcements coming throughout the year. This also means a stronger commitment from the Event Organisers, with more certainty surrounding the event scheduling. An updated calendar will be released on the 14th of February.


Proving Grounds Series

By introducing the all new Proving Grounds Series the Freestyle Pro Tour aims to create a clear structure within the freestyle discipline. Uniting local freestyle events all over the world under one umbrella, it will be easier for aspiring freestylers to try out competing and to get to know other ambitious riders. These events are focused around being fun and flexible, making the entry into the competitive freestyle scene as accessible as possible. The FPT is committing to supporting these local freestyle events everywhere, with a firm belief that this is the way to grow our sport.

The legendary German Freestyle Battles have joined ranks with the FPT, as well as the Danish Open and Japanese Windsurf Association among other single events in countries like Poland and Morocco. This path will also strengthen the foundation of the Continental Series which always builds upon historically successful events. When it comes to calculating fair rankings, no more than the top 3 results from Proving Grounds Series events will count for each individual (should they attend 3 or more events) towards international tour rankings. More details will be available in our updated Rulebook coming out soon. The FPT will continue to crown Continental Champions, together with Tour Champions in all disciplines as well as an overall All Disciplines Freestyle Pro Tour Champion. 

Foilstyle and Tow-in

We see the disciplines of freestyle evolving, allowing action to take place any time, anywhere, regardless of the wind strength. Foilstyle gets a massive boost as there are multiple events added to the calendar, often alongside the regular Freestyle or Tow-in events. The diversity of disciplines allows freestylers of all shapes and sizes to find their place on tour and chase the title that suits their love for the sport.

Adam Sims (FPT CEO): By offering a stage for newcomers to the sport and professional competitors alike with affordable, diverse and accessible events, be that through our Proving Grounds Series, right up to our Championship events, we maximise opportunity for true talent to shine through, regardless of background. Equality is at the heart of our decision making and will give rise to new blood forging great careers in one of the most exciting sports on Earth. 


The new season will be kicked off with our Proving Grounds Series event in Cape Town, as well as a celebration of the 2022 season with the FPT Awards. Both happening at the end of January, stay tuned for more news!

The Freestyle Pro Tour is incredibly excited to welcome back the worlds best freestylers as well as promising new talent in 2023! See you on the water!


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