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Top picks from the METSTRADE DAME awards nominations 2022 by

by Aleix Escorsell 16 Nov 2022 04:00 PST
METSTRADE marine industry trade fair ©

This week the Upffront team are in Amsterdam for the biggest and most prestigious marine trade show in the world, METSTRADE.

We are planning to share with you some of the latest innovations in sailing at the show next week, but for now here are a few of the DAME nominated products that caught our eye!

The DAME Design Awards are the biggest marine development awards in the world, judged by a panel of top naval architects, boat, and industrial designers, and experts.

They praise smart design and unique sailing solutions that combine style, innovation, ease of use and ingenuity in to next level sailing hardware and rigging!

Cyclops Marine wireless load pin

Innovation at its finest! The world's first wireless load pin for accurate rig load reports for cruising and performance yachts.

The self-contained design and wireless charging enables a robust waterproof product that withstands the demands of the marine environment. Calibrated to report data to instruments, an app or watch, it provides live feedback and logs for analysis.

Sailmon MAX Mini

A portable lightweight, and highly accurate tracker that automatically sends all your on-the-water performance data to the Sailmon App, either live or stored. It makes debriefing after a race easy, accessible, affordable, and understandable for sailors of any level......... and coming soon to!

Facnor FXe Electric code zero furler

There is quite a lot of activity in electrification of furling systems and finally options are starting to appear for code zero furlers for cruisers. Building on the success of the EC electric Headsail furling systems, Facnor has adapted the innovative multi-motor concept to Code Sails up to 140 m".

This compact, light and efficient furler takes only 45 seconds to effortlessly furl a 140 m" Code Sail at the touch of a button.

Karver KJSK - Jammer staysail kit

The KJSK kit is a neat new idea to simplify the installation and use of an inner forestay staysail / storm sail.

The kit incorporates Karver's very effective 3-jaws KJ jammer and a 3:1 purchase system for tensioning the forestay.

The bracket connects to any deck chain plate with a traditional toggle or lashing. It can be set up for a simple inner forestay or the addition of a furler and torsional cable allows you to operate a staysail from the safety of the cockpit.

Karver Sharing Center

Another innovative idea from Karver - FREE 3D - a platform for sailors to exchange files of yacht fittings to be printed in 3D or produced locally, completely free!

A great place for engineers, designers and sailors to share ideas and innovations.

Mantus Navigation light

Mantus Marine solar and USB charging tricolor navigation light with accessories for attachment on the bow or many other locations.

Ideal for small dinghies, this little light is approved for 2NM, water resistant and has 5 modes of operation. A great choice, with many applications.

Emergency VHF Marine antenna

An ultra-light emergency VHF antenna with AIS compatibility, this compact backup RF communication device has a high visibility cover with integrated SOLAS approved LED strobe for location assistance.


And those are our picks for top products we will be wanting to get our hands on at METS!

We hope to have these available on site as soon as possible but why not sign up to our newsletter to be notified when new products release, or if you have any questions about marine systems, contact us at

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