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GryphonSolo2 - Strange Games

by Joe Harris, GryphonSolo2 17 Oct 2022 07:03 PDT
GryphonSolo2 © Joe Harris

So we are on a very long approach to Cape Reinga (at the northern tip of New Zealand), which has been the goal since we exited the Bass Strait (bottom of Australia) a month or so ago (kidding) and have had nothing but upwind conditions the whole way. 300 miles to go...

This has been both mentally challenging and boring, as our predicted ETA's into Auckland get pushed continually back. Roger and I are trying to keep our motivation and sanity by downloading multiple GRIB weather files and running multiple routing scenarios on Adrena and also reading and sleeping a lot as there is nothing else to do. "Meanwhile" (as Stephen Colbert would say), my lovely wife Kim has arrived in Auckland and is touring the city by herself as we wallow our way to Auckland.

This is a strange game... like Chinese water torture... where your hopes and expectations for performance and arrival on land are constantly crushed. It takes mental and emotional stamina and perseverance to hang in and keep pushing. We are doing that and I am proud of us.

And now it is sunrise. The ominous curtain of darkness is raised... Let there be light- say Hallelujah!

But as the poet Robert Frost euphemistically said... "Many miles to go before I sleep."

While we are aware that we are existing in a small bubble or microcosm of existence here in our 40' boat in a large ocean on a large world, we will broadcast a "high level of importance" message when we round Cape Reinga and turn down the homestretch towards Auckland.

I can hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Nevertheless, I send a message of peace, harmony, and prosperity to you all, and hope you send one back to GS2 in the Tasman Sea. Cosmic messages can be sent and received. I think it's similar to the concept of Kharma.

So Get on the Bus Gus...

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