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Colligo Marine spotlight: James Burwick

by Colligo Marine 1 Oct 14:21 PDT
James Burwick © James Burwick

James Burwick has been working in the marine industry for 38 years! His family-owned business is called Anasazi Ltda, where he does marine consulting, product sales, refits, yacht sales, and deliveries.

Burwick and his wife raised all six of his children onboard. "It is easier raising them onboard than it is on land!" His favorite part of raising kids onboard is celebrating their birthdays. How awesome is that?!

Learn more about Burwick's business and all of the amazing services that he provides!

Why Colligo Marine?

James first saw Colligo Marine products on social media a few years ago. Initially, he was impressed with how John Franta grew his business organically. In other words, truly taking his personal time to respond to rigging questions in a non-demeaning, educational way.

Colligo Marine products are essential because Stainless Steel wires and connectors are a problem. They fail and the consequence is more than problematic. Burwick explained how he started taking Stainless Steel Shackles off his 42 foot alloy boat, Nymaba, in the 90s. "I started using sewn nylon webbing material and strong line. I am also a professional mountain guide, so I understand forces and breaking strengths of knots. I then did 26,000 nm in the Southern Ocean on a vessel with full composite rigging, no turnbuckles and only 2 SS shackles," stated Burwick.

He also mentioned that he saw "a continuous flow of super smart products that have been missing in the industry for a very long time." He goes on to explain that Colligo Marine offers solutions that are safe, simple, strong, and elegantly designed.

Want to learn more about synthetic standing rigging? Head over to our information website here!

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