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American Magic is proud to partner with SHOCK-WBV Ltd for the 37th America's Cup

by Daniel Henderson 16 Aug 2022 09:00 PDT
American Magic is proud to partner with SHOCK-WBV Ltd for the 37th America's Cup © Sea Sure

SHOCK-WBV Ltd (WBV = Whole Body Vibration) are proud to announce that the first batch of suspension seats and OMEGA seat inserts are on their way to American Magic's base in Pensacola, USA where they will be fitted to the chase boat fleet and in operation later this month.

The first batch of products that will be fitted to American Magic's chase boat "Chase 1" are made up of P series FOX suspension modules, Innovation award winning OMEGA shock mitigating seat inserts and WBV's latest suspension seat, the LT Series.

"American Magic set out to find the best performance shock mitigation seat on the market to upgrade our chase fleet for the 37th Cup and found that in SHOCK-WBV's new LT Series Seats" says Dustin Burrell, American Magic Chase fleet Captain. "We sought a seat to give our team the best platform to perform their roles at 60 knots even in large seas states and found that in the LT series. Comfort and crew safety is a priority for the 25 crew members on the water daily, and WBV has answered that.

"Using their patented Omega Shock mitigating seat insert, a newly designed LT series suspension seat, and Fox shock technology, WBV has produced a product that allows American Magic to spend multiple hours a day on the water without sacrificing body fatigue, back pain, or injury.

"WBV and American Magic are committed to being the best, and there's no shortage in the WBV team. Working with us, they were able to provide the LT series and help refit some of our current seats with their P series suspension platform to accommodate a wide range of seat configurations.

"As a result, I am happy to say I have the best seat in the house for the 37th Americas Cup."

"It is fantastic to be working with American Magic in their pursuit of winning 37th Americas Cup" says Daniel Henderson, Sales Director at WBV. "To have all three parts of our product range selected by American Magic for their chase boat fleet shows that we have the range of products that is needed to cater for different seating type's on-board high-speed craft such as Chase 1.

"The goal from the beginning was to build the best performing suspension seat that enables boat users to have the best ride quality and comfort in the harshest of conditions, and to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury caused by wave impacts. Knowing that our products will be playing a part in delivering athletes and technical staff to and from American Magics race boat in the best physical condition possible is a proud achievement for the team here at WBV."

SHOCK-WBV's latest LT series is manufactured under license by Sea Sure Ltd in the maritime city of Southampton. The LT series uses high speed bearing technology that has been tried and tested for over 30 years in Sea Sure's yachting hardware. The LT uses the most advanced FOX shock absorber to ever be used on a marine suspension seat.

WBV's award winning patented OMEGA shock mitigating seat inserts enhance the performance of the LT series shock mitigating capabilities. Hidden within the seat foam, the OMEGA cells interact with each other under load to remove small and fast shocks caused by wave impacts.

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