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RS Sailing 2021 - LEADERBOARD

RS Aero European Championship at Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy - Overall

by RS Aero International Class Association 9 Aug 2022 01:26 PDT 1-5 August 2022

A few dusty heads turned up on Friday morning after revelling the night away to the tunes of DJ Mark Covell playing on the RS Sailing hub main stage! Day 5 provided a Grande Finale to the Championship with titles hotly contested over the last two races.

Similar to the previous day, racing was out in Weymouth Bay with a 8-12kn north westerly off the shore but this time it was hotter and the shifts and wind variance were more pronounced. The race course was thick with opportunities and sailors had to make careful judgements on their positioning and decision making.

In the RS Aero 5s race wins went to David Peaty (GBR) and then to Lijia Xu (CHN) in the final race of the series. At the top of the scoreboard Chloe George (GBR) did enough to bring home the title. The chasing pack narrowed the gap with Roscoe Martin (GBR) in second and Tom Ahlheid (GBR) in third and first Youth (U19). First Youth Female was Abby Hire (GBR), first Junior (U16) was Philip Sahl-Anderson (DEN) and first Junior Female Aimee Bulkes (URU).

In the RS Aero 6s a 1,3 was enough for Chris Hatton (GBR) to secure his title. Ants Haavel (EST) took the silver and Chris Rust (GBR) bronze. Luca Mitchell (GBR) took fourth and top Youth, Abigail Larr (GBR), first Lady, Andy Hill (GBR) first Master (O55), Catherine Hemsley (GBR) first Lady Master and Nick Scully (GBR) first Grand Master (O65).

Martis Pajarskas (LTU) took the title in the RS Aero 7s with a win in the first race. It was even in the race for silver going into the last race and a second place gave it to Tim Hire (GBR) with recently crowned Youth World champion Vejas Strelciunas (LTU) in third. First Lady was Anya Haji-Michael (GBR) in twelfth, first Youth was Blake Tudor (GBR), first Master Steve Norbury (GBR) and first Grand Master Michael Baldwin (GBR).

The RS Aero 9s' enthusiasm got the better of them on the first start of the day with five boats over and only a few returning. The title was already secured by Peter Barton (GBR). Chris Larr (GBR) came back from his OCS to take the silver with a final race win with Ben Charnley (GBR) taking bronze. First Master was Robbie Lawson (GBR) and first Grand Master Andy Warren (GBR).

Many thanks to all the volunteers and staff who made the RS Games and the two RS Aero Championships all possible. Over 200 RS Aero entries over the two weeks representing 15 nations all had a fantastic time with great racing in a nice mix of conditions and a fun time both ashore and afloat.

Thanks to all the supporters of the RS Games; RS Sailing, Rooster, Selden, Harken, Noble Marine, Kingfisher Yacht Ropes, LifeJacket Skin Protection, Spinlock, Fernhurst Books, Hyde Sails, MarkSetBot, Digital Sailing and Allen Sailing.

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5 Rig Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14Pts
1stGBR3870Chloe GeorgeLymington Town SC‑16114114352144‑29949
2ndGBR2106Roscoe Martin 122875‑11118279‑2253
3rdGBR2077Tom AhlheidFrensham Pond SC255342‑12731‑19113753
4thGBR1312Andrew FrostSutton Bingham SC3‑10322931093517‑2357
5thGBR1181Mark RipleyPaignton SC8910636(RET)2416432(RET)73
6thGBR2966David PeatyDraycote Water SC5669831610‑2016‑341475
7thGBR2071Sam BlakerThorpe Bay YC734168586‑23‑25642078
8thGBR1070Tristan AhlheidFrensham Pond SC117975471225310‑25‑2482
9thGBR1566Abby HireLymington Town SC1288‑14978979‑13911299
10thAUS2596Sophie JacksonMornington YC13117511116131348‑24‑228110
11thGBR1020Harrison PyeDraycote Water SC61411121012‑1611812‑151453118
12thGBR2462Alessandra TydemanLymington Town SC‑2013171112(DNC)1019166102185139
13thGBR1846Zak MitchellPaignton SC1716121013101414121417‑32‑3013162
14thEST4308Andrias SillasteAero Purjetajate Liit‑27151413142095191512(RET)1718171
15thGBR3330Iona WillowsLymington Town SC101913151614131611‑28‑30261911183
16thGBR1069Ben OsborneMaidenhead SC‑261715‑29221315261518719810185
17thGBR4090Edward DayReading SC2320‑241618181715141711523‑31197
18thGBR2195Joseph BlakerThorpe Bay YC14211817171622171710‑3212‑3116197
19thGBR1930Joe SlipperSilverwing SC9121934(DNS)(DNC)182230791314RET231
20thGBR2416James DowrickPorthpean SC2128221819152324‑31‑312022166234
21stGBR2748Oliver HicklingWembley SC‑342216271517242318211818‑3229248
22ndDEN1475Philip Sahl‑AndersenRy Sejlklub22272024232225‑312025‑35171515255
23rdGBR3073Alice LucyRutland SC‑37‑322632292930292424118614262
24thGBR1927Jack HardieFrensham Pond SC2530312325192020222623‑33‑3712276
25thGBR2505Tom WharmbyLymington Town SC191823202026‑31252319293124‑32277
26thGBR2620Emma McewenRoyal Lymington YC3225‑3326242326302513285‑3326283
27thCHN4311Lijia XuCastle Cove SC44(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC24DNSDNCDNCDNC131292
28thGER1326Ebbing RichardKanusegelclub Hemer e.V.242325192121212126‑36‑37362630293
29thGBR1006Sophie StocktonMaidenhead SC282627212824191821‑3331(RET)2828299
30thGBR1502Elinor O'LearyIsland Barn Reservoir SC1529(DNC)252628‑3427293421202721302
31stGBR4310Kentaro YamadaDocklands SWC29242122(DNF)252832(UFD)2933253519322
32ndGBR2193Oliver JohnsonBrightlingsea SC36‑3732353130273334‑3724161017325
33rdGBR3747Hilary BakerHayling Island SC33‑3429282727‑3728273226272125330
34thGBR1178Alexander SimmondsWeir Wood SC3840(RET)36(DNF)DNC353833116212033355
35thGBR1705Kate WharmbyLymington Town SC353535303231‑36‑36353022291235361+3
36thGBR2418Miles RipleyPaignton SC3131343130(DNC)29342827402834(RET)377
37thGBR4309Cameron Currie 303630(DNF)(DNC)DNC3237362234233627387
38thCHN4301Yolanda FanVanhang SA‑403936393332383937‑4027353836429
39thGBR1710Emma BloeseGuernsey YC39383733(DNF)(DNC)3335323538374034431
40thURU4314Aimee Bulkes ‑41‑42383834334040383936384137452
41stCHN4299Mingzhu YeVanhang SA434139(DNC)(DNC)DNC4141393839303938472
43rdGBR3965Francesca MurphyPembrokeshire PSA4243403735(DNC)39(RET)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC500

6 Rig Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14Pts
1stGBR4321Chris HattonLymington Town SC11111(DNC)1121‑331317
2ndEST69Ants HaavelHara Seilamise Selts32432122‑531‑53127
3rdGBR3669Chris RustPortsmouth SC443433334‑1022(OCS)237
4thGBR67Luca MitchellPaignton SC23224246155‑86‑1142
5thGBR3303Sammy Isaacs‑JohnsonMaidenhead SC6857‑9‑95432772763
6thGBR3661Graham TribbeckLee‑On‑Solent SC556666678‑961‑10870
7thNED1447Floris StapelWV Braassemermeer(OCS)68857751048‑134476
8thGBR1888Abigail LarrDraycote Water SC777‑9848876‑967580
9thGBR68Andy HillWarsash SC8995781011‑128449‑1292
10thGBR2870Cathy LunnLeigh & Lowton SC911‑1311‑12111212117101256117
11thGER1909Jörn DomresKanu‑Segel Club Hemer1012101010109106‑1512912‑19120
12thGBR3700Beth MilledgeLymington Town SC13101113115119‑15‑171314139132
13thGER2969Michael HeberDuisburger YC14‑20201414(NSC)161391115101113160
14thGBR4183Catherine HemsleyFelpham SC12131212(DNC)1215151312‑17151516162
15thGER1541Jan BalkeYacht‑Club Tegel e.V.11151616(DNC)(DNC)14RETDNC131111810169
16thGBR3328Klaus HarrisSwanage SC161414171313131616‑21‑20191418183
17thGBR3805Alexander Mills BowersParkstone YC(DNF)18(DNF)1515RET1714141818161715199
18thGBR1788Nick ScullyPoole YC191717(DNC)(DNC)DNC1817171414RET1917213
19thGBR1570Robert HoldwayPoole YC171615(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC1921201614226
20thGBR2927Peter FusseyLancing SC151918(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC1616181820228
21stGER3226Hans‑Jürgen KurthDRS182119(DNC)(DNC)DNC1918182019172021232

7 Rig Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14Pts
1stLTU1542Martis PajarskasLietuvos Buriuotoju Sajunga4113121‑1024921‑1031
2ndGBR2439Tim HireLymington Town SC33223532‑9265‑8238
3rdLTU4273Vejas StrelciunasLietuvos Buriuotoju Sajunga12(DNS)12125‑2552691248
4thGBR2719Craig WilliamsonStaunton Harold64566‑9431‑22314548
5thGBR4272Ben WhaleySwanage SC5‑7774676‑101142353
6thGBR4271Jon EmmettWeir Wood SC298(DNF)1041113‑16587169
7thGBR3438Greg BartlettStarcross YC1153578104814‑2135(DNC)83
8thGBR3301Alastair BrownStokes Bay SC864(DNS)57694‑231696888
9thGBR3875Noah Rees 78104111157711‑131111‑19103
10thGBR1746Tom BallantineSalcombe YC131311‑1891098567‑14146111
11thGBR3926Jack MillerFelpham SC101068831214(DSQ)71010‑2018116
12thGBR2990Anya Haji‑Michael 1619‑211316141413‑30814737144
13thGBR4000Andrew KilburnLymington Town SC121712921(DNS)81115381617(DNC)149
14thGBR2433Blake TudorBrightlingsea SC171817141413131512‑2015‑21104162
15thGBR3199Chris JenkinsBowmoor SC‑2115161018191912610111812‑36166
16thGBR3391Roop StockRoyal Lymington YC151614111316‑21201991717‑219176
17thGBR1891Samuel BrackleyFelpham SC9119151212152224‑40192319‑25190
18thGBR1232Tim NorrisWarsash SC20‑241917191717191313‑24121820204
19thBEL3428Victor De RipainselR.Y.C.B.‑37141519172226‑29181912132516216
20thGBR3000Steve NorburyWarsash SC‑331213122220202114‑3728251317217
21stGBR1455Dan BullockPaignton SC18(DNC)20162015241620424(UFD)1511221
22ndGBR3170Nigel DakinSeafarers SC19212222231822‑312312‑32151613226
23rdDEN2294Anton BoaSejlklubben Køge Bugt1420(UFD)201524163026213126‑3532275
24thGBR2550Chris JonesSutton Bingham SC222523252625‑3628161822‑372227279
25thGBR2543Robin RussellWarsash SC2327(DNC)27242625171729181928‑42280+3
26thGBR1118Gareth WilliamsLeigh & Lowton SC28342730(DNF)(DNC)2718211723222314284
27thGBR1603Rob AhlheidFrensham Pond SC2623182125212334‑4031‑45302622300
28thGBR2727Sacha NiceWarsash SC24262624‑29271826(DNS)2529272424300
29thGER4294Julius HornungNorddeutscher Regattaverein3129352933‑36282311322024‑3821316
30thNED4269Gerard VosWSV Giesbeek432224232734‑44‑47382737283426363
31stGBR2743Pete TaylorParkstone YC25322826372329333539‑4833‑4029369
32ndGBR3677Peter CraggsYork SC‑393334283129333237243529‑4228373
33rdGBR4192Macrea RaymondBough Beech SC(DNC)(DNC)3332283230DSQ342825202931374
34thGBR2161Paul RobsonReading SC34‑42394030303127281538‑433930381
35thGBR2224Richard PayneOxford SC2735363135313237‑393636‑493023389
36thGBR2929Elliot TomsFGSC36‑4031333233‑3725293534353634393
37thGBR4091Phil WhiteBowmoor SC3228253634283442(DNC)‑4430323243396
38thBEL2974Jeroen Vangeneugden 30362934(DNC)(DNC)3839322626313747405
39thGBR2619Simon ToppingPoole YC‑4538373741354038‑443327363133426
40thGBR2274Chris NashMaidenhead SC35313038(DNC)(DNC)3540363841343341432
41stGBR2324Michael BaldwinLeigh & Lowton SC‑494446433939472422‑4942414137465
42ndGBR3021James LeesonQueen Mary SC38394139384041‑4433433944‑4638473
43rdGBR2101Christopher HobdayGurnard SC293032(DNC)(DNC)DNC393642344342DNCDNC483
44thGBR2737Kingsley BrownGurnard SC444540423637434127‑47‑46454540485
45thGBR1792Rob RobinsonLancing SC403738(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC3033384335502
46thGBR2717Chris HarrupBurghfield SC424344(DNC)(DNC)DNC423531464039DNCDNC518
47thGBR2515Iain SoarsFrensham Pond SC41414235(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC4144404439523
48thCZE2471Jiri KuthanYC Liskovec464643444038454645‑484746‑4944530
49thGBR4270William Gareth ThomasRCC48474541(DNC)(DNC)4643414550474846547
51stGBR1567Alessandro MicheaReading SC47(RET)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC4845435049484745578

9 Rig Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14Pts
1stGBR3597Peter BartonLymington Town SC211111112111(OCS)(DNS)14
2ndGBR4231Chris LarrDraycote Water SC12332232543‑6(OCS)131
3rdGBR2865Ben CharnleySBSC33223(DNF)2632231‑732
4thGBR3023Richard WatshamStarcross YC44444344‑88‑954452
5thGBR4027Robbie LawsonEast Lothian YC665554‑8‑863583561
6thGBR3802David AslettGuernsey YC‑7‑766656745772263
7thGBR4182Andy WarrenAvon SC55‑8‑9767577446366
8thGBR2384Simon GeymanLymington Town SC10(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC5316625885
9thGER3223Steve TaylorYCT987787‑109‑101089.57695.5
10thSUI3369Frank HooglandYC Sempachersee‑11998989‑1099109.589106.5

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