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The Best Code Zero Furlers for 25-30ft Sailing Boats

by Phil Anniss 7 Apr 04:00 PDT
Considering the best Code 0 furlers for 25-30ft sailing boats © Trogear

If you have a 25-30ft sailboat and you are looking to boost your sailing performance with a code zero or asymmetric spinnaker then you will need a furler in the 900-1000kg working load range.

There is a decent selection of different products available at this size, but which one should you chose? In this article we run through the relative pros and cons of the main contenders.

In the table below we have summarised the key characteristics of the main brands available in this size range. Weight should be a key component in any sailing equipment buying decision and the furlers have been ordered by weight.

However, weight is only one factor in a complex picture of relative product strengths and weaknesses! (N.B. specified weights include drum, swivel plus interface fittings, which in most cases are standard D-shackles)

BrandRonstanKarverProfurlFacnorKZ RfurlersSelden
ModelSeries 80KF0.9Nex 0.9FX+900KZ1CX10
SWL (kg)95090090090010001000
Drum Diameter (mm)808712085100105
Weight (g)317348526553665N/A
Weight (variance)‑34%‑28%9%15%38% 
Jaw Width (mm)1011121512.516
Pin Diameter (mm)7688810
Line Diameter (mm)8686N/A8
Torsional Rope Diameter (mm)7999911
RRP (variance)‑10%‑41%7%‑3%6%‑3%

Ronstan Series 80

Despite having a higher Safe Working Load (SWL) than three of the other units, the Ronstan Series 80 is the lightest in this group, with the smallest drum diameter, smallest jaw width which in turn limits torsional cable size (to 7mm in our range). If Ronstan had made the jaw 0.5mm wider they could have fitted a 9mm cable which would have allowed the unit to live up to its relatively high SWL.

In theory, a 7mm torsional rope would provide excellent performance up to approx. 11m code zero luff length but as sail size gets bigger, the small drum diameter will become a limiting factor. A larger drum becomes beneficial in terms of delivering more power for the start of the furl. There are no options available to convert this to a top down drum, but for a small sportsboat (and given this drum fits snugly in the palm of your hand!) a dedicated drum for each sail is not a bad thing.

Karver KF0.9

This furler was new to the market in 2021. It was part of Karver's 3rd generation development of its popular KF furler range and comes packed with some really innovative features. The drum comes with a really nice integrated snap shackle (K-Snap), which doubles up as a 2:1 friction sheave, and the swivel comes with a lash eye fitting as standard. Karver are embracing soft connections here, which we applaud, but you have to aware that the K-Snap is relatively chunky and difficult to attach to a small metal fixed point.

It is another relatively small drum (10% below average for this size range) limiting its furling "power" as boat size approaches 30 ft. This limitation is further reinforced by its small diameter furling line, which will be hard on the hands as furling loads increase.

It is a small, light, well built, good looking furler which can hold a 9mm torsional cable, but the stand-out feature of this unit is the exceptional price point compared to its peers (40% lower than average retail price for this group). Like the Ronstan 80, this drum has NO options to convert for top down furling. However, if you have a 25-28ft yacht and need a dedicated code zero furler - buy one now, because we would anticipate the price going up at some point soon!

Profurl Nex 0.9

A respectable third on the list in terms of weight, the Nex 0.9 stands out from the pack in terms of its drum diameter, which is 25% bigger than the average for the group, and price (highest in the group).

It also comes with a lasheye as standard for the swivel connection. With no options to convert for top down, from a pure drum diameter perspective, it would make an excellent code zero furler for a 30-32ft boat. However, its sheer size (and price) will also start to make it look out of place on anything less than 30ft.

Facnor FX+900

A new release for 2022, the Facnor FX+900 is the second smallest in terms of drum diameter but the second/third heaviest system overall. This is due to a deliberate move on Facnor's part to make this a combined unit with the ability to convert it from a bottom up, to a top down drum, with the addition of an optional top down adapter. The way they have done this is by taking their old FX+900 drum and putting on their larger FX+1500 jaw, which makes it compatible with their FX+1500 top down adapter.

The small drum, and 9mm cable compatibility, does make it ideal as a top down furler (small drum diameter means a faster furl) but the above average weight (15%) does limit its attraction as a sports boat code zero furler. It's sweet spot therefore would probably be a more cruising orientated 30 footer with both code zero and asymmetric sails.

KZ Racefurlers KZ1

We are now stepping up to 1000kg SWL for the first time, which is part of the reason for the relatively high weight. However, KZ Racefurlers' bread and butter is 8t, 10t, 15t and 20t furlers for grand prix offshore race boats and their KZ1 is definitely "tried and tested" big boat technology which has been scaled down for the small boat market.

The KZ1 has an industrial aesthetic with interchangeable drum/swivel jaws to accommodate different cable sizes. It does have a top down adapter option plus a drum diameter which is bang-on average for the group. If you are looking for the best, bullet proof, super reliable, combined code zero and asymmetric furler for a 30-33ft boat, then this is probably it... but that comes with a price tag!

Selden CX10

Selden are hard to compare. Firstly, they do not generally publish product weights and therefore we have to assume they are quite heavy! Their whole design philosophy is around mass production and commonality of parts, therefore at the smaller end of the range, this can end up with fittings looking "clunky". The jaw and pin are very large on this CX10 unit and whilst it could take an 11mm diameter torsional cable, with a 1000kg SWL, you would never want or need to!

Selden also assume you will be interfacing with their own fittings / hardware / accessories, but they do have a full range of options available, including top down adapters. The one thing that is comparable is the drum size. This is 10% above average, at this size range, and therefore would provide decent power for the start of a code zero furl.


At the smaller end of the 25-30ft range, despite its relatively high SWL the Ronstan Series 80 is a true performance sportsboat code zero furler. However, the standout from a performance vs price perspective has to be the Karver KF0.9.

At the upper end of the range, the ability to use the same drum for both code zero and asymmetric spinnakers becomes more important. The Facnor FX+900 is a high-quality unit but the drum is a little small. For a similar price, the Selden CX10 is a "solid" choice, but if you have the budget, the KZ1 seems to hit the mark, despite its weight.

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