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New Allen Product: Tii-LOCK-40

by Allen 24 Mar 2022 05:00 PDT
The new Tii-Lock-40 © Allen

Ever wanted to easily attach one of our Tii-on blocks via a continuous spliced loop? Well, now you can with the new Tii-Lock-40.

Tii-Lock-40 is a small T shaped plastic moulding which fits perfectly into the central hole of our 40mm Tii-on Block. It allows for a continuous spliced loop to be locked into place, with no chance of it shaking free.

The new concept was developed to give a quick, easy and strong option for attaching the A2040Tii block. The Tii-Lock-40 also makes replacing the blocks on the RS Aero boom really straightforward.

Why use a continuous loop?

Utilising a continuous spliced loop ensures the attachment of the block is as strong as possible, with minimal chances of failure.

A rope which is spliced can retain 80% 100% of its quoted breaking load. Whereas a knotted rope can retain 20% 50% of its quoted breaking load (percentage depends on the type of rope, knot or splice in use).

Eliminating a knot also ensures that there is nothing to snag or come undone.

How to use the Tii-Lock-40

The Tii-Lock-40 can be installed either way up, but we recommend having the bigger section facing towards the top of the block. So it resembles a T shape. You will notice the underside of the thicker T section has grooves running on either side of the post. This is to allow the rope to sit nicely around the Tii-Lock-40.


Check out the following videos to see a 40mm Tii-on block installed to an OK and RS Aero boom, using a Tii-Lock-40.

Attaching a 40mm Tii-on block to an RS Aero boom

In the following video, we are attaching a 40mm Tii-on block to an RS Aero boom. For those that dont know, the RS Aero has a carbon boom with holes drilled in the underside. Dyneema is then looped, knotted and pulled through the hole with a mouse line. You are then left with two loops hanging from the boom to attach a mainsheet block.


Attaching a 40mm Tii-on block to an OK boom

Weve been manufacturing OK and Finn booms for a long time. But recently we have taken a fresh look at how we fit them out. Using through deck thimbles we have created a really neat solution for attaching the boom blocks. It does of course require a Tii-Lock-4040mm Tii-on Block and a continuous spliced loop.

40mm Single Tii-On
40mm Single Tii-On
OK Boom
OK Boom
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