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Ropeye - Back to the Future!

by Helene Urrutti 18 Mar 02:00 PDT
It's the big return of Ropeye products! © Ropeye

It's the big return of Ropeye products!

After almost two years of absence, this well-known brand is back in force on our waters, whether on new foiling dinghies, IMOCA's, maxi's, or to modernize and lighten older cruising boats. The complete range is now available on, from the classic Ropeye Loop padeyes to the newer stick-on Bolts and sexy carbon Eyestraps.

Looking to remove weight from your boat? Tired of the stainless-steel fittings, shackles and blocks that cover your deck? As modern boats go "all-textile" to replace shrouds and other cables, we've been waiting for the return of the ROPEYE revolution to lighten anchor points and guides, whether on, through or below deck!

When the brand first hit the market eight years ago, ROPEYE were on the front line of reinventing deck hardware attachments, making them softer, lighter and stronger, but also adding an element of elegant design to your yacht.

From the simple Dyneema® Loop padeye to the custom Max Loop with titanium reinforcement and friction ring, you are sure to find the right product for your boat and intended use.

Alexia Barrier (IMOCA solo sailor - Vendée Globe 2020 finisher): "I have been using soft solutions since 2005 - it was for my first Mini-Transat - at that time I made them with fibreglass or carbon plates and I made my own splices! Clearly Ropeye's products are super practical, strong, and can be used to hold a heavy block or a friction ring, as well as my bunk - even if I'm not very heavy I like my bunk to stay up! With Ropeye, at least, I know I can be safe... You can use them everywhere on an IMOCA boat, and, in the end, it's not very expensive for the service it provides."

Ultra-resistant and light, the materials used are not subject to abrasion or corrosion, so your loop, equipped with a friction ring, will never damage the deck of your boat, even when not under tension.

Built using Dyneema® loops, these systems are three times stronger while being five times lighter than conventional fittings. In fact, the Loop XS weighs just 6g and has a break load of 200kg (perfect for non-structural internal fixings), whilst the Maxi 100 Loop padeye is a serious piece of deck hardware (10t break load!) and comes in at just 568g!

Easy to install, you can fix Ropeye padeyes practically anywhere you need, from the deck to bulkheads (provided of course that the surface used is resistant enough). Its uses are therefore infinite!

For the smaller ones, all you need is a drill and some Sika. Once the deck is drilled, you pass the Dyneema loop through it, attach the plate under the deck, and add a touch of Sika to ensure a watertight seal. Simple, waterproof and durable.

The Loop padeyes are available with different length Dyneema® loops and therefore you can adjust the distance from the deck to your block or friction ring - no need to add a shackle or any other lashing that will risk getting into knots.

For XS/XXS versions, they can also simply be glued to any flat surface, using polyurethane glue. Once you start sticking them, you won't be able to stop!

Ropeye products were initially designed for racing and the search for performance, through weight saving, However, it is their simplicity, reliability, flexibility and durability that make them a game-changer for all sailing boats. In addition, they will also improve your sailing comfort, with fewer metal parts dragging on the deck and provide a smoother, cleaner deck layout.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your deck hardware?

We were all waiting for it: don't miss the great return of the whole Ropeye range on our website!

(Re)Discover the Ropeye range here

Go for a modern design, improve your performance, increase the resistance and durability of all your systems by equipping your sailboat with Ropeye products.

If you have any questions regarding Ropeye products, contact us at , or to see the range on our website, click the link above.

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