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Colligo Dux ™ Dyneema standing rigging

by Colligo Marine 26 Dec 2021 13:23 PST

1. Performance

Colligo Dux™ Dyneema Standing Rigging is sized for equivalent stretch to wire or rod. Elastic Stretch is the parameter that controls your mast movement. Less stretch means more efficient transfer of wind energy to boat speed. Our rigging is designed to minimize stretch. You will never have more stretch than you would with a steel system with Colligo Dux ™ Rigging. In addition you will get a long replacement interval of 5-8 Years in the tropics.

Stretch Chart available here.

2. Safety

Colligo Dux is the safest standing rigging you can buy! It is fully inspectable. Both Failure modes, chafe and UV present visible cues, the line gets fuzzy. Just set up an inspection schedule and you will know when to change the rigging out. No more changing your standing rigging out early just to be safe! Get the most value for your Dollar. In addition, our rigging is sized for stretch and this means that it is at least 2-5 times stronger than steel systems. This gives a much higher strength factor of safety than steel systems. Colligo has rigged several charter boats now that have been inspected by the US Coast Guard and the inspectability feature is very important to charter boat owners. In addition, Dynice Dux from Hampidjan is certified by Lloyds of London for strength.

Predicted Life/UV Chart available here.

3. Engineering

Colligo Dux™ Standing rigging uses heat stretched SK75 Dyneema or Dynice Dux from Hampidjan. This provides virtually NO constructional elongation issues in a braided line that is still splicable. We meticulously splice and pre-stretch to high loads to insure that tensioning systems, like short travel turnbuckles, can be used. Colligo Dux™ Standing Rigging performs like steel systems. Install it and tension once or twice and you're DONE. ***It is important to note that later chemistries of Dyneema including, SK90, SK99, and DM20 have issues with Constructional Elongation and have limited value in terms of standing rigging.

Concerned about Dyneema Thermal Expansion? See video here.

Creep in Dyneema

Many people confuse constructional elongation with creep. They are 2 very different things. Creep is a material property and is permanent elongation over time. Our creep target is a maximum of 0.1 " per year, 1" in 10 years. Most boats we provide rigging for are much less than this target. Click the link below to check out our creep chart. We have a creep equation for SK75 Dyneema and do the math so you will not have creep issues. We rig boats with short travel turnbuckle (bottlescrews) tensioners all the time.

Creep Chart available here.

Constructional Elongation

Constructional Elongation is the movement involved in the strands in a braided line trying to align themselves with the load path. This results in a longer line after a load has been applied, UNLESS you do things like heat stretch the line to get the densest braided product you can which leaves no more room left to compress the braid so no more elongation. We also Pre-stretch the line after splicing to reset the loose bury portions of the splice and add shrink tubing to keep the the splices compressed. Our post processing results in a shroud or stay that acts just like steel, put it on the boat and maybe adjust the turnbuckle 2 or 3 times after sailing and then you are done!

Carbon VS. Colligo Dux™

Carbon is great, but the cost is 5x that of Colligo Dux™ Standing rigging.

Colligo Dux™ Standing Rigging, Engineered for success!

Our innovative technology has enabled us to create the safest standing rigging system. Colligo Dux Standing Rigging system is fully inspectable with visible failure mode cues. Our standing rigging has low stretch properties that are similar to steel and take advantage of the low weight & corrosion-free properties. To date, we have provided standing rigging to over 900 sailboats worldwide, multihulls and monohulls alike.

For questions that you might have or for a quote please contact us at

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