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X10 Quick Gyro Stabiliser - Small and Mighty

by Gineico 11 Dec 2021 03:51 PST

The newest addition to the Quick Gyroscopic stabiliser family is the X10 and the technical data on this unit is impressive.

From a size perspective the X10 is just 48.8cm square. That is an incredible 20cm smaller than competitor gyro brands! That significant size advantage makes it very easy to find a suitable spot for the X10 gyro in any new design, leaving more space for other equipment like generators or AC compressors. It is equally easy to retrofit the little X10 gyro in existing vessels where you would otherwise be forced to tear your vessel apart to find room for the bulkier gyro brands, or as often happens, you are forced to use a smaller gyro that does not have sufficient ant-roll torque to stabilise your vessel.

While we are on the subject of anti-roll torque the X10 delivers a staggering 10342N-m. This makes the little X10 gyro suitable for vessels up to 45t and 11t displacement.

Needless to say Gineico Marine (the exclusive importers and service agents for Quick Gyro Stabilisers in Australia and New Zealand) have recorded incredibly strong interest for the new X10 with multiple orders already received and the unit being installed in a number of vessels including a Grady-White Express 330 and a Blackwatch 36. How did the sea trials go you ask? All the sea trial videos are on the Gineico website and Gineico YouTube channel. Go take a look and see what you think....

According to the team at Gineico marine the incredible growth they have seen in demand for the Quick Gyros since they were first released in 2019 comes from the comparative advantages in smaller overall size of the units, the relative simplicity of the design and the higher anti-roll torque and better performance in any sea conditions. Add to this the long list of happy customers..... Notwithstanding the fact that this brand only appeared on the international and local market in 2019, Gineico have thus far sold 70 Quick Gyros in Australia and New Zealand and according to Gineico Marine Quick Italy have sold nearly 2000 units around the globe including in America.

So it is fair to say that gyros will continue to be the MUST HAVE piece of essential boating equipment for any boat owner or boat buyer. Given the incredibly compact design and outstanding anti-roll performance of the Quick Gyros, you are certainly running out of reasons for not getting one for your boat.

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