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Vaikobi 2021 Boots - LEADERBOARD

Vaikobi answers the call of water athletes with the launch of its New Speed-Grip Boot Collection

by Vaikobi 1 Dec 2021 22:11 PST
Vaikobi Speed-Grip Boots © Vaikobi

Whether you prefer high or low-cut boots, Vaikobi has all water sport enthusiasts covered from head to toe, with the much anticipated launch of the new 'Speed-Grip' footwear collection. Meticulously designed to answer the needs of sailors, wingfoilers, paddlers and SUP athletes; these tricked-up boots will be the ocean-addict's new best friend.

Vaikobi Speed-Grip Boots are perfect for any water sport that requires grip, protection, and warmth; including sailing, wingfoiling, paddling, kayaking, and rock fishing.

Vaikobi Founder Pat Langley and Lead Designer Bart Milczarczyk are both keen sailors and paddlers and worked closely together to build perfectly balanced shoes that are lightweight and durable.

"Listening closely to the concerns and needs of the ocean athlete community, we knew there was real demand for boots that could enhance their confidence and performance. Our design team spent many months carefully planning and testing our boot designs to ensure every aspect of performance and durability was met," Milczarczyk said.

Current watersports and sailing boots tend to sacrifice comfort for durability, resulting in chunky designs and complicated lacing systems. Vaikobi boots offer a sleek, minimal style and use straps (some removable), angled zippers, a seamless flow of layers, and calculated stretch zones to ensure an effortless exit and entry.

The flex points of the boot are deliberately placed to mimic natural foot dynamics, which increases an athlete's connectedness to their craft in crucial contact areas like gunwales and foot straps.

Milczarczyk adds that "Superior flexibility does not compromise quality support." Layered rubber panels connect the grip sole to the upper of the shoe to cushion the foot. The inner lining is made from a woven fabric that effectively braces the ankle and foot without added bulk or weight. This lining is also quick to dry and is a worthier alternative to other heavy-knit fabrics. The high-cut boots feature a removable ankle strap, for sailors who require extra ankle support while hiking or in fresher wind conditions.

The name Speed-Grip was inspired by Vaikobi's grip formula used in this range that maximizes balance and agility underfoot to enhance the speed and accuracy of movement. The wave tread pattern provides superior grip in wet and slippery conditions, and a micro-grip pattern on top of the foot surface further connects the athlete to their boat or board's foot straps.

The new Vaikobi Speed-Grip boots are available at all good watersports retailers around the world, or online at

Additional Vaikobi footwear styles are on the way, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those in 2022.

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