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27th Broadland Youth Regatta at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club

by Brian Wilkins 8 Sep 2021 00:22 PDT 4 September 2021
Some of the 100 competitors, Broadland Youth Regatta at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club © Robin Myerscough

100 youth and junior sailors in 93 boats from seven Broadland Clubs took part in the 27th Broadland Youth Regatta on 4th September at Wroxham Broad, hosted by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club (NBYC) on behalf of the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association (NSBA).

All four races were sailed in a gentle to moderate north-easterly breeze. Top honours in the fleet racing went to NBYC's Will Pank sailing his Laser Radial in the Fast handicap fleet, Norwich Frostbite SC's Sam and Olivia Archer in their Norfolk One Design in the Slow Handicap fleet, Snowflake SC's Ellie Thwaites in the 27 strong Topper fleet and NBYC's Zoe Barnes in the 30 strong Optimist fleet.

The large entry - 86 single handed dinghies and 7 double handed dinghies making 100 sailors in all, is a twenty year record for the event. Warm sunshine, the first sunny day for almost a month, helped make the day memorable for the throngs of families and team coaches also at the event. As with previous Broadland Youth Regattas, there was a wide range of experience and skill levels of the competitors varying in age from 7 to 18, with some younger competitors very new to racing and making their "open regatta" debut.

The inter-club competition for the NSBA Centenary Salver was won by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club. Snowflakes Sailing Club were second, Horning Sailing Club were third. Hickling Broad Sailing Club came fourth, Beccles Amateur Sailing Club came fifth, and Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club sixth.

The Whelpton Cup, for the most successful double handed boat, was awarded to Norwich Frostbites SC's Sam and Olivia Archer in their expertly sailed, loaned traditional Norfolk One Design dinghy. However, being their club's only entry, they didn't qualify for the Centenary Salver.

As in previous years, the Centenary Salver results were not closely related to team size, but depends upon good fleet racing places. Size of team varied from the largest, the host club NBYC's 35 boats, through Horning SC's 19 boats, Beccles Amateur Sailing Club's 11 boats and Hickling Broad SC also bringing 11 boats, Waveney and Oulton Broad YC's 9 boats to the smallest qualifying team of Snowflakes Sailing Club with 7 boats. As in 2019 when the event was last sailed, the host club used the RYA recommended "Sailwave" results software, and for this event the results from all four races of the best six boats from each club were used, potentially putting small teams at a smaller disadvantage. The NSBA continues to invite comments from affiliated clubs on how best to score the inter-club Centenary Salver trophy!

For the first time in the history of the event, the largest fleet was of Optimist dinghies, with 30 entries, almost matched by the Topper fleet, with 27 competitors. The slow handicap fleet included five RS Feva XLs, one Splash, two Laser 4.7s, one Topper 4.2, one RS Tera Pro and a Norfolk One Design, the latter having the distinction of being the only wooden boat in the event. The fast handicap fleet reflected the recent resurgence on the area of Laser sailing and comprised almost equal numbers of full rig Lasers (11) and Laser Radials (12), along with one 420.

The Lady Mayhew Trophy for endeavour, "applying the greatest effort in a spirit of sport determination and fun without necessarily achieving a winning position" was awarded to Isaac Thomas from the Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club in his Optimist dinghy. Isaac impressed the on-the-water judges with his personality whilst approaching a windward mark on Port by persuading two Starboard hand boats to give way to him, then hit the mark, then honourably performed his exoneration turn. He is expected to go far in Broads sailing!

NBYC were supported in the running of the event by sponsorship from Norfolk Marine, Larking Gowen, Expert Print Management, Reids of Norwich and Norfolk Broads Direct. Grateful thanks to these local businesses for their valued support.

Ben Falat, at the presentation and on behalf of the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association, thanked Norfolk Broads Yacht Club's large management team, which included Commodore Elysia Ferrier-Hangar, Vice Commodore Robert Payne, Rear Commodore and event lead Ruth Knight, Race Officer Paul Barker and his dedicated team of timekeepers, beachmasters etc and safety boat crews from various participating clubs.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewNameClubR1R2R3R4Pts
Fast Handicap Fleet
1stLaser Radial207299William Pank NBYC111‑23
2ndLaser Radial7George Madin W&OBYC‑52248
3rdLaser Radial217649Tom Thwaites Snowflakes2‑11338
4thLaser Radial203069Ryan Walfold Snowflakes354‑1512
5thLaser174546Harry Purvis W&OBYC6‑96517
6thLaser179851Edward Wildman HSC‑1137.5717.5
7thLaser Radial42323Natalie Chalk NBYC467.5(DNC)17.5
8thLaser54508Jack Sisley BASC8‑105619
9thLaser Radial182445Johnnie Rudd NBYC7‑1613121
10thLaser168838Ellie Ringwood NBYC94‑111023
11thLaser Radial198991Harry White Snowflakes‑148108.526.5
12thLaser Radial192517Juneau Reeds HBSC107‑181330
13thLaser Radial217996Grace McKean NBYC13‑2091436
14thLaser171999Max Stratford W&OBYC‑1712168.536.5
15thLaser143578Thomas Wildman HSC1213‑151237
16thLaser132357Jamie Dodbson W&OBYC‑1615121138
17thLaser Radial210233Katie Edwards HBSC151414‑1643
18thLaser96700Preston Childerhouse HSC2018(DNF)1755
19thLaser Radial149525Jake Hadingham W&OBYC1917‑212056
20thLaser147045Harrison Horner HSC211917‑2257
21stLaser Radial217997George McKean NBYC18‑21201957
22ndLaserWGus Gedge HBSC(DNF)22221862
23rdLaserBJames Fraser HBSC(DNF)DNF192165
24th42051357Edward JamesGeorge FraserHBSC(DNF)23232369
Optimist Fleet
1stOptimist4523Zoe Barnes NBYC111‑63
2ndOptimist6003Theo Chapallaz NBYC22‑615
3rdOptimist6290Christopher Davies NBYC3.5‑6227.5
4thOptimist5964Lizzie Ford NBYC3.53‑539.5
5thOptimist5148Harley Goodson NBYC‑843411
6thOptimist6229Yasmine Braham NBYC557‑1217
7thOptimist5725Kit Bentall NBYC7‑174718
8thOptimist6459Isaac Murray NBYC(DNF)712524
9thOptimist5721Will Keys‑Batson NBYC69.58.5‑1024
10thOptimist5997Isacc Thomas W&OBYC‑10810826
11thOptimist6373Hugo Jury NBYC‑179.58.5927
12thOptimist6121Thomas Prangely NBYC11‑14131135
13thOptimist5536William Mollineux NBYC131111(DNF)35
14thOptimist5644Olie Filshie BASC‑1815141342
15thOptimist620Nate Sparrow BASC19‑23161449
16thOptimist7Bruno Ashford BASC(DNF)16171649
17thOptimist4570George Gentry BASC‑2318201553
18thOptibat2Isobelle Johnson BASC‑2422151754
19thOptimist600Claudia Bentall NBYC1212(DNC)DNC55
20thOptimist2540Jack Reeve W&OBYC‑20.519191856
21stOptimist4256Luca Sartori NBYC(DNF)13242158
22ndOptibat1Asha Spaul BASC20.520‑211959.5
23rdOptimist4235Georgie Beardshaw NBYC1526(DNC)2061
24thOptimist3580William Kett BASC222118‑22.561
25thOptimist3795Adam Braham NBYC1424(DNC)DNC69
26thOptimist7Harry Calver W&OBYC‑26252222.569.5
27thOptimist6300Harriet Brightwell NBYC9(DNF)DNCDNC71
28thOptimist11Lily Phillips W&OBYC25(DNF)232472
29thOptimist4441Jessica Ford NBYC16(DNS)DNCDNC78
30thOptimist4854Annie Batson NBYC(DNF)DNSDNSDNC93
Slow Handicap Fleet
1stNorfolk ODB50Sam ArcherOlivia ArcherNFSC‑21113
2ndLaser 4.7178985Rose Ling HBSC422‑58
3rdRS Feva XL3673Sam JohnsonPerrin SpaulBASC343‑610
4thRS Feva XL7076Ben BeardshawHugo RuddNBYC155‑811
5thRS Tera Pro2170Willow Osborn HBSC5‑118215
6thRS Feva XL3199Oscar WebsterLucy WebsterNBYC6‑106315
7thSplash752Harrison Ryder HSC737‑917
8thLaser 4.7180316Hugo Hardy HBSC‑874718
9thRS Feva XL3587Perdie FinchFreya WelhamBASC‑989421
10thRS Feva XL3231Mai Anh PurnellAnnabel JamesHBSC‑116111128
11thSplash1624Reuben Thwaites NBYC(DNF)9101029
12thTopper 4.246519Oliver Childerhouse HSC10‑12121234
Topper Fleet
1stTopper47625Ellie Thwaites Snowflakes11‑313
2ndTopper48908George Davies NBYC32‑4.538
3rdTopper43695Jasper Richardson HSC‑10314.58.5
4thTopper47209Jensen Jakon NBYC2‑74.528.5
5thTopper46977Lizzie Whitefoot Snowflakes44.52‑710.5
6thTopper47543John Whitefoot Snowflakes64.5‑10616.5
7thTopper47634Abigail Penny HSC56‑12.511.522.5
8thTopper48682Charley White Snowflakes‑131068.524.5
9thTopper2Eleanor Barnes NBYC98.57‑1024.5
10thTopper46929Ralph Leftley NBYC12‑178.54.525
11thTopper30497James Street HSC78.5‑15.515.531
12thTopper12817Harriet Prior HBSC‑15148.511.534
13thTopper721Zia Gittins HSC16‑18118.535.5
14thTopper29603Hamish Harmer HSC1411‑15.51338
15thTopper42575William Woolston HSC815.518‑19.541.5
16thTopper43879Lily Herring HSC11‑2312.519.543
17thTopperRichardsons 1Anya Gittins HSC‑2312.519.51446
18thTopper46888Ethan West NBYC2012.5‑221749.5
19thTopper45877Eleanor Hames HSC‑2219.5141851.5
20thTopper42507Ella Middleton HSC172117(DNF)55
21stTopper45616Arthur Martin NBYC19‑2523.515.558
22ndTopper45837Tallulah Reardon Burr HSC‑2519.519.52261
23rdTopper40635Charlie Gould HSC182223.5(DNF)63.5
24thTopper44523Jack Whyatt NBYC2115.5(DNC)DNC64.5
25thTopper8357Jasmine Herring HSC‑2424212166
26thTopperT1Vinnie Chapman BASC(DNF)DNCDNCDNC84
26thTopperGGRocco Slade HBSC(DNF)DNFDNCDNC84

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