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SB20 World Championship 2021 at Clube Naval de Cascais - Day 2

by Clube Naval de Cascais 31 Aug 22:54 PDT 29 August - 3 September 2021

Open Bar, by Henrique Haddad, leads the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021 at the end of the second day of the championship.

The fight for the top places in the Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021 remains intense, which on Tuesday had its second day of competition, and this is proved by the constant changes at the top of the league table. Once again, the warning signal for the first start of the day was given in the early afternoon, the wind started to blow from the west quadrant again, with 8-10 knots of intensity, and the race committee sent the fleet back to the favoured Guia Race Area.

The program defined by Clube Naval de Cascais, organizer of this year's edition of the World Championship of one of the most competitive and progressive sailing classes in Portugal, provided three races. All were completed thanks also to the excellent weather conditions.

In the first race of the day, the experienced and renowned Brazilian sailor Henrique Haddad, representing the colours of Clube Naval de Cascais, quickly showed what was coming in this second day of the event. At the helm of the Open Bar, and accompanied by Mário Trindade, Leonardo Lombardi and Pedro Caldas, the Olympic sailor got the better of the entire fleet. In second was the Another Affair crew, led by Tiago Morais, and also composed by Miguel Oliveira and Francisco Oliveira, from Clube de Vela Atlântico. Third place went to Brain Bod, led by Charles Whelan, with Richard Mcadam and Chips Howarth, from the British Bough Beech Sailing Club.

The second race of the day saw the second bullet for the Open Bar, helmed by Henrique Haddad. This time, the runner up was Go With The Flow, representing the Royal North Sea Yacht Club, from Oostende, Belgium, with Bart Tytgat at the helm, accompanied by Marc Braet and Kristof Wouters. Another Affair, by Tiago Morais, once again registered a great result and was the third to cross the finish line.

In the last race of this second day of competition, the winner was ted, helmed by Micheal O'Connor, with Davy Taylor and Ed Cook, from the Royal St. George Yacht Club, based in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland; followed by Nils Razmilovic's Glasgow Kiss, with David Salembier and Pedro Andrade, CNcascais sailor - the representatives of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club had already won a race the day before, and therefore aspires to a top result in this championship. Third place belonged to the Solyd Sailing Team, captained by Vasco Serpa, with Joaquim Moreira and Pedro Costa Alemão, from Clube Naval de Cascais, also on board.

In view of these results, the general overall results, of course see profound changes compared to yesterday. Much due to the two bullets achieved today, the lead was taken by Henrique Haddad's Open Bar, with 20 points, followed closely by Nils Razmilovic's Glasgow Kiss just 5 points behind. In third place comes Estonia Delight, helmed by Bronze medallist Tonu Toniste, with 31 points, but on equal points with the Solyd Sailing Team, helmed by Vasco Serpa, Olympic athlete in the Laser class in Atlanta 1996 and four-time Portuguese SB20 champion and current title holder.

As for the female crews, the best ranked team is the representative of Sport Algés e Dafundo, led by Portuguese Olympic sailor Carolina João, at the helm of Ladies First/Naturea Sailing Team, accompanied by Federica Franchi, Joana Azevedo and Zezi Cardoso, she reached, in this order, an 8th, a 5th and a 14th place in today's races, which allowed her to ascend to 13th place in the general classification.

Unsurprisingly, Leonardo Lombardi, Open Bar tactician, event leader and winner of the first two races Leonardo Lombardi, was a happy man:

"The wind was a little light for Cascais, I was hoping for more intensity, but the conditions nonetheless, were fantastic, with lots of sun, hot weather and stable conditions, which allowed for several races in the same day. We are very happy to be here in Cascais.

"Today was the second day of the championship, the wind was blowing a little light again, varying between 6 knots and a maximum of 13 knots, but again very stable, with a direction of 270-300 degrees, and the races were very, very tough to compete in.

"As for our performance today, we started really well, with two wins, we tried to simplify things, follow the geometry of the course, not turn too much, have clean starts and trust our speed. And it ran extremely well in the first two races.

"In the third it was a little more complicated, because we weren't able to be fast at the beginning, after the start, and when we came around the first buoy, there were already too many boats, and it was difficult to make the final decision to approach the mark: we committed a serious mistake, we tacked too early before the lay line, and practically just stood there. It was a race completed trying to gain positions, but with these winds, and the conditions stable, it's hard to recover, so we finished 26th, which left us with a somewhat bitter aftertaste after two victories.

"But, once again, we are very happy to be here, and grateful to the organization, the Clube Naval de Cascais, all the sailors and the structure of the event."

The Cascais SB20 World Championship 2021 continues on Wednesday 1st September, the third day of competition. Three more races are scheduled, with the first warning scheduled for 13:00. This is an event in which some of the top names in the SB20 class participate, both nationally and worldwide, organized by the Clube Naval de Cascais, and which is sponsored by the Municipality of Cascais, Turismo de Portugal, IPDJ, Portuguese Federation of Vela, Leitão & Irmão, Vista Alegre, Solyd, Sagres, Simões & Gaspar, Lusíada Saúde, Clarins Men, Clarins and JCDecaux.

Results after Day 2:

PosBow NoBoat NameSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1st7OpenBarBRA3751Henrique HaddadMario Trindade/Leonardo Lombardi/Pedro CaldasCNCascais10811‑2620
2nd49Glasgow KissSGP3750Nils RazmilovicDavid Salembier/Pedro AndradeRHKYC1715‑34225
3rd53Estonia DelightEST3803Tonu TonisteToomas Toniste/Andres ViisemannEstonia21397‑1931
4th1Solyd Sailing TeamPOR3801Vasco SerpaJoaquim Moreira/Pedro Costa AlemaoCNCascais137‑418331
5th46actiTIMERYF3709Arsen ChubarkovDmitriy Tretiakov/Artem Sudakov/Andrei AkimenkoSPB YC43‑2320532
6th48France Jeune ‑ BCIFRA3653Chatonnier LucasMachetti Hippolyte/Michel Emeric /Candella LaurieCNC/Cercle Nautique Caledonien31010‑16932
7th3Madeira IslandsPOR3734John TavaresBernardo Freitas/Paulo MansoANMadeira12‑22411633
8th28Another AffairPOR3723Tiago MoraisMiguel Oliveira/Francisco OliveiraCVAtlantico16‑24231637
9th59Comet/SpaceCobrasRYF3805Liza ZherebetsovaArtem Basalkin/Andrey Klochko/Andrey TukalovSt Petersburg YCDGA9‑2110737.8
10th54GunterESP3800Javier SherkDiogo Barros/Nuno BarretoRCNBarcelona/NYYC114‑3818841
11th50go with the flowBEL3762Bart TytgatMarc Braet/Kristof WouttersRNSYC918(BFD)21544
12th8inetum.^ #PositiveDigitalFlowPOR3616Manuel MarquesHugo Mastbaum/Luis QueirozCNCascais826‑363046
13th47Ladies First / Naturea Sailing TeamPOR3114Carolina JoaoFederica Franchi/Joana Azevedo/Zezi CardosoSADafundo25‑46851452
14th37Youth Team Portugal ‑ Marisco na PracaPOR3123Henrique BritesJoao Bolina/Luis Pinheiro/Rafael RodriguesCNCascais22‑551941055
15th61FLOWRYF3755Banayan DaniilVasinkevich Grigoriy/Prokofev Aleksandr/Konovalova GaianeSt.Petersburg1‑417153861
16th68Shifter Pro Youth FranceFRA3580Amar PaolaGabriel Skoczek/Marine Gauvrit/Timothe LapawYCCannes18121814‑2162
17th66tedIRL3809Micheal O'ConnorDavy Taylor/Ed CookRSGYC‑40341119165
18th70Breaking BodGBR3758Charles WhelanRichard Mcadam/Chips HowarthBough Beech SC29143‑382066
19th62Barco ChefeBRA3802Victor DemaisonJorge Zariff/Gabriel BorgesYC Rio Janeiro305‑33231270
20th72XcellentGBR3814John PollardSteven Procter/Rhos HawesRoyal Torbay YC34‑382491178
21st51Skin in the GameFRA3763Edward RussoGilles Favennec/Jonathan LobertClub Nautique Valeriquais‑33232231480
22nd423J'sNED3754Jeroen van der VeldenJeroen Kop/Jan van der MeijdenWSV Biesbosch/ RZV‑47617392284
23rd19GutoPOR3710Pedro NietoPedro Garcia/Mariana Freitas/Fernando KuoCVAtlantico212612‑292988
24th44MSTRYF3722Vasily GrigorievMaxim Kuzmin/Mikhail MarkinPirogovo27151432(UFD)88
25th64SportsBoatWorld RacingGBR3469Diogo CostaLiam Pardy/Francisco Uva/Tomas BarretoRoyal Southern Yacht Club311125‑622491
26th29AP Hotels & ResortsPOR3738Jose Paulo RamadaFausto Briosa Neves/Tomas Simonet/Miguel Leal de FariaCNCascais7195117(UFD)94
27th35Naturea Sailing Team / Keep ClearPOR3516Bernardo LoureiroGuilherme Gomes/Manuel Fortunato/Mafalda GoncalvesCNCascais2316(BFD)124394
28th14BBDouroPOR3620Francisca BarrosJoao Cunha/Ricardo Schedel/Manuel ArriagaCWDS/CNCascais(BFD)29282817102
29th45Naturea Sailing Team / FitchPOR3558Mafalda Pires LimaMariana Lobato/Francisco Maia/Matilde P de MeloCVAtlantico202130‑3535106
30th67SInBinPOR3544Martin EstlanderEduardo Marques/Phillip KempCNCascais19304022‑44111
31st40PBIIGBR3149Mark GillettPaul Hine/Richard AndertonFrensham Pond(BFD)50151334112
32nd56Vis sailing teamRYF3707Timur SabirzianovAlexander Mikhailov/Joao PrietoKrestovsky6‑43294336114
33rd65Dream teamRYF3512Shchukina ElenaIgor Puzanov/Valentin Uvarkin /Marina BraginskayaPirogovo2825(BFD)3725115
34th10GiboiaPOR3286Jose GoncalvesRui Boia/Martim BoiaCNCascais4617(BFD)4013116
35th32GameChangerUKR 3633Yulia KyrpaLuke Patience/Pavlo Matsuyev/Semen DmytrenkoKyiv Yacht Club(BFD)27206UFD120
36th31Metalfrio SolutionsPOR3578Erwin RusselGustavo Lima/Rodolfo Pires/Beatriz GagoCNCascais263734‑4628125
37th20HelloNextPOR3581Goncalo PiresTomas Pires de Lima/Peter Kemp/Matilde BandeiraCNCascais545(BFD)4540135
38th4Patris FinancePOR3505Vasco PassanhaNuno Bajanca/Joao MeloCNCascais(BFD)60162141138
39th23BICASCOPOR3306Luis SantosAntonio Santos/Pedro VilelaCVSado38314724‑50140
40th27QuebramarPOR3115Rui BritesPedro Costa/Patricia Bastos/Martim FernandesCNCascais(BFD)20572639142
41st58IC WindRYF3712Olga DimitrevaOlga Oreshnikova/Aleksei Frolov/Yan ChekhRussia24333551‑52143
42nd22VoltaPOR3506Vasco EmpisBernardo Faria e Maia e Nuno Espirito SantoCNCascais1548‑543053146
43rd9SargoPOR3157Goncalo GoncalvesJorge Lima/Jose CostaCNCascais(BFD)32452545147
44th6VickyPOR3092Augusto Castelo Branco Jr.Augusto Castelo Branco/Salvador Fernandes/Joao Pires Jr.CNCascais524231‑5723148
45th15BravoPOR3652Paulo PalhaAndre Goncalves/Antonio Barros/Mariana CunhaCVAtlantico323542‑4442151
46th34TLEVEL.PT/Mergulhao IIPOR3256Andre GrayLourenco Mateus/Joao TomasCNCascais36492741‑56153
47th36Naturea Sailing Team / Young GunsPOR3152Sebastiao Caiado RamirezMartim Mastbaum/Max de Groot/Zilas Dunke NascimentoCNCascais(BFD)5613UFD18154
48th25NACEXPOR3438Miguel GracaDiogo Pinto/Joao FerreiraCNCascais42393242‑46155
49th41Sale BeteFRA3534Xavier MoulinFrancois Roques/Pierre RoquesSN Narbonne504039‑5227156
50th30LUSIADASPOR3100Vasco Antunes PereiraMiguel Guimaraes e Jorge AndradeCNCascais(BFD)44463333156
51st5so flyPOR3733Peter StrattonFrancisco Garcia/Bernardo LencastreCNCascais45‑61532732157
52nd77LTXPOR3427Eduardo CardosoJoao Santos/Ruben LuisCNCascais48283748‑59161
53rd74Old SpicePOR3537Filipe Aguilar MachadoTomas Pereira/Pedro AraujoCVAtlantico41‑63434731162
54th18IrmandadePOR3206Per CronerGoncalo Viera Lopes/Ekaterina Zubrilina/Manuel MacedoCNCascais1436(BFD)UFD49166
55th2ContrabandistaPOR3637Patrick LindleyLuis Vasconcelos Dias/Pedro SimoesCNCascais444736‑5854181
56th24MiudasPOR3203Margarida AguiarSofia Regojo/Ana Champalimaud/Maria AnjosCNCascais37534455(RET)189
57th73 IRL3278Fraser BrownSantiago Sampaio/Francisco FerreiraCNCascais(BFD)52485437191
58th21Quinta dos MurcasPOR3411Diogo Correa MendesAna Costa Santos/Antonio Ornelas/Alexandre CasemiroCNCascais43‑51494951192
59th17Day offPOR3651Filipe AlbinoFrancisco Calao/Antonio VicenteCNBB49‑62266157193
60th71ZOZHGBR3740Irina BuzinovaMarat Khairov/Nataliya Lyubimova/Nikita PlaksinMoscow35545253‑61194
61st39CPRNED3246Pascal BakkerChristoffel Ravelman/Marinus RegoortRZV395958‑6348204
62nd60Knot on CallPOR3111Jose MendesJoao Mendes/Filipe Quartin/Luisa PeresANL/CVVC53‑57555647211
63rd69LadybugFRA3576Benoit MelenLaurent Beaurin/Manuel VilarinhoYCIF(BFD)65505055220
64th52TACKTONICBEL3518Nicolas ElleboudtCedric De Bleye/Stefan VanwynsbergheRNSYC OSTEND515856‑5958223
65th33Mike TSUI3169Heinrich GuggenbuehlCaspar Guggenbuehl/Karim AbdounSIMPL54‑66606060234
66th57KanimamboPOR3083Raul Bulhao PatoMichael del Vecchio/Nuno EspanhaCNCascais(BFD)64596462249

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