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Four Salthouse Coach Boats headed to Tokyo Olympics

by Delayne Salthouse 3 Jun 2021 04:40 PDT 4 June 2021
The new Salthouse Coachboat working with a couple of 49erFX © Subzero Images

The Olympic dream is coming true for the team behind Salthouse Coach Boats with four of its boats on their way to Tokyo for the Olympic Games starting in July 2021.

The journey to Tokyo started in 2019, when Yachting New Zealand placed an order for a fleet of five new Salthouse Coach Boats.

This was a major order for the then new coach boat enterprise and an opportunity for Salthouse Boatbuilders to show the world that its purpose built boats genuinely are the best option for supporting high performance sailors in reaching their goals.

Eighteen months ago, at the end of 2019, the Yachting New Zealand High Performance coaching team received its new boats and ever since then they have been putting in the hard yards supporting training and racing for the coaches of the 13 members of the NZL Sailing Team.

Greg Salthouse says, “These are stable, manoeuvrable boats that have speed and flexibility needed to support high performance boats whether the Nacra 17s or 49ers. We are proud of their performance and the difference they make for the coaches, we will be watching for news of them on the racecourse in Japan when racing starts.”

There are 12 reasons to talk to Salthouse Boatbuilders about your next coach boat order.

From start to finish, Salthouse Coach Boats are very different from the rest. In no particular order, here are the top twelve reasons you want to give this unique, customised coach boat some serious consideration.

1. There is no production line making Salthouse Coach Boats in some random factory. Instead there's two generations of boating knowhow behind each boat that's personally built by us.

2. One size does not fit all. Boating is better when it's customised. You choose your Salthouse Coach Boat’s seats, consoles, colours, flooring and more, for exactly what you need when you are on the job.

3. We know RIBS are small spaces, so we designed offset tubes to provide a huge working space inside our boats. That gives more room for people, gear, and even to respond in an emergency situation such as a medical event.

4. Coaches are dealing with high speed boats more often, so we designed a bow shape that cuts cleaner to give faster turning, smoother traveling and which keeps you dryer.

5. Above deck tanks allow owners to keep an eye on hoses & fittings and give easy access for maintenance over time.

6. A through hull tube provides a clean, tidy and simple shaft for all steering and electrical cables to run through rather than above floor risks with an exposed and messy array of vulnerable cables. This simple system is also a time and money saver when fitting engines.

7. The transom section of ribs can take a hammering with towing and the weight and movement of engines, the Salthouse Coach Boats all have carbon reinforcing in the transom to ensure ultimate strength and reliability.

8. In preference to a standard off the shelf 50mm tow posts, the Salthouse Coach Boat tow posts are made using strong 80mm marine grade stainless steel with options of a heavy duty clasp specifically designed for wind wands and flag poles or Railblazer attachments.

9. Flooring is 5mm U-deck not only offering secure footing but also a more forgiving and kinder surface for equipment and the feet that spend long hours standing on it

10. Coaches of the multihull and foiling classes will know the trade-off of going without sunshade in order to fit boats alongside their rib without risk of damage from canopy brackets. Our sun canopy folds down easily and is designed specifically to allow for the more difficult to accommodate hulls and foils of the modern classes.

11. The height of the helm seat is positioned to be ergonomically correct allowing coaches to sit comfortably while steering.

12. The high, smooth bow along with the offset positioning of the tapered tubes has created an exceptionally dry boat.

Salthouse Boatbuilders build their boats in Dairy Flat, Auckland one at a time. Each boat is made to exactly your specific requirements. If you are planning a coach boat upgrade, give Greg Salthouse a heads up so that you can start the planning process.

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