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Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy

by Hannah Cotterell, savvy navvy 25 May 2021 04:26 PDT
Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy © savvy navvy

Have you ever considered boating in Sweden?

I can already hear many of you saying no, the question is, why not? With the announcement from boating app savvy navvy that they have now launched charts for Sweden, we couldn't help but daydream about the stunning Swedish boating spots we wanted to explore this summer.

When thinking of taking off for a sailing holiday, or jet boating around stunning waterways, we often think of sparkling Caribbean beaches, sunset cocktails with umbrellas and snorkelling on stunning colourful reefs. We wouldn't blame you for automatically thinking of heading somewhere like the British Virgin Islands, let's face it those islands are simply magical, but it may behove you to know that Sweden has something special to offer that will put your senses at ease and scratch that outdoor, post-lockdown, adventure itch.

Heard of the latest boating app to come to Sweden?

savvy navvy has been on the scene for a while but in the last year, it's really grown legs, learnt to walk and now it's sprinting! The app combines everything you need to plan a trip at sea like weather forecasts, hydrographic based digital charts, tidal data, marina and anchorage information, GPS tracking and even routing!

Discover the undiscovered and escape the crowds

Not only does Sweden offer equally stunning beaches to the Caribbean, but it also has crystal clear water and panoramic views that you'll often find you have all to yourself. For boaters, Sweden may seem less crowded than the hotspots of the Mediterranian and Caribbean which means you can often find you're the only boat in a bay or anchorage. Yes, it just might be a little colder than you're used to in the Caribbean, but you can be sure the view will make up for it!

It might not come as a surprise that of the many seafaring countries you regularly think of, Sweden is often not on the list, a surprising fact considering Sweden is historically made up of adventurers and brave seafarers.

To quote Visit Sweden, "Why do you almost never meet sailor Swedes in the Mediterranean in the summertime? Because they are all in Sweden having the sailing time of their lives." In Sweden, the sailing season is from July to September and on average darkness falls for just three hours a day in high summer. This means there's almost constant light for sailing from the morning, long into the night. So okay you might have minimal need for your savvy navvy night mode!

Go back in time with historic lands and medieval islands

The Swedish landscape is extremely varied thanks to a rather fiery history in terms of geology. Sweden has been moulded over hundreds of thousands of years by earthquakes, glaciers and volcanic eruptions.

Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy - photo © savvy navvy
If you like your history then why not set sail from Stockholm to Gotland to explore the well preserved medieval town of Visby. Here's a route from savvy navvy showing an average of 15 hours, having said that the route will depend on the day and time you're looking to leave. If 15 hours is too long to do it all in one go then there are plenty of places to stop off and break up the trip!

Start planning your trip here.

Visby is well known for the preservation of its impressive town wall, a medieval fortification incorporating defensive towers. Alternatively, if Viking settlements are more your thing why not sail to Öland for a taste of traditional Swedish island living.

Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy - photo © savvy navvy
Spoilt for choice

Off the coast of Sweden, there's the western archipelago which boasts more than 1,000 islands to choose from. In addition, the Stockholms Skärgård offers an impressive 30,000 granite islands, all with their own natural wonders and historical details.

According to Lonely Planet, "8,000 granite islands make up the West Sweden archipelago, which stretches all the way north of Gothenberg to the Norwegian border. The landscape of Bohuslän is a combination of smooth grey rocks and colourful fishing villages caught between sky and sea."

Live it up or slow it down - Sweden covers all bases

For sailors looking for privacy and seclusion, you could opt to sail to some of the pink granite islands or Koster nature reserves. Koster islands are renowned for their stunning archipelago, picturesque fishing villages and the protection of many areas as nature reserves. If taking your boat to a quiet place to rest and recuperate is top of your agenda, this is a must!

If you like more of a party, bar and restaurant scene you could pop into a marina at hip Marstrand which hosts a series of regattas and a rather impressive fortress!

Often referred to as the most beautiful town in Sweden, Marstrand is well known for its popular boating culture, Carlsten's Fortress and its reputation for being a playground for royals and celebrities alike.

Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy - photo © savvy navvyExplore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy - photo © savvy navvy
What is the weather and climate like in Sweden?

Unlike the Caribbean, we would be lying if we said it was all-year-round sunshine, blue skies and t-shirt weather. Having said that the difference between winter and summer can be extreme.

According to Visit Sweden, "Above the Arctic Circle, winter is severe with temperatures going below -30 degreesC, while summer temperatures here, and in the rest of the country, regularly hit +20 degreesC. In the south, winter is generally mild with an average temperature above 0 degreesC/32 degreesF degrees. Sweden's northerly position has a definite summer advantage in that temperatures are rarely extreme and humidity levels are not high." So you don't need to worry about sweating your day away or bunding up when you want your flip flops on in the summer!

In addition, Sweden is not a very tidal country, (something you can easily check in the savvy navvy app), so that's one less obstacle when getting from A to B!

Sail Sweden with savvy navvy

You may have heard that boating app savvy navvy recently released charts for Sweden. The app rolls out any new chart coverage to all their users and as of right now all members have access.

Click here to start planning your trip!

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