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Colligo Marine® Code Furlers

by Colligo Marine 24 Apr 2021 22:25 PDT
Colligo Marine® Code Furlers © Colligo Marine

Colligo Marine® Code Furlers are unique in that they are all designed with maintenance free bearing systems, but they can all be taken apart and serviced if needed.

From Heavy duty automotive style bearings with double seals in our CN5 series to Torlon or Ceramic bearing systems in our head swivels or CF1.5 series furlers. With an extensive use of titanium, in lieu of stainless, our furlers offer great performance and durability.

The CN3 and CN5 Furlers are designed for headsails such as gennakers, screechers, code zeros or even staysails. Just roll them up and drop them down. Optional lightweight upper swivel in aluminum and titanium.

Our furlers are optimized for Colligo Marine Torque Line, which together gives the best performing luff line sail in the market.

Furlers feature:

  • Large diameter sheaves for handling sails in demanding conditions.
  • Heavy duty sealed thrust bearings in a sealed housing ensure no corrosion problems and no maintenance.
  • Designed for a continuous drive line so you never run out of line when rolling up and controlling your sail.
  • Precision machined from billet aluminum for strength and light weight.
  • Simple, no maintenance, line guide allows easy line changes.
  • Designed for use with line terminators spliced into luff line.
  • New all black color for uniformity.

See our furler product page here for more information.

We are really proud to offer the best service on our furlers and all the rest of our product line!!

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