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Meet the Reverso Air - the world's fastest portable sailboat

by Reverso 23 Apr 2021 04:00 PDT
Reverso dinghy on the water © Reverso

Designed to fit in the back of your car, the Reverso Air is the ultimate go-anywhere dinghy. It's fast, stable, and incredibly easy to assemble in minutes, meaning you can be on the water, whenever and wherever you like! Quite simply, it's a game changer.

Reverso Air started life as the vision of Antoine Simon, aviation pilot and passionate sailor who has brought together a talented, world-class team of experts to create the Reverso.

Antoine wanted a stealthy, light, transportable small sailboat that he could take anywhere, without sacrificing speed, performance or design, and for an affordable price. The team have gone above and beyond the brief, creating a dinghy with modern, sleek lines and a sturdy, stable hull. It's no wonder the Reverso Air has won so many awards, both for its performance and good looks.

How does it work?

The Reverso Air is designed for a very quick set up. Inspired by sports like kiteboarding and windsurfing, the preparation time is as quick as rigging a windsurfer or a kite.

Once out of the car, it's a quick job to assemble the hull, thread the mast into the sail cover just like a windsurfer, clip on the boom, add the rudder and daggerboard and you're ready to go. There's a telescopic trolley to take you to the water, and no slipway required.

How waterproof can a portable dinghy be?

In demanding test sails, the Reverso proved itself every bit as rigid and reliable as a fibreglass boat. The four hull sections are designed to float independently, with each being a closed, watertight, double-bottomed boxed filled with air. Added to that, a self-bailer keeps the cockpit drained.

Ask the owners

"Practical, easy, technical and responsive", "well made, great fun to sail', '"quick to set up and very fun to drive. Launching without help. Easy to transport to other sites'...if you're considering a Reverso Air, you can ask the owners directly about their own experiences. Once you're ready to go, you can build your boat to your own spec in a few short clicks.

If you're short on space, or like many larger yacht owners want an easy-to-store dinghy to keep on your yacht or just want to sail wherever the mood takes you, the Reverso Air small sailboat could be the game-changer that transforms your dinghy sailing this summer.

Tech specs:

  • The boat is built from the stern, using the lever closures. It's then stiffened with two Tension Dynamics®. Building the launch trailer is done in less than a minute by push pin assemblies.
  • The very low weight of the mast (100% carbon, 2.95kgs) makes it easy to sail, even if the wind is strong.
  • Easy to repair: DIY with a mastic polyester kit available anywhere online or your local chandlery.
  • Hull, centerboard & mast; custom made, but being made of laminate composite are easily repaired.
  • Reverso have a full inventory of parts ready to ship if needed.

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