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Sailors for the Sea launches Clean Regattas discussion forum to elevate sustainable events

by Sailors for the Sea 14 Apr 2021 06:56 PDT
New communication tool fosters conversation among Clean Regatta organizers on solutions to greatest sustainability challenges © Sailors for the Sea

Today, Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana launched its newest resource for the Clean Regattas program - an online discussion forum where Clean Regatta organizers can ask each other for help and give advice on each of the program's sustainability standards. Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas program is the leading sustainability certification for water-based events with more than 700,000 sailors having participated in more than 2,600 events in 40 countries that have adhered to program standards.

"We are often asked how other regattas are achieving certain sustainability initiatives and meeting Clean Regattas standards," said Paige Myatt, who as Sailors for the Sea's Program Manager oversees the Clean Regattas program. "Sailors for the Sea provides a toolkit to all Clean Regatta organizers upon registration that we update every year with a handful of the most popular solutions. But we aren't able to include every unique solution that we come across, and sometimes a regatta must find a unique way to achieve its sustainability goals. This forum will empower organizers to support each other and overcome these unique challenges."

This new communication tool will help events and clubs achieve higher levels of sustainability by allowing organizers to access a peer-to-peer learning network where they can discuss innovative solutions to common issues, share knowledge on implementation of sustainability practices, and hear success stories from around the world. Each sustainability standard has a unique discussion board to keep the conversations organized and solutions easy to find. Clean Regatta organizers can use their Sailors for the Sea website username to log in and share advice or ask for help. The content on the discussion boards is visible to the public.

"We envision these forums to be the go-to place for any regatta organizer looking to implement sustainable practices," said Dr. Shelley Brown, Director of Sailors for the Sea. "We know there is a great deal of knowledge in our community of Clean Regatta organizers, and we are excited to create a platform where this knowledge can be easily exchanged and put to good use to protect our oceans and waterways."

Regatta organizers looking to establish sustainable practices at their events are encouraged to register as a Clean Regatta and seek advice on the discussion boards. Current Clean Regatta organizers are urged to share any unique ways that they have achieved Best Practices on the discussion board to help provide guidance to the rest of the sailing community.

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