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Harken Product Focus: The CLR Winch

by Ben McGrane, Harken UK 16 Mar 09:14 PDT
The Harken CLR Winch © Harken

An uncluttered deck is the goal of every yacht owner and boat captain, and Harken are constantly innovating to help them achieve that goal.

The CLR Winch is an example of this development, proving a new option for yacht architects to maintain form without compromising on function. In this Q&A with Harken UK's OEM Sector Manager, Ben McGrane, we find out more...

Why did Harken decided to develop a range of mooring winches?

At Harken we're always interested in new challenges and opportunities. In our quest to develop innovative sailing products, we took the challenge to approach a commodity product like the mooring winch and transform it into a new design. The CLR mooring winch provides an alternative option to architects, yards and owners that want to have a sleek and clear deck layout on their boat.

From a functional point of view, having a retractable drum in a very compact space makes it ergonomic and enhances safety on board. This innovative approach, even when re-designing an existing product, is part of Harken's DNA.

What are the distinctive features of this product range?

The CLR mooring winch is lighter and more compact compared to other designs and adds a unique look to the deck of the boat thanks to its innovative retractable drum system, which is patented.

The flush-stowing, deck-mounted powered winch is designed for both sail and power yachts and stows completely below deck. No other retracting, flush-mounted winch offers the power-for-size ratio offered by the CLR.

This compact form makes it possible for yachts to mount two CLR winches at the stern quarters and one in the bow. Together, three CLRs can reduce the need for engine and thruster power while helping crews moor stern-to-dock. LED lights also operate during use in low-light mooring situations.

Which kind of boat and sailor is the Harken CLR mooring winch catered for?

The CLR mooring winch is suitable for any yacht or powerboat owner wishing to dock their boat easily with greater safety. There is an ever-increasing demand from sailors wanting to make their yachts more manageable; powered winches is an example of this, where sailors are reducing the physical efforts of sailing, while maintaining the enjoyment. The CLR offers the same benefits, making the task of bringing any craft into dock an easier operation with better control.

The winch is suitable for both sailing and power yachts ranging from 45' to 250' (13.7-76.2 m).

ModelBoat Length
CLR™ 60045'/60'
CLR™ 120060'/90'
CLR™ 250090'/120'
CLR™ 4000120'/190'
CLR™ 8000190'/250'

Model name in the table above indicates the maximum holding load in kg.

How many sizes and finishes are available?

In terms of sizes there are five versions available in 12 or 24 electric volt or hydraulic power options. The deck plates are available in aluminium, chrome, steel or wood grain finishes.

Is the Harken CLR a standard product range?

Yes. Although there are some options to choose from for the top winch finishes (Aluminium, Chrome or a recess that's filled with the same material as the design of the deck), the product is made out of our standard production chain.

How do you test an innovation like this at Harken, before putting the product on the market?

As is the case with every new product designed at Harken, the CLR winch follows a strict validation process. We run several tests in our testing room and also at sea to make sure that innovation meets and exceeds the quality and reliability expected from our customers. In addition, the process from design concept to production and assembly is completed in our factory in Italy under the direct control of our design, quality control and production departments.

Is this product range already available on the market?

Yes. The CLR mooring winch range is gaining further interest from both sailing and powerboat builders for first installation, as well as private owners for refit. We have satisfied customers who installed the CLR on several boat models and new leads that are approaching us to discuss their next projects. It is a promising range from a market development standpoint.

How can customers get further technical and supporting information on the CLR mooring winch range?

Product information can be found on the Harken website or on the video below. All OEMs, architects, re-fitters, owners and retailers interested in learning more can contact us for quotes or product information via: / 01590 689 122.

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