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Understanding the Three Types of Fishing Vessels

by Lauren Cordell 29 Aug 2020 17:58 PDT
Jarrett Bay 67, Privateer © Jarrett Bay Boatworks

Compared to an ordinary boat, a fishing vessel is designed for the sole purpose of fishing. You can add some machinery necessary for a fishing trip such as built-in fish containers and echosounder or radar.

There are three types of fishing vessels you should be familiar with if you plan to pursue fishing business. It is important to understand the properties and utilization of these fishing vessels before deciding which one to purchase.

Commercial Fishing Vessel

Commercial fishing vessels, also known as the industrial fishing vessel, are designed for fish and other seafood catching for commercial profit. Commercial fishing was supposed to have large scale fishing operations, which also required a large fishing vessel.

A commercial fishing vessel is made to meet this standard and aid commercial fishers in their fishing journey. It is important that your fishing is capable of carrying heavy loads of fish or seafood and can conquer big oceans.

Commercial fishing is executed in all water types, including oceans, rivers, and lakes. It is performed with the help of a deep-sea fishing vessel such as the commercial fishing vessel.

You are going to need high-end technology to aid you in your commercial fishing journey. To compete with other commercial fishers, you must equip your vessel with high-end fishing gadgets. These gadgets will surely help you monitor, survey, and control your operation, such as onboard smart weighing scale, radio-frequency identification, and onboard cameras.

Other innovative technologies have also emerged over the years to further help fishers on their journey. The new data processing technology that you can utilize for your fishery business is Big Data, BlockChain, and Artificial Intelligence.

Artisanal Fishing Vessel

Artisanal fishing vessels are the traditional fishing boats with a low-end technology operating on low-scale fishing. These are small fishing boats owned by individual fishing households.

It only requires low capital to start your own artisanal fishing business compared to commercial fishing. This type of fishing is often performed by households living in a coastal or island set-up. These people make short fishing trips near shores to catch fish to sell or for personal consumption.

Even with its low scale operation, Artisanal fishing boats are the major competition of commercial fishing vessels. Artisanal fishers supply seafood products locally, which decrease the sale of commercial fishing.

Recreational Fishing Vessel

Recreational fishing vessels vary from large to small boats. This vessel is not exclusive for fishing alone, instead fishing is performed using this boat for amusement. Recreational fishing is also known as sport fishing that is done for pleasure and competition.

Recreational fishing vessels are not purchased for profit but personal use only. Fishing enthusiasts are the most common admirers of recreational fishing vessels where they purchase not only for earning but for fun.

Fishing Vessels Categorization

Here are the common fishing vessels category you need to know about:

The most commonly used fishing vessel, the Trawlers have trawler nets that are equipped underwater to trap the fishes. It is the kind of fishing vessel to use if you want to catch a wide variety of fishes. It is not only used locally, but it is also being utilized in every country across the globe.

Non-Trawling Vessels
These vessels also have nets that are not designed to drag against the water but instead let the fish swim into the nets and get themselves caught. Non-trawling vessels are sub-categorized as the following:

• Seiners
Seiners are a type of non-trawling vessel that is designed to catch pelagic fishes. Pelagic fishes are fishes that can only be found in the pelagic zone of the ocean, lakes, or rivers.

These fishes are neither close to the bottom nor the shore. Seiners are equipped with nets that close from below when a fish enters. This fishing vessel is often equipped with high-end technology to help provide a high return.

• Longliners
Longliners have multiple long fishing lines in sequence. Each line is attached to multiple bait hooks. The number of fishing lines provided to the boat depends on the number of crew members and boat size.

• Tuna Clippers
As the name suggests, Tuna Clippers are fishing vessels equipped with poles and lines designed to catch Tuna. It has an automatic swimming mechanism that dangles the tuns towards the tanks when caught.

• Gillnetters
Gillenetters has a gill net system of fishing that can be operated manually or with the help of technology to have a better fishing result. The small-scale fishing operation uses the old technique, while large-scale operations use modern gadgets to allow the gillnetting technique.

• Crabbers
Fishing vessels that are mainly used and equipped to catch crabs are called crabbers. This vessel has a specialized trap that is designed to catch crustaceans.

• Drifters
This type of fishing vessel has special drifting nets draped unto the water and then dragged to trap the fishes inside the net. Drifter got its name as it drifts the net across the water to catch fishes successfully.

• Factory Ship
Factory ship is not only used for fishing but also for processing and preserving the catch. It is like a floating factory that mainly catches and processes crabs. It has all the functions of an in-land factory.

Acquiring a Fishing Boat with A Limited Budget

Frequently, people want to purchase something but do not have enough cash to do so. Luckily, there are ways you can still purchase a fishing vessel without needing to wait for more years to complete your budget.

The most common options people usually opt for are boat loans. Many lenders offer a boat loan for individuals who wish to purchase a fishing vessel for any purpose. You go to your local lender or bank and inquire about their boat loan offers.

It is best to shop around for lenders to get the best offer possible. Compare all the offers and choose the one that gives you the best deals like boat loan terms and boat loan rates. For a hassle-free lender shopping, you can start looking and comparing deals online.


There are different types of fishing that you need to understand before you jump into purchasing a fishing vessel. Different types of fishing require a different type of vessel suitable for specific fishing activity needs. Now that you have understood the different types of fishing vessels that you can use, it is now time to start shopping for the best loan offer near you.

Author’s bio: Lauren is a full-time writer who often combines her love for travel and interest in finance. She loves to share her travel stories with her audience and suggests the best travel destinations and various ways to enjoy them, such as camping, RVing, and boating.

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