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Ecoworks Marine announced as an official supplier to 11th Hour Racing Team

by 11th Hour Racing 28 Aug 2020 09:25 PDT
Ecoworks Marine is the supplier for 11th Hour Racing Team's marine safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. © Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing

A new partnership to develop and increase awareness and usage of marine-friendly alternatives to maintenance and cleaning products for boats and yachts has been announced between 11th Hour Racing Team and Ecoworks Marine.

As official supplier to the professional offshore sailing team, the two organizations will work in unison to provide sustainable solutions for every type of recreation and sailing boat user.

"Creating innovative solutions that leave a positive impact on our natural environment is at the core of all our team partnerships," said Team CEO Mark Towill. "Partnering with a company like Ecoworks will provide us with products that minimize our impact on the environment, while allowing us to compete at the very highest levels of the sport. We don't need to compromise on performance to incorporate a sustainable solution."

Ecoworks is a global leader in producing marine cleaning products which are made from naturally derived, replenishable resources and are 100% biodegradable: 80% breaks down within 28 days and the remaining 20% within 90 days. Ecoworks products are pH neutral, phosphate-free and are compliant with all official standards in the industry.

"Our products are developed by our doctors of biochemistry using clever blends of naturally occurring non-hazardous bacterias and enzymes along with other replenishable resources," said Angus Johnson co-founder of Ecoworks Marine. "We replace undesirable ingredients with naturally derived raw materials such as eco-solvents, to formulate our products to the lowest possible toxicity and the ultimate biodegradability. We want our cleaning products not only to be safe for the environment but safe for the end user as well."

Ecoworks and 11th Hour Racing Team will collaborate this year on the creation of a team-wide #oceanhour educational session on the topic of tackling ocean acidification. By understanding how both minimizing the carbon footprint of daily operations and giving back more to the planet than the team takes out, the team can have a positive impact on the health of our oceans. One example of this in action are the refill stations at the team's training base in Concarneau, France and at their new base in Newport, RI, which are designed to use bulk containers for product delivery and to minimise the frequency of change for the recycled refill plastic bottles.

"As a team, our first priority is to reduce the amount of natural resources and product we use throughout all our operations both when at sea and when ashore," commented the 11th Hour Racing Team sustainability manager Damian Foxall. "But when we do need to use materials like cleaning products we have to be confident that they will have a minimal impact on marine biodiversity. Working with Ecoworks brings us this reassurance," concluded Foxall.

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