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X-Power 33C - A powerful experience...

by X-Yachts 18 Aug 2020 18:40 PDT
X-Power 33C © X-Yachts

With more than 40 years of experience in high performance sailing boats, X-Yachts is now introducing a whole and extraordinary initiative, based on some of the deep experience they have - a 33 feet open powerboat for quality-conscious boaters, with ex-actly the same overall strategy. Fast and safe on the water, superior pleasure with ownership, innovative development and design. The powerboat is planned for launch in January 2021, and the important milestones are reached by close supervision of de-signers, boat builders, engineers and technicians.

CEO of X-Yachts, Kræn Brinck Nielsen explains: "What we are creating here is unique. With this powerboat, we are appealing to people who love to go on the water and to become one with the sea for the weekend, or to spend an active day offshore. Like with our sailboats, high quality and safety goes hand in hand with performance in this new product line."

X-Yachts celebrated their 40 years anniversary in 2019, and one of the anniversary pre-sents was the chance offered, also to start-up powerboat production.

"Our owner, Ib Kunøe and I discussed what could bring X-Yachts into the 5th decade, and we quickly recognized that introducing a comfortable ease of use powerboat on the market, would be a very interesting but also a highly challenging assignment.", Kræn Brinck Nielsen continues.

And so they did...

X-Yachts is confident that the new powerboat range will seem like a gift for the dis-cerning sailor. The first model is produced with an inboard engine, a patented petestep® designed hull making the driving experience smooth and elegant. They also promise that the operation will be an intuitive experience, eliminating the need for a user manual, enabling everyone to run the boat feeling fully secure. The driving panel will be a light experience with integrated navigation and operation system.

"We would like to share this boating experience with our loyal long-time and new X-Yacht owners, and in general with people who haven't had the chance to get familiar with the famous X and what it stands for. In the coming months, we will show the pub-lic what we are working on. In the meantime, everyone can look forward to this new wonder of ours", Kræn Brinck Nielsen concludes.

The X-Yachts yard in Denmark continues to develop and produce luxury performance cruiser yachts along with the new production of motorboats. The first X-Power model will be launched in January 2021, the second being a closed model is planned for launch in September 2021, and finally for now, the yard has planned yet another X-Power launch in January 2023.

Preliminary Specifications:

Design Category C

LOA: 10.2m
Beam: 3.1m
Draft: 1.2m
Displacement (Light craft): 4000kg
Engine Configuration:
Yanmar 8LV 370 mhp
Yanmar 8LV 350 mhp
Yanmar 8LV 320 mhp
Bow Thruster 2,2 Kw
Integrated Nav. & Operation System 2 X 16" Screens
Max. No. of People: 8
Fuel Tank 380L
Fresh Water Tank: 100L
Black Water Tank: 100L

Facts about Petestep

In the production of X-Power 33C, we are using the patented Petestep® technology that results in a more comfortable and fuel efficient boat ride.


No more clatter in waves! Because Petestep® hulls don’t have any horizontal flat surfaces that smash the water under the hull, the biggest source of hull noise is removed. This makes Petestep® hulls create a lot less noise from waves, which significantly adds to the comfort of the ride.

More stable

Petestep® hulls increase stability, both at speed and at the dock. At zero speed, Petestep® hulls have a wider footprint that makes the boat less prone to heeling. When at speed, the deflectors stabilise the boat, once again contributing to a better ride.


Petestep® hulls reduce resistance by removing friction and reducing energy waste. Up to 35% less energy is required to propel the boat forward, which could lead to significantly lower fuel consumption at comparable level of comfort.


Conventional spray rails with their flat surfaces are associated with hard landings. Petestep® deflectors, on the other hand, dampens landings and lowers slamming by up to 50%, resulting in unmatched ride comfort.

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