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Epoxy-related presents for sailors

by Wessex Resins & Adhesives 12 Dec 2019 01:00 PST
George Isted wins a mega-bundle of West System epoxy goodies - pictured with Hamish Cook © Wessex Resins & Adhesives

If you're looking for presents for sailors, take inspiration from George Isted's recent win (pictured here with Hamish Cook). He's giving some of this mega-bundle of epoxy goodies as gifts; sharing the epoxy magic as Christmas presents for sailors in his life.

Epoxy presents for sailors include:

Glass fibre boat repair kits (WEST SYSTEM 105-K Glass Fibre Boat Repair Kit)

Wooden boat repair kits (WEST SYSTEM 101 Mini Pack)

For wood and/or fibreglass bonding WEST SYSTEM G5 epoxy packs

"I won a lovely bundle of WEST SYSTEM® epoxy products," George says. "I have used a lot of WEST SYSTEM epoxy over a number of years which is why I entered the draw. As a professional user I like the range because of the predictable results it gives every time that I use it on customers' boats and my own projects. The Mini Packs are great for occasional or emergency use on-board, although I generally buy larger quantities for work.

"I thought it would be nice to use the Mini Packs as Christmas gifts for sailing friends who I know will find them handy. But I'm looking forward to trying out other products that were part of the prize bundle, like WEST SYSTEM SIX10. That's in cartridges and pre-mixes as you squeeze, which is a good time-saver."

The Solent Boat Butler

George runs a mobile yacht maintenance and repair business and is known as The Solent Boat Butler. As an experienced racing and cruising sailor he uses his real-world sailing knowledge to ensure that repairs and upgrades for his customers work well on the water. George is always looking for new products, techniques and tips to develop his extensive repertoire of skills. So when George visited the Romsey factory to collect his prize, he met technical guru Hamish Cook.

"It was really useful to sit down with Hamish and go through the range of products," he says. "I've used WEST SYSTEM epoxy for many years for everything from building dinghies to structural repairs on yachts, but Hamish was able to tell me about some products in the PRO-SET epoxy range which I have not used before so I am looking forward to trying them out on some of the jobs I have booked in this winter."

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