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Soon time to share life on board the MACIF Trimaran

by Trimaran MACIF 19 Oct 2019 03:37 PDT 3 November 2019
MACIF maxi trimaran skippers Francois Gabart and Gwenole Gahinet, with mediaman Jeremie Eloy, welcome onboard astronaut Thomas Pesquet for a sailing journey, on October 7, in Port La Foret, France © Jean-Marie Liot / Macif

François Gabart, Gwénolé Gahinet and Jérémie Eloy, the media man on board, will cross the starting line of the Brest Atlantiques on 3 November 2019, and will then spend at least 27 days at sea on board the MACIF trimaran. How has the trio prepared for this long stretch of cohabitation?

The search for performance is a key phase in offshore racing, because it is both the goal and the guideline. For the Brest Atlantiques, knowing how to live together will be essential. The three crew members are about to live on board the MACIF trimaran in a damp enclosed space that is only a few metres squared.

Although François Gabart did not know Gwénolé Gahinet when he named him as his co-skipper, he already knew Jérémie Eloy who knows Gwénolé. This summer, the three well-known men set about creating a common sailing environment. "The human element is crucial in this type of event," explains the skipper of the MACIF trimaran. "A very good sailor may well choose to sail with another very good sailor, but if the two don't get on, it won't work. This is true in all sports. You don't create a football team with eleven of the best."

The skipper's ability to surround himself with people he can connect with has increased over time. Jérémie Eloy, the media man, Gwénolé Gahinet and François Gabart share "a kind of natural instinct, a mindset that is fuelled by the desire to enjoy a good performance, to look out for one another and in the ability to question oneself. We have the same energy." "We also share a lot of things in common," Gwénolé Gahinet agrees. We all enjoy surf sports and we have similar lives. We like to talk about music, food, our adventures and we agree most of the time, which is really important."

"Do we need to set down some formal rules?" asks the skipper. We are very flexible in the way we work, adapting to each other even when it comes to managing watches. We know what we need, so we work on feeling."

Media Man and Go-Between

Although his role as a media man prevents him from working the controls and the trimmings, Jérémie Eloy will also have an unofficial role as the go-between for François and Gwénolé. "When I chose the crew", the MACIF trimaran skipper continued, "I did not go looking for a sailing duo with a media man. I thought of a trio. Jérémie will have a real role, while adhering to race regulations. He will play a part in human relations on board, since he will spend time with Gwéno and myself outside of watches. He will bring balance and liven things up...

... and also take care of Gwénolé Gahinet's minor obsession with low tech. The qualified engineer is also highly involved personally in sustainable development and the protection of resources, and he has managed to bring his skipper on board. "François and I share the same desire to try to do something for the environment. Low-tech has a direct connection with our relationship to nature and to the ned for changes to our way of life. We are going to try things, some of which will fail and some of which will be successful, but the MACIF trimaran will be a very interesting testing ground in motion."

Apart from capturing moments at sea, editing videos and preparing meals, Jérémie Eloy will also be in charge of watching over the seed sprouts and mushrooms we will be growing. "If everyone is free to express their inner energy you can move mountains," says the skipper. I try to inspire people in the office in Port-La-Forêt and on board the MACIF trimaran. The energy spent by Gwénolé on his low-tech is both beautiful and in phase with MACIF's and my own sensitivities. This is all coherent".

Two new technical partners for the MACIF trimaran

an avant-garde approach to efficient teamwork

Klaxoon is a tool that boosts productivity and it has rewritten the way in which people work together. Launched in March 2015, it makes it easier to synchronise teams daily, and it will be used by the MACIF trimaran team.

Because individual communication is one of the keys to the success of agile teams, the goal of this collaboration will be to make team interaction more fluid, thereby facilitating project management. The different entities, such as the design office, workshop and other support roles and can now fast-track discussions by using the Klaxoon and Meeting Boards applications suite (mobile touchscreens) to facilitate decision-making, but also to brainstorm, question, network, and so on, using dedicated applications.

Even on board the MACIF trimaran at sea, François Gabart will now be able to share all the information related to his sailing in a Klaxoon Brainstorm app so that the staff onshore can analyse everything in real time and answer quickly. Moving from USB keys to instant team synchronisation, is the start of a real collaborative approach that should boost the work of the MACIF trimaran team!

an environmentally friendly brand of sunglasses

"WE ARE ORGANIC EYEWEAR" The new MACIF trimaran partner sets the tone immediately. Created in 2015, by two young men keen on surfing, Pierre Le Gall and Clément Lambert, MOKEN sunglasses stand apart as a boldly green and socially engaged brand. François Gabart, skipper of the MACIF trimaran, was immediately taken with this philosophy, since MOKEN sunglasses are designed using castor oil from the ricin plant, which is then turned into granules and used as a basic plastic material in the moulds (while complying with the sunglass industry ISO standards). By partnering up with the 100% French brand of sunglasses, the MACIF group and it skipper are consolidating their commitment to protecting the oceans.

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