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A Class Cat World Championship at the WPNSA - Overall

by Gordon Upton 31 Aug 2019 23:05 PDT 24-30 August 2019

Andrew Landenberger and Mischa Heemskerk became the 2019 'A' Class cat World Champions on Friday at WPNSA in great style. Sailing in almost champagne sailing conditions of sun and 14-17 knot wind, the pair dominated their respective divisions with 8 bullets each in a superbly run regatta and under the control of David Campbell-James and his race team.

In the UK, we hear much about the 'Olympic Legacy' from governments etc., but very few ever seem to see the almost mythical thing in action. However, in our sailing world, the team at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, for the World 'A' Cat fleet at least, have proved it exists. This was the first time in many years that the fleet has ever sailed a full series, and even more amazing when you conceder that the 'A' Cat Championship Rules now allowed for up to 12 races in a series. 'Weybiza', you delivered! Over the past 7 days we have seen every wind condition allowable within the class parameters from the early week 5 knot minimum right up to one race where 20.9 knots was recorded, so it was a true test of a champion. We all have our favourite conditions, but to be the best, we need to be good in them all and this is what was on show here.

In the Classic fleet, Scotty Anderson AUS 31, and new class division Great Grand Master Champion, stole a couple of bullets from Landy whilst simultaneously keeping Landy's 20 year old son Andy AUS 300 and Junior Division Champion, at bay, but also fending off a strong challenge from Alberto Farnesi SWE 59. The home fleet of 7 boats saw 'A' Cat newby Hugh MacGregor GBR18, finished in an excellent 6thplace and he was using a repaired mast and borrowed sail! The total fleet was 24 boats in the division, which is slightly disappointing when you conceder how many other Classics are sailed on the near continent.

The 64 strong Open division was dominated by Mischa NED 007, in his trademark guns out, pedal to the metal sailing style. His boat handling, especially at the corners has to be seen to be believed and gains a worthy third World Title. In second, Dave Shaw NZL 270, sailed a superb series and snapping at Mischa's heels on several occasions with a number of very close finishes with Mischa, Tymuk Bendyk POL 15, who finished third overall and Maunel Calavia ESP 11, who seemed to have a bit of a nightmare in his last three races. Top home sailor was Tom Phipps GBR 22 who was happy with his 16thplace in this field.

What have we learned? In the Classics, the decksweeper sail design, not modified to suit a classic boat will give you more speed upwind and sail you higher. Trapezing downwind is a given as soon as it's possible. The Classics have trial rules in place as regards their foils etc., and we expect some interesting feedback from Paul Larsen, the new Technical Committee chairman on these.

On the Open, the latest foils look to be performing well, resulting in more stable flight and fewer violent landings. Rudder rake, and sometimes differential rudder rake is also a 'thing' now. Sails are as ever constantly evolving. The decksweeper has been here for a while now, but the head size is altering about although the Pin-Head looks to have come in more for now.

The class owes a huge vote of thanks to the Peter Allam, Sally Reynoldson and their staff and helpers at WPNSA. Peter said that this was a first for the Academy, and for Portland harbour in as much as, whilst they had many foiling boats at there, and held many events for Moths, WASZPs and such, the foiling 'A' Cats were another level altogether, and witnessing sixty high tech carbon machines crossing each other whilst doing 25 knots at the bottom mark was not only an eye opener, but a testament to the skill at which they are sailed. Many sailors now realize what can be achieved in a place as unique as this, and the sailing was second to none.

Struan Wallace and the other BACCA organisers struggled to get much sponsorship for this event, especially from UK companies. Maybe it's the current interesting UK situation keeping packets zipped. However, massive thanks to those who did support us - Forward WIP, who protected many sailors from injuring themselves on these beasts. Ronstan for providing their great Clearstart sailing watches to the winners, and shirts for all. North Sails for their cool shirts and prizes. Cuicui wines, for lubricating everyone. Brittany Ferries for their sailor discount travel. Noble Marine, who jumped in at the last minute, basically saving many by providing cover for overseas sailors. And to DNA and Exploder for their Media Rib support without whom you'd get no video, no photos and your sponsors would not get the crucial exposure they paid for in the first place.

See you all, first in Cadiz next June for the Euros, and then in is the good Ol' USA at St Petersberg FL for the 2020 Worlds in the October. Loving your work people!

Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmAge GroupR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
Classic Fleet
1AUS308Andrew LandenbergerMasters Champion4‑1821‑5111111114
2AUS31Scott AndersonGreat Grand Masters‑61‑761232223426
3AUS300Andy LandenbergerJunior Champion32‑622555(DNF [25])32231
4SWE59Alberto FarnesiGreat Grand Masters5‑61333‑63365537
5ESP5Enrique CornejoGrand Masters‑1451112642(DNF [25])444355
6GBR18Hugh Macgregor 174448‑976(RET [25])7856
7ESP7Michael ToddGreat Grand Masters2‑14‑151010644556658
8SUI56Bruno BiedermannGreat Grand Masters7‑1135117767(RET [25])8768
9AUS9John DowlingGreat Grand Masters99898‑13101110911(RET [25])94
10AUS27William MichieGreat Grand Masters12‑19168‑2010121088109103
11GBR72Owen CoxMasters Champion15(UFD [25])‑171391289127910104
12FRA483Antoine Riet 81212‑1714111189(RET [25])1211108
13ESP29Francisco Javier Acosta MedinaMasters Champion11314‑16791616111013‑17110
14AUS992Mark CapelGreat Grand Masters‑204101412171512131115‑18123
15SUI310Valente JacquesGreat Grand Masters178511131613(RET [25])(DNC [25])DNC [25]1412134
16GBR1963Peter BoxerGreat Grand Masters1015‑19151719171514(RET [25])1615153
17GBR2Colin BannisterGreat Grand Masters1820‑2220‑2115201817121713170
18BEL17Astrid Janssens SCP5% [14]SCP5% [14]SCP5% [19]SCP5% [19]SCP5% [19](SCP5% [25])(SCP5% [23])SCP5% [20]SCP5% [17]SCP5% [16]1816172
19ITA99Marco GaetiGrand Masters21179716SCP5% [19]SCP10% [21]14(RET [25])(DNF [25])DNC [25]DNC [25]174
20ESP129Javier Acosta MoralesJunior Champion161013(RET [25])(DNC [25])2019171514RET [25]DNF [25]174
21ESP42Mariano MartinezGreat Grand Masters(RET [25])16201915141413(DNF [25])13DNF [25]DNC [25]174
22GBR30Daniel Brzezinski 23212121192121(DNC [25])(DNC [25])DNC [25]1914205
23GBR77Francis MarshallGrand Masters192324222323(DNF [25])20(RET [25])DNC [25]RET [25]DNC [25]229
24GBR14Anthony WykesGreat Grand Masters22222323222223(RET [25])(DNC [25])DNC [25]RET [25]DNC [25]232
Foiling Fleet
1NED7Mischa HeemskerkMasters Champion‑612112111111‑312
2NZL270Dave Shaw ‑213‑10107522224441
3POL15Tymoteusz Bendyk 17‑162‑17765733243
4ESP11Manuel Calavia ‑27133‑142463713749
5POL41Jakub Surowiec ‑11827(UFD [65])673655655
6USA311Bruce Mahoney ‑384943108(UFD [65])109201087
7POL17Maciej Zarnowski ‑3212129‑209594891289
8AUS1035James Wierzbowski 461113513(SCP [29])12‑16138893
9FRA2Emmanuel Dodé ‑28155‑262281071746599
10NZL555Phil Robertson 25(DSQ [65])232510434(RET [65])621103
11POL1Jacek NoetzelGrand Masters9‑17812‑251213813121415116
12SUI87Nils Palmieri 21424‑361‑3219201511159130
13FRA207Benoit Marie (SCP [54])54158221414915(DNC [65])24130
14SUI1Sandro Caviezel 1618138‑26111510‑20201111133
15ESP19Juan Luis PaezMasters Champion3‑3015182314181151023‑28140
16GBR22Tom Phipps 1221(DNC [65])14615‑301712191214142
17NED28Pieterjan DwarshuisGrand Masters‑35161817‑2918111614172621174
18AUS51Paul LarsenMasters Champion532‑412231(RET [65])261511161013181
19ITA3Paolo PencoGreat Grand Masters2213620111917211934(DNC [65])(DNC [65])182
20NED207Thijs Visser Visser 1022173813RDGb [20]RDGb [20]RDGb [20]814(RET [65])(DNC [65])182
21ESP93Rafa Gomez ‑4392019‑4721221826351622208
22ESP75Toni BallesterMasters Champion3020‑3523‑4925211318241817209
23POL111Michal Korneszczuk 6‑3627211824‑291922252426212
24NED95Roeland WentholtGreat Grand Masters1725‑396(UFD [65])16163121213030213
25GBR57Adam May ‑5723222428‑3120243128716223
26ESP74Abdon IbanezGreat Grand Masters192929RDGaR1235 [29]‑392012‑3223182123223
27POL7Marcin Kaminski ‑3328‑36302423232224231718232
28GER6Rainer BohrerMasters Champion824141616‑3635‑3935332732240
29AUT96Michael Mödlhammer 18272611213424282929(DNC [65])(DNC [65])247
30POL101Andrzej SenkusJunior Champion232625‑352733‑34RDG [23]33222220254
31SUI7Maeder RobinJunior Champion7‑371931152936353030(RET [65])27259
32ESP16Marc VerdaguerMasters Champion14332134304031252732(DNC [65])(DNC [65])287
33GBR599Oscar Lindley‑SmithJunior Champion15382829‑423032423226(RET [65])25297
34DEN77Tom BøjlandGreat Grand Masters‑3631‑44273627282734312531297
35CZE1Vladislav PtasnikGrand Masters‑56404541‑5128252928271919301
36AUS4Steven Brewin 13107543(DNF [65])(DNC [65])DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]302
37DEN20Peter BoldsenGrand Masters2934313312‑38‑413438372829305
38GER85Guido SchulteMasters Champion31353340333737383938(RET [65])(DNF [65])361
39GER40Manfred SyrowyGreat Grand Masters42‑45‑464332353830373933RDGb [38.2]367.2
40AUS63Mark GriffithGrand Masters26513232(RET [65])26272325(DNF [65])RET [65]DNC [65]372
41POL3Jaroslaw BetkowskiGreat Grand Masters44‑4843423544393740(RET [65])2933386
42ITA72Giuseppe ColomboMasters Champion471930374848333336(RET [65])(DNC [65])DNC [65]396
43GER15Katrin BrunnerGreat Grand Masters20‑5549509504951‑52463838400
44NED44Wiro ZijlmansGrand Masters40394239‑52395136433637(RET [65])402
45SUI65Charles BuecheGrand Masters414447‑4843414040414032(RET [65])409
46NED111David van AartMasters Champion‑52‑4737444047444542413534409
47SUI17Dominik PeikertGrand Masters(DNC [65])42484719(DNF [65])474649473437416
48GER75Joern KnopGrand Masters5049‑53‑544645434344423935436
49ESP48Oscar QuiranteGrand Masters37525045504642414550(DNC [65])(DNC [65])458
50SUI33Heiko MaierMasters Champion39414046445148485348(DNC [65])(DNC [65])458
51POL197Maciej TrochaJunior Champion51‑5955(DNF [65])5943454747433636462
52BEL32Gagliani OlivierGreat Grand Masters45‑5751‑553754554954524139477
53AUS100Simon NelsonGreat Grand Masters4611342838(DNF [65])(DNC [65])DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]482
54ITA7Stefano SirriGrand Masters545458535349(RET [65])44484440(DNC [65])497
55SUI88Yves ThelininckGrand Masters595860(DNF [65])55535352464531(RET [65])512
56GBR21Richard HargreavesGreat Grand Masters5346384934(DNF [65])5053(DNC [65])DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]518
57BEL19Wim Deca 4853565141(DNF [65])(DNC [65])DNC [65]514942UFD [65]521
58SUI61Jean‑Yves DelaiteGrand MastersSCP [44]56595254(DNC [65])(DNF [65])DNC [65]505143RET [65]539
59GBR111Mike BawdenGreat Grand Masters495052565717(DNC [65])(DNC [65])RET [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]541
60AUS1067Joseph Randall (DNC [65])43(DNS [65])57RET [65]4246DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNF [65]40553
61DEN19Felix JacobsenJunior Champion(SCP [65])(DNF [65])545845DNF [65]5250DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]584
62SUI60Delaite FrancoisGreat Grand Masters586057(DNF [65])56525454(DNC [65])DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]586
63GBR25Sam Heaton 60(DNF [65])61(DNF [65])5855DNF [65]DNF [65]5553RET [65]DNF [65]602
64SUI9Daniel Caviezel (DNC [65])(DNC [65])DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]DNC [65]650

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