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RS Tera World Challenge Trophy at Ljungskile, Sweden - Overall

by Lee Timothy 9 Aug 2019 22:33 PDT 4-9 August 2019

Light airs, who cares! The RS Tera fleet rise to the challenge of calm conditions in grand finale!

Over 80 RS Tera sailors battled through 2 races in challengingly light conditions on the final day of the RS Tera Worlds in Ljungskile, Sweden.

A day where all weather forecasts agreed, the final day of the RS Tera worlds was definitely going to be one for the light air tacticians amongst the two fleets. The most optimistic of forecasts suggested a treacherous 8 knots of wind, leaving sailors to plan their day, yet again, around the low breeze and shifty conditions. RS Tera Class Coach Ellen Morley commented how proud she was of her sailors improving all week and adapting to the shifty conditions. Two races were hosted for each fleet on a day that saw the breeze struggle get close to 7 knots all afternoon.

The sport fleet were the first to get away for their 9th race of the regatta. They did so at the first time of asking, thanks to sailors and the wind cooperating with the race committee. Sent to the outer loop course the pack was well spread by the windward mark due to some picking their way through the shifts better than others.

In the Pro fleet GBR sailor Peter Cope took an early advantage, creeping ahead of the chasing pack with an excellent start and foresight, finding a great lane through the patchy beat. This was enough for Peter to claim his second win of the regatta as the Pro fleet course was shortened to finish at the leeward gate. An exciting finish decided some of the remaining top 10 places with a stampede of Pro’s crossing the line in what seemed like a simultaneous fashion, a tough decision for the race committee.

Freddie Sunderland took the win in the Sport fleet in the final race of the regatta securing his spot in 6th place in the overall standings.

Continuing the fantastically sporting atmosphere of the event, it was brilliant to see local sailor Tage Barne comforting his friend and fellow sailor Felix Stewart (GBR). Felix had led the Sport fleet the entire week but unfortunately lost out to Jac Bailey in the final race after a second yellow flag of the regatta forced him to retire. Felix finished the week in 5th place overall, a hugely excellent achievement for the 12 year old. A very tough experience for the young sailor, who I’m sure will bounce back with twice the strength heading on to South Africa next year. Good luck to Felix and all the other aspiring World Championship winners in their training for next year.

Alice Davis, dominated the Pro fleet and made a champions return to the shore as sailors from the class lifted her and her boat out of the water and carried her across the dinghy park to her trolley (Where Alice and her RS Tera landed safely).

The prizegiving and presentation later commenced, starting with the Pro class. With Alice Davis collecting the top prizes for first girl and first overall. In the Sport Class, Jac Bailey collected the winners trophy with Tilda Brayshay winning the top girl prize.

Class President Helene Barne, also took a moment extend a heartfelt thanks to Class Secretary Emma Hawley for her wonderful work supporting the RS Tera International Class Association for the last three years.

On behalf of all the sailors, a huge thank you to the sponsors and Ljungskile Sailing Club for hosting an incredible regatta. Now, with the 2019 RS Tera World Challenge Trophy now at a close, attention has already begun turning to next year’s RS Tera World Championships at Pine Lake Marine, South Africa, 4th-9th April, 2020.

Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
Sport Fleet
1stGBR2156Jac BaileyPort Dinorwic Sailing Club122‑1181161‑1722
2ndGBR3159William BaileyYorkshire Dale SC4‑12881410‑176445
3rdGBR2603Matthew RaynerYorkshire Dales Sailing Club(OCS)835125575‑1350
4thGBR3885Josh StokesHayling Island SC5117‑1268‑12119259
5thGBR2969Felix StewartWindermere School2(OCS)143221(RET)4762
6thGBR3575Freddie SunderlandOlton Mere Sailing Club(OCS)(OCS)10115143318165
7thSUI3820Oliver ThompsonHayling Island Sailing Club33‑52‑534DNE3374
8thRSA3888ROUX‑CHRISTOPHER LE ROUXZululand Yacht Club8(OCS)96718(BFD)812674
9thGBR2611Freddie MacLavertyLlandudno656‑231416(BFD)981175
10thGBR3222Zak Sanderson DaviesWindermere School77DNE399(BFD)‑212595
11thGBR3091Toby SmithRutland Sailing Club2111219211(BFD)22‑23896
12thGBR3897Tilda BrayshayYorkshire Dales SC / Ripon SC144159137‑27‑311723102
13thGBR3876Archie DunnIsle of Man Yacht Club34194(DNS)(DNS)1362217106
14thDEN2054Martin Lerke JakobsenVallensbfk Sejlklub1616‑21711177‑282012106
15thGBR2623Max TaitRoyal Lymington yacht Club22‑242416420111015‑27122
16thRSA3892Hanna Maria SasmanImperial Yacht Club(DNF)2723131910(BFD)201410136
17thSWE3594Thea EnanderLjungskile Segelsällskap3015131029248‑3511‑31140
18thLTU2853Evelina JokubauskaiteNBA‑Poseidonas ESSC99(BFD)1521‑3214292521143
19thGBR3606Finley SouthonBough Beech Sailing Club191419‑282819‑32121616143
20thGBR3886Ben StokesHayling Island SC111028‑3126629529‑36144
21stGBR1922Fflur PiercePort Dinorwic/Rydal Penrhos1325(BFD)141022(BFD)42829145
22ndSWE3595Sigrid BeckmanLerums Segelssällskap10‑342021231528274‑41148
23rdGBR3585Toby FieldEmsworth Sailing Club241718‑25‑272515142214149
24thGBR3423Josh John‑RingeExe Sailing club17(OCS)11203123(BFD)151033160
25thMLT3872Vanja Ramm‑EricsonRoyal Malta Yacht Club12201418DNE129‑34‑2625163
26thLTU3Aukse RudzikaiteNBA‑Poseidonas ESSC(OCS)616243034(BFD)18279164
27thSWE3593Vilgot HjortLjungskile segelsällskap23(OCS)292224‑331813728164
28thGBR2652Joseph HendersonWelsh Harp Sailing Club2713171720272024‑35‑30165
29thDEN3754Emil Boie JensenSejlklubben Köge Bugt – Denmark(RET)26222918281325‑3222183
30thSWE3214Samuel LindevallGefle Segelsällskap182325‑372529191630‑32185
31stDEN2745Mads Kjeldgaard LoberSejlklubben Köge Bugt/YF263327‑3522‑4121321319193
32ndDEN2254Laura ThoudahlEspergärde Sejlklub29213627‑37‑3917231926198
33rdGBR3253Toby PearsonRoyal Hospital School2018‑34331631303033‑44211
34thDEN3836Andreas Bjerre PedersenGrenaa sejlklub1529263417352333(DNF)‑39212
35thSWE3479Philip MathiesenLjungskile Segelsällskap35(DNS)(DNS)32453016393124252
36thLTU435Vilius RaciunasNBA‑Poseidonas ESSC3322313640‑4440‑443918259
37thDEN3753Katrine Milton SmithYachtklubben Furesxen363233‑4842‑4733383415263
38thGBR3873Leo RiversGuernsey Yacht Club(DSQ)37324238263119(DNF)38263
39thDEN1488Viktor Thule KristensenSejlklubben Köge Bugt(RET)2838403221244045‑50268
40thGBR490Theo SmithRutland Sailing Club25353538363734(DNF)38‑40278
41stSWE3459Oskar AnderssonLjungskile Segelsällskap3143‑4526(BFD)4026434034283
42ndGBR3263Harriet WadeNorthampton Sailing Club283140‑473338354236‑45283
43rdSWE3458Ida HolmLjungskile Segelsällskap32304141‑44‑4925374335284
44thGBR3579William Sears‑MussardChristcurch Sailing Club(DSQ)(DNS)DNS46395037262420295
45thGBR2175Orla BarracloughYorkshire Dales SC(RET)383039433638(RET)3749310
46thGBR3879Amelie HardingIsle of Man Yacht Club(RET)444443‑474236364446335
47thUKR3006Tetiana FedorenkoEnergetik Vyshgorod Ukraine.(RET)4039443443(BFD)DNF4737337
48thGBR2385Harry LawRoyal Hospital School(DSQ)3937(DNF)414539414651339
49thUKR786Pavlo ZinchenkoEnergetik Vyshgorod Ukraine.(RET)364230(DNS)BFDBFDDNS4142350
50thUKR2648Taras ChepurnyiEnergetik Vyshgorod Ukraine.(RET)414645354641(DNS)RETDNF360
51stUKR1657Yevhenii TkhorykEnergetik Vyshgorod Ukraine.(RET)(DNF)4750484822DNF4848364
52ndGBR415Sophie PearsonRoyal Harwich(DSQ)4243494651(DNS)DNS4243369
Pro Fleet
1stGBR798Alice DavisGreat Moor SC11211112‑4‑1227
2ndGBR3882Peter CopeIsle of Man Yacht Club‑633323215137
3rdGBR2505Max SteeleWelsh Harp and Skz Sopot525252(DSQ)‑123477
4thGBR3877Teddy DunnIsle of Man Yacht Club‑18615‑1541331378
5thGBR2602Oliver RaynerYorkshire Dales Sailing Club458967‑2110(BFD)5122
6thGBR3262Imogen WadeNorthampton Sailing Club79778‑1612116‑24113
7thSWE3592Hanna WallströmLjungskile Segelsdllskap‑14713104125‑141110104
8thDEN1111Jeppe KratSejlklubben Köge Bugt1710‑1963899108121
9thSWE3591Tage BarneLjungskile Segelsällskap8‑1814476‑1613811115
10thSWE3590Aron WärnbergLjungskile Segelsällskap‑25‑201615165115126136
11thGBR560Ffion BaileyPort Dinorwic Sailing Club3‑221118201476152142
12thGBR3257Esme BarracloughYorkshire Dales SC10174‑199‑2015171313148
13thDEN1487Viktor Boie JensenSKB – Denmark161210‑2424111418(BFD)7172
14thGBR1851Zoe Sanderson DaviesWindermere School131418121323‑277214171
15thDEN2097Nils ChristensenFrederikshavn Sejlklub919128111019‑261617170
16thSWE3456Ida Santonen ÖjerskogLjungskile Segelsällskap‑2213‑201319156161415165
17thRSA3880Ashley LaylandGLYC/Skipper Foundation118‑2914121810‑252021189
18thGBR2125Rebecca KnockPort Dinorwic Sailing Club24‑2322239(BFD)192218193
19thROU81Noel Matei VoinescuClubul Sportiv Stiinta Constanta15‑259‑2314222041820184
20thGBR2402Jacob KnockPort Dinorwic Sailing Club2111‑251721172224‑309204
21stGBR3895Georgie HardingIsle of Man Yacht Club‑3221222627‑29188722228
22ndRSA3889Ruzaide KannemeyerSkipper Foundation27‑3015111813(BFD)152723238
23rdDEN2010Kristian Frank WinkelBrondby Strands Sejlklub12156311721(BFD)271928244
24thSWE3644Alexandra MöllerStenungsunds Segelsällskap31291721102442321(DNS)248
25thGBR1452Leah MurphyPort Dinorwic Sailing Club28‑333029‑31198202916269
26thSWE3643Simon HansenSeglarsällskapet Viken‑Ägir‑33162827‑333217222327273
27thRSA3878Jowayden JacobusSkipper Foundation19‑32312825‑332631926278
28thDEN1179Haakon CarstensFrederikshavn sejlklub292624202827328‑31‑30275
29thSWE3430Agnes KarlssonLjungskile Segelsällskap2424271626‑3028292519278
30thGBR3578Toby McFarlaneRickmansworth Sailing Club2327262522‑3124301725284
31stDEN3764Anton BoaSejlklubben Köge Bugt202321‑323028(BFD)322429300
32ndUSA3881Eoghan GlosterSanta Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation /30‑31‑3330292623212831302
33rdSWE3481Hanna Lindsta GersérLjungskile Segelsällskap262832‑333225253326(DNF)313

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