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Hall Spars open new composite batten facility in Europe

by HCB Media 30 Jul 2019 18:16 PDT 31 July 2019
HCB are made in four countries and two hemispheres © Richard Gladwell

Hall Composite Battens (HCB) have expanded their sail batten production capacity with the opening of a new production facility in Valencia, Spain.

Sailmakers and boat owners across the globe will now be able to order HCB's high-tech sail battens conveniently, from the heart of Europe. HCB has announced a two-fold increase in its production capacity with the opening of a new state of the art manufacturing and service centre in Valencia.

HCB Battens are a range of high-tech carbon fibre battens from Hall Spars, which make use of Hall Spars' technology and engineering capabilities developed for mast building and adapted for batten production.

HCB will double its production capacity with this strategic shift to Europe. This move will ensure notable improvements leading to reduced turn around time and freight costs while at the same time allowing HCB the ability to provide a significantly more responsive service to clients.

HCB will continue to offer customers high quality, reliably crafted products, whilst further adding value to the efficiency and logistical demands of sail makers. At the same time, HCB will also continue their close collaboration with a number of the America's Cup teams with production also continuing in New Zealand.

"It has been a very busy year to date", says Hall Spars NZ General Manager, Dave Ridley. "We have been supplying sail makers all over the world with our high-tech products and have met some very tight deadlines, assisting with some great results of our valued customers. We are excited to expand our team and capabilities with the opening of our new production operation in Europe."

"As an organisation we focus heavily on the importance of our current and growing sail making clients, while continuing to facilitate the ease of access to our high quality sail battens. This is a further step in our commitment to better serve our clients," Tim Hall, Components Business Leader added.

For all batten orders and enquires please contact the team at:

With almost four decades of experience, Hall Spars is a pioneer in the field of composite spars. The acquisition by North Technology Group in 2017 has seen the growth of operations now extend to four locations across the globe, with centres in the Netherlands, USA, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Hall Spars now has additional resources and expertise, with the backing of a company renowned for its continuous investment in marine and manufacturing markets worldwide.

Hall Spars New Zealand expanded its range of high-tech carbon fibre sail battens in 2013 lead by Dave Ridley. After years of development and testing the product is now exported globally and has seen widespread success at all levels across the yachting industry ranging from grand prix racing yachts and superyachts down to day cruisers.


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