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RC Laser National and Northern District TT at Fleetwood Model Boat Club

by Tony Wilson 26 Jul 2019 12:38 PDT
RC Laser racing in the Northern District series from Fleetwood © Tony Wilson

With just a couple of dates left on the calendar, a few guys were still out there to better their scores in the Open series. Tony had been perched nicely at the top of the charts for a short while and ready to be toppled by ones like John S having been away and still needed a third score or maybe even Hugo that still needed an away goal. The game is you can have as many goes as you like but one race day needs to be away from your home club.

The forecast was looking really good with favourable winds and highly unlikely that we would be using the big rig. So once the standard B sail was put on we weren't going back, as the wind from the west could only increase.

A little low on numbers for a big outing, but with ten skippers there was still going to be some good racing and the course was set and agreed upon. From the central area of the lake a short beat to the bottom, followed by a long run and another short beat back to the centre to finish. Trevor's idea was to get a couple of quick races in the bag, just in case the weather did change for the worse and it always gets us off to a good start.

The races were looking a little short and bunching up at the first windward mark needed a little sorting, so after four races an extra lap was added and we also had the luxury of a gate at the club end of the lake that was being tactically used in both directions.

Jim and Tony were having baggy B rig blues and looking for a donor sail from one of Trevor's spare boats. Peter also came to the rescue, but was it also a radio problem for Jim as either of them hadn't been having a good morning.

An early lunch and a couple of breakdowns called for a course change in the afternoon session.

The wind had swung a touch to the fatal southerly direction. A zigzag course with a sausage for the second lap starting closer to the clubhouse but finishing further up, so now you had a couple of port and starboard roundings in the mix.

John continued to dominate and whoever if you could read the shifts would gain a good advantage. At the near bank transmitter sticks were being used like knitting needles for some as you just had to guess which way the wind was coming from and boat speed was always essential in to keeping that rudder working.

John S was doing very well apart from race seven where by Mr and Mrs Sharman were having dancing lessons down by the bottom buoy apart from this Tango, the 'Sharmanator' went on to win.

Bob had radio issues so hadn't really had a good day, but generally most of the guys had improved their standing in the top ten charts and had nudged up a little. There is still one or maybe even two events left on the schedule and still everything to play for, although time looks to be running out.


1 John Sharman 12 pts
2 Eric Austwick 33 pts
3 Peter Iles 36 pts

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