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B&G are proud to support the Zer0Emissions project - the race against sea pollution

by Gemma Davies 16 Jul 2019 09:00 PDT
B&G are proud to support the Zer0Emissions project - the race against sea pollution © Pepe Korteniemi

B&G, the world's leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist are pleased to announce their support of the Zer°emission project. Headed up by Samuli Leisti, the goal of the project is to raise awareness of sea pollution by participating in significant sail racing events during 2019-2020 with a modern TP52-class race boat.

In 2019, the team will participate in the biggest offshore regattas in the Baltic Sea and in 2020 they will race in the Mediterranean, finishing the year in the legendary Sydney - Hobart race. "We are super happy to pull this project together. Hard work, but now everything is ready both for the race results and the race against sea pollution," says project leader Samuli Leisti.

Due to the demanding race calendar that the boat will endure, it was clear to the Zer°emission project team that the electronics on board were going to play an important part in their journey - so finding the right partner was crucial. They met with the B&G team to get advice on what they might need to give them a comprehensive system that was 100% reliable. Impressed the vast display of sailing specific products that B&G had to offer, they were confident that B&G could provide the right system for their project. Offering a system that was not only reliable, but would give them confidence to succeed in each race.

Their TP52 - class race boat has been fitted with a full B&G H5000 instrument and autopilot system, combining unique sailing features with race-proven technology. The bonded glass H5000 Race Display features a large, clear custom display, delivering essential race data at a glance. The 3D Motion correction takes data from multiple sensors including high-specification rate-gyros to correct for induced wind, providing the best wind solution available in an instrument system. "We value the companionship hugely, knowing that good data will be one of the key issues to success in the races. It is very interesting to get proper readings on the wind and the weather. The changes in the climate are one way sailors are experiencing the troubles our home planet is in, not only are the waters affected, but the air as well. The changes in the wind and the weather are something we are going to start monitoring with our B&G devices," said Samuli.

B&G are extremely proud to be supporting the Zer°emission team and are very much aligned with the projects aims and values. "B&G is committed to working in a socially responsible manner, protecting the environment and operating sustainably. We strive to use our business model as a platform from which to inspire others and deliver actions that positively impact the environment," said Alan Davis EVP Recreation Marine at B&G.

The Zer°emission team have already completed two races, firstly the 155 miles Espoo-Suursaari race in which they came a very close second at only 500m before the finish line against a SeaCart 30 trimaran. The team also attended the Baltic Offshore Week regatta where they took part in multiple races and organized an ocean clean-up, where marina was cleared of floating garbage. We are looking forward to following the team during the rest of their races in their quest for cleaner seas.

For more details on the H5000 system and the full B&G range please visit the website

For further details on the Zero Emissions project please visit:

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