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Launch of the X4°

by X-Yachts 7 Jul 2019 10:27 PDT

On the 20th of June, X-Yachts launched the smallest member of the Pure X Range, the X4°.

Back in January the 21st, the new model was presented for the first time to journalists and potential clients at the largest boat show in the world, the Boot in Düsseldorf. Since then, X-Yachts has sold 14 boats of this model, all in all more than suggesting that X-Yachts has achieved global recognition for the quality and performance of the yachts designed and produced by the Danish yard.

At a very early stage of the developing process, it was implemented in the project plan of NO 1 to dedicate the first couple of weeks to test sails with design and production crew; These first couple of weeks have been very rewarding for the X-Yachts crew - in the pleasant company of the X40 NO 1.

Sailing performance of the X40 after first test sails

Checking a brand-new boat's sailing performance, requires going through a long list of check points; The newly appointed Director of Design & Engineering, Thomas Mielec, contributes with the following comments:

"Among other things trim, rig and engineering of the mast are important points; In the gusty breeze on the second test day, we saw need of further tension on the rigging of the otherwise nicely standing Axxon carbon mast. This will be addressed on the coming sea trials this week.

The boat seemed perfectly balanced with a nice feel to the helm with adequate weather helm going up wind both in light winds and in a gusty breeze.

The steering system seemed highly responsive in all conditions and left us feeling really well in control even when going under the gennaker on a very tight reach in 22+ kts of wind in gusty conditions. It took a lot of effort and mis-trimming and bad steering to actually make the rudder stall, and even then, it gave us good warning before losing the grip.

A thorough inspection of all structural parts affected of forces from mast and rigging was commenced in 24+ knots of wind on the beat. It left us with the impression of a very stiff and sturdy construction, performing just the way we want it to.

We have experienced a very smooth and silent running engine of the well preforming brand Yanmar. Yanmar later on assisted us on minor tweaking of propeller dimension in order to achieve the perfect match of engine, boat and propeller.

As regards deck layout ergonomics and geometry, a lot of notes where taken, but in fact only smaller tweaks and changes are required.

The interior of the X40

The X40 will be offered in a 2-cabin layout in 2019, but from 2020 we will add a 3-cabin layout to the model configurations. The 2-cabin layout has a double cabin aft to port, and the 3-cabin layout will forego the aft sail locker and add a double cabin to starboard.

X-Yachts has worked on creating an interior which feels vast in spite of its' compact size. The interior comes standard in Nordic Oak veneers with teak laminate on floorboards. All veneers are hand selected by our specialists by of one of the most exclusive suppliers for the marine market for high quality yachts.


An X40 standard boat can be acquired at the sum of €257,500 (excl of VAT). Included in the price is a pack of X-Yachts' Qualities, valued at €48,700. X-Yachts are distributed in Australia by X-Yachts Australia Pty. For more visit and/ or email:

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