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2019 X-Yachts Gold Cup's Grand Finale

by X-Yachts Marketing 10 Jun 2019 21:41 PDT 7-9 June 2019
Final day - 2019 X-Yachts Gold Cup © Frederik Sivertsen

The X-Yachts sailors got superior sailing conditions on the final race day of the X-Yachts Gold Cup 2019. Shifty winds of 15-20 knots with sunny spells was the best possible way to close the ball on water - awaited by a prize giving party in the boat yard hall on shore in Haderslev in the evening.

The X-Yachts Gold Cup might be a friendly regatta, but when the sailors are on the race course the competitive spirit awakes within all, and focus sharpens. The Sports-class A and B sailed on a two laps windward/leeward course today and the Family-classes and over 50 ft-class were sailing a 9 nm long distance course around Bågø in Lillebælt.

Family racing is the true trophy

In the Family A-class the German X-332 Lotta owned by Martin Plaetzertook the win. German X-362 Solidix (Marc Schweers)and Danish X-40 Julie (Torben Kornum) share the second spot.

"For us this is a family race. The biggest trophy for me is to be a part of this event, and to be able to race together with family and friends. That makes me feel very privileged and proud. I have sailed the past 40 years of my life and this Gold Cup 2019 has truly been one of the highlights in my sailing career,"says Torben at the prize giving dinner.

Also in the Family B-class the Germans took the win. On first spot the X-412 Xola owned by Jan Guenther followed by the Dutch team on the Xc 45 Boruna (Ruud Van Kollenburg) and on third spot the Danish Xisse racing in their X-43 (Lars Netterstrøm).

The Xtravagant Over 50 ft-class

Birger Hansen co-founded X-Yachts 40 years ago and now here at the X-Yachts Gold Cup 2019 on home waters; he took the win in his Xc 50 called Xc-L in the Over 50 ft-class. "Our crew has sailed together for many Gold Cups in a row. We have many World Championship gold medals among in our crew, but it's the team work and our fast boat that does it all. And the fact that we are having a "hyggelig" time", says Birger after the racing today. German X-50 Bajazzo owned by Sven Zoller took the second place while Miguel A. Gonzalesand his team from Chile sailing in their X-55 took the third spot.

Sports classes impress

After a tactical demanding day on the water the winners of the Sports classes have been found. The Danish X-37 team on Ventoux owned by Niels Nørgaard Pedersenhad a good day and can call themselves winners in the Sports Class A. On the second spot the X-362 Exocolist also from Denmark (Thomas Taatø) "First of all our 15 years old boat really sails well in these windy conditions. Second, the teamwork with our young energetic crew was a great strength for us," says Thomas. Third position went to the Germans on Quattro sailing the X-332 (Klaus-Peter Boock).

Sports Class B was won by German Sportsfreund sailing in the X-41, owned by Axel Seehafer:"We recently upgraded to a 40 feet X'er and this is our second regatta, so I am so happy with the boat's performance. It's great being here at this celebration. It makes me so proud to have a boat from this boat yard making these sailing boats that deliver great sporting and cruising experience. Makes me feel like I am part of something special."Danish Stony 7 racing in the Xp 44 (Steen Toftebjerg) took the second place followed by the Germans sailing in the X-41 Sydbank (Torsten Bastiansen).

X-Yachts made a ball on home waters

X-Yachts celebrating 40thanniversary in 2019 are excited to have a lot of sailors from all over the World in Haderslev to mark this celebration. "Having so many sailors from all over the World gathered at our yard here in Haderslev makes me really proud. I realize that what my brother Lars Jeppesen, Birger Hansen and I started 40 years ago has made a difference for these sailors and that makes me very happy. I am thankful that everyone came here to Denmark to celebrate our anniversary with us on water and on shore," says Niels Jeppesen, co-founder and owner of X-Yachts.

Watch video highlights from Day 3

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