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The Netherlands RS Aero Year Ranking 2018

by Gerard Vos 5 Dec 2018 01:36 PST
Gerard Vos - Netherlands RS Aero Year Ranking 2018 © RS Aero NL

2018 saw a wonderful increase in RS Aero activity in Holland. After reading Tillerman's Aerobian blog I was inspired to calculate a series result for the regatta's the Dutch RS Aero class sailed in 2018. The situation in the Netherlands is quite the same as New England, USA: a series of nine regattas on a calendar without prior thinking about a year ranking or overall series result. So yet another black hole to fill! Here is my take on the 2018 RS Aero series in the Netherlands.

First some statistics:

Two regattas (Giesbeek and Open Dutch Skiff Trophy) saw only 1 RS Aero at the start line: me. I choose not to calculate a bullet for me and a DNS for everybody else. The Boterletter regatta had no entries.

The six other regattas had 23 different sailors, both from The Netherlands and Germany. No sailor sailed all 6. Karlijn, Jan, Maarten and me sailed 5. Because I am ending up #1 in that overall ranking I need to be transparent in the applied calculation rules:

  • The events that count for the overall ranking were published in the NL Aero class calendar. So the Rhederlaag Regatta (3 Aero's) do not count.
  • Only regatta's with an Aero class result count (Mixed handicap classes with other boat classes do not);
  • The final DNS for not starting a regatta is total unique competitors + 1 (DNS points will probably change after each regatta). In 2018 we had 23 sailors, so; DNS = 24 points.
  • The RS Aero World Champs do not count;
  • There is 1 discard;

The 6 Regattas:

  1. Haltern
  2. Braassem Summer Regatta
  3. Vinkeveen 1
  4. Westeinder
  5. Bruinisse
  6. Vinkeveen 2

Overall Results:

1Gerard Vos3821‑24317
2Karlijn vd Boogaard13‑24121219
3Jan van den Brink‑2444531329
4Maarten Oeldering113592‑2430
5Rob Jesserun‑24762481257
6Floris Stapel‑241243241062
7Tine Karlson (NOR)‑242431024465
8Arwin Bos‑24242485566
9Marcus Walther (GER)1‑24242424174
10Christian Lemmer (GER)14‑2424624876
11Doutse Daan‑242472442483
12Thomas Benneker (GER)5‑24242424683
13Stephan Moller (GER)8‑24244242484
14Joern Domres (GER)9‑242424241697
15Martijn Jesserun‑2422424242498
16Koen Ruiter‑24524242424101
17=Peter Haupt (GER)‑24624242424102
17=Sam Blijenberg‑24242424624102
19=Sander de Jong‑24242424724103
19=Phillip Nann (GER)‑24242424247103
21Jannis Meyer (GER)‑24242424249105
22Bert Heijnen‑242424242414110
23Mark den Heijer‑242424242415111

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