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Sportsfisherman explains Sea Hawk XL Dual Colour LED Floodlights use

by Duncan Stirling 6 Jan 2018 18:47 PST 7 January 2018
Sea Hawk-470 LED range now offers a red light bar along with white and blue for the best fishing lighting combinations © Hella Marine

Professional sports fisherman, commercial operators, and ocean racers all recognise the ‘non-glare' night vision preservation advantages of red lighting.

In the video below Railed Sportsfishing's Josh Western, a professional sports fisherman and charterboat operator explains the how to set your boat up for effective and efficient lighting using the versatile Hella Sea Hawk-XL range.

Two rows of bright white light is ideal when working, docking or landing the big one while the third row of secondary colour adds versatility. Red is perfect for preserving your night vision, blue is popular when added bling or a point of difference is needed, while warm white creates added comfort when you want to relax or match the rest of your interior lighting.

The new Sea Hawk-XL continues using the latest Hi-Tech materials. A heavy duty Grilamid lens provides exceptional impact resistance. The unique ceramic thermal polymer housing distributes heat away from internal components and avoids potential corrosion issues associated with metal housings.

MultivoltTM circuitry provides constant illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations. Sea Hawk-XL lamps are prewired with three core marine cable and completely sealed for reliable operation in exterior applications.

Hella marine Sea Hawk lamps offer class-leading energy efficiency, unmatched durability and are supported with a 5-year warranty for a total ‘fit and forget’ solution and complete peace of mind.

[The Dual Colour LED Floodlights are from the Sea Hawk-XL range. The Sea Hawk-XL Dual colour lamps are smaller and have options of White/Blue, White/Red or White/Warm White which is the point of difference between the Sea Hawk-XL Dual Colour range and the Sea Hawk-470 LED Light Bars which are longer and only have one colour but multiple lens options to create different beam patterns eg Spot, Spread, Flood and Combination.]

For more information on the Hella Sea Hawk-XL range and adding the no-glare option click here

Hella Sea Hawk-XL range is available at all leading marine retailers.

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