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SW newsletters (top) Newsletter: New boats plus international industry news

by Peter Rendle, 15 Jul 2018 15:45 PDT
IBEX Expands International Programs © IBEX

New boats this week - power and sail - plus international news that affects the global industry

Whilst the MarineBusinessWorld news is centred around the Australian industry, we know that activity in other countries affects business in this country. So we have introduced some of the major items from other industry news which we hope you find of interest. For example, the 28th International BoatBuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), held October 2nd through 4th at the Tampa, Florida, Convention Centre will include expanded programs for international visitors. Scheduled programs will include networking and educational opportunities developed to attract attendees and exhibitors from countries other than the United States.

Along the same theme Brittany, France, will host the next Yacht Racing Forum, a world congress for the business and industry of sailing and yacht racing. The appointment is given to professionals, October 22 and 23, 2018 in Lorient. Bringing together more than 300 international decision-makers (organisers of world events, professional sailors, sponsors, technical suppliers, sailing clubs, boat builders, technology companies) the Yacht Racing Forum is the major international professional event for developing the business of yacht racing.

More on the sailing scene we include an interview with Ray Entwistle, the importer of J-Boats in Australia to find out more about the hugely popular J70 and to find out why the class has taken off and what it offers.

Also the importers of the FarEast range celebrate the success of introducing the FarEast 28R to one of Australia's leading clubs, the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, for their exciting new sailing program.

From France, the announcement of the Sun Odyssey 410, the iconic line of sailing yachts by Jeanneau, continues to evolve. Now in its eighth generation, over 17,000 yachts have been sold since the creation of the range and they can be found on waters all over the world.

In the powerboat market John Curnow takes a look at the building of the Riviera 72. Almost twelve months ago he was on the very first Riviera 68 Sports Motor Yacht. It was a spin up the coast from Sydney Harbour to Broken Bay that was totally delightful. So you might then ask that seeing as you have already reviewed it, why you would come back to do it all again with the 68's bigger sister, the 72? John also reports on the Riviera 395 SUV and notes that it's been a while since Riviera had a product offering that was less than 40 feet. So when you choose to re-enter that space, which is now even more crowded with good craft than ever before, then you'd want to make your new boat was something really special.

Not to be out done, award-winning motor yacht manufacturer Prestige has revealed their latest luxury motor yacht, The Prestige 590. Boasting all the innovations of the brand, this elegant new flybridge version benefits from incomparable design. Adaptable to an owner's needs it presents exceptional comfort for spending time on-board.

And again from France the Jeanneau Merry Fisher1095 is due for its Australian premiere at the Sydney International Boat Show in August. John Curnow tells the tale. Hot on the heels of her even more petite and exceptionally fast-selling smaller sisters, like the 795 and brilliant 895, this new twin outboard family adventure cabin cruiser and fishing delight has lots on offer.

We include a the whole spectrum of industry news on this site and the Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey report makes interesting reading. The survey was first conducted in 2013 and it now provides extensive trend data over a six year period. An exceptionally high 44% of Australia's 320 marinas participated in this latest survey that is carried out by the Recreation Marine Research Centre at Michigan State University for the Marina Industries Association (MIA) based in Sydney.

Peter Rendle Sail-World Australia

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