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Golden Globe Race

Golden Globe Race

Show news Golden Globe Race lifesaving regulations
Asteria sinking, lessons to be learnt
Posted on 29 Nov
Tapio Lehtinen rescued in the Indian Ocean
Picked up by fellow Golden Globe Race competitor
Posted on 19 Nov
Tapio Lehtinen abandons ship in Golden Globe Race
Liferaft floats 460 nautical miles SE of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Posted on 18 Nov
Golden Globe sailors through Cape Town gate
Pat Lawless and Damien Guillou forced to retire due to wind vane failures
Posted on 15 Nov
Golden Globe sailors through Cape Town gate
The Southern Ocean on their doorstep!
Posted on 10 Nov
Golden Globe Race arriving at the Cape Town Gate
Simon Curwen (UK) should be the first arrival on Sunday afternoon
Posted on 4 Nov
Golden Globe Race Cape Town Gate gets interesting
Battling High Pressure Systems, barnacles (again) and local hero makes a big bet
Posted on 3 Nov
Golden Globe Race windvane safety
And GGR 2026 open for entries
Posted on 27 Oct
Damien Guillou breaks windvane in the Golden Globe
Tapio in the lead, but is he really? Next gate favours eastern positioned yachts
Posted on 21 Oct
Trade wind twist for Golden Globe Race fleet
Wet windy trades on the nose with confused sea sand low 30 degrees temperatures
Posted on 13 Oct
Captain Barnacles is back
23,000 miles to go in the Golden Globe Race
Posted on 7 Oct
Golden Globe fleet dive into doldrums
Frustrating first test for many
Posted on 30 Sep
Golden Globe Race high & lows, snakes & ladders
Damien Guillou's comeback hampered by high pressure
Posted on 22 Sep
The Golden Globe Race is as tough as it gets
A challenge and display of the human spirit
Posted on 20 Sep
Guy deBoer runs onto rocks at night in Canaries
Whole fleet at risk of being parked with no wind around the Canaries
Posted on 18 Sep
Golden Globe Fleet approaching Lanzarote
Filling the "Marina Rubicón film gate" with more stories
Posted on 16 Sep
SailGP, Golden Globe Race, Tasar Worlds news
Sail-World's David Schmidt looks at the American-flagged teams
Posted on 13 Sep
Tough start & slow progress for Golden Globe Race
Another week of headwinds along the coast of Portugal slow progress to the Lanzarote film drop
Posted on 8 Sep
Bayanat embarks on Golden Globe Race
The journey of 48,000km is likely to last around 10 months
Posted on 5 Sep
High emotion as 2022 Golden Globe Race sets off
16 skippers depart Les Sables d'Olonne for a 30,000 mile, nine month race around the world
Posted on 5 Sep
Guy Waites crosses start line in Golden Globe Race
Scarborough YC supports their sailor
Posted on 4 Sep
Howdens sponsors GGR skipper Simon Curwen
A challenge without using modern technology such as GPS, satellites, or smart phones
Posted on 3 Sep
Golden Globe Race Village success
But some entrants fall short of complying with the Notice of Race
Posted on 26 Aug
Golden Globe Race ready to go
Village opens in Les Sables d'Olonne on Saturday 20th August
Posted on 18 Aug
Looking forward to the Golden Globe Race 2022
David Schmidt muses on racing that demands old-fashioned seamanship skills
Posted on 16 Aug
Golden Globe Race 2022 fleet sets sail
240 nm SITraN Challenge underway, Gracias Gijón, see you soon!
Posted on 14 Aug
Golden Globe entrants meet for the first time
15 skippers have assembled on the dock in Gijón, Spain
Posted on 9 Aug
Golden Globe, todos a Gijón, Spain
Gearing up for an unforgettable prologue and send-off to Les Sables
Posted on 2 Aug
Golden Globe Race: Dalton pressing on
Golden Globe Race: Dalton obtains medical course, and is about to start the qualifier
Posted on 22 Jul
Golden Globe Race participant chooses Seldén Mast
Ian Herbert-Jones will set sail on his epic voyage with a new Seldén rig
Posted on 18 Jul


    Show photos from

    Tapio Lehtinen in his survival suit. All of the skippers underwent sea survival training before the race start
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    Elliott Smith (27) / USA / Gale Force 34 – ” SECOND WIND ” bowsprit repairs on Simon's Town mooring
    © Simon McDonnell / FBYC
    Arnaud can't sail to weather, therefore can't make the Cape Town gate until rig is repaired
    © Aïda Valceanu / GGR2022
    Tapio credits the GGR safety regulations for his survival in the Southern Indian Ocean
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    `I am not driven by an ego trip, nor do I want to continue at all cost, but I think the repaired bowsprit is stronger than it was in Les Sables d'Olonne.` Elliott Smith (USA)
    © Simon McDonnell / FBYC
    Tapio Lehtinen in his survival suit - Every Golden Globe Race entrant has to put on their suit in training before the race
    © Nora Havel / GGR
    Racers closest to Tapio Lehtinen's last known position
    © Golden Globe Race
    `If this had happened in Hobart, I would have continued, but not here” Pat Lawless
    © JJ / GGR2022
    Damien Guillou ( PRB) has shown incredible capacity to face problems, and fight his way back to the top. He will be missed by both the entrants and public
    © Riaan Smit / GGR2022
    Simon Curwen
    © Valceanu / GGR
    `Psychologically it's too hard, I can't get back out without racing in the rankings.” Damien Guillou, PRB
    © JJ / GGR2022
    Pat Lawless (IRL), 65 y/o, did not succeed in this attempt but his father circumnavigated the globe in his seventies, so we may see him again in 2026?
    © JJ / GGR2022
    Simon Curwen (UK) on Clara / Howdens was first to the Cape Town Photo Gate, which he crossed at on Sunday 6th of November
    © Aïda Valceanu / GGR2022
    Pat Lawless (IRL) who has been facing both the barnacle invasion and a windvane issue
    © JJ / GGR2022
    Tapio Lehtinen a close third just 90 minutes behind Kirsten
    © Aïda Valceanu / GGR2022
    Kirsten Neuschäfer second in her home town after a daring option
    © Aïda Valceanu / GGR2022
    Arnaud Gaist ( FRA) who has the slowest boat in the fleet
    © Aïda Valceanu / GGR2022
    © GGR2022
    Kirsten Neuschäfer on top of the mast in Cape Town before she leaving and heading to the Golden Globe Race 2022 start line
    © Kirsten Neuschäfer / GGR2022
    Jeremy Bagshaw with a lot of South African Friends' help to get to the start line
    © Nora Havel  / GGR2022
    Golden Globe solo around the world yacht race arriving in Cape Town
    © Golden Globe Race
    Olleanna, currently 9th in the race, is on her way to Cape Town. South African sailor Franz Loots, Jeremy's Team Manager supported Jeremy's campaign in Les Sables d'Olonne and will certainly greet his friend, with many others in Cape Town!
    © Nora Havel  / GGR2022
    Kirsten Neuschäfer 's daring options brought her from 6th place in the Lanzarote gate to 2nd on arrival to Cape Town
    © GGR2022 / Anna Moreau
    Daily logs, 7-day, 24-hours and 4-hours records… The GGR fleet performance indicators are now just a click away thanks to Jonathan Endersby
    Kirsten Neuschäfer can smile, she is the fastest sailor in the fleet, including on this last stretch to Cape Town!
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    Skipper Jeremy Bagshaw arriving at the waypoint on Lanzarote, Rubicon Marina September 18th in 10th position
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    The weather conditions and opposite strategic choices promise a tight sprint to Cape Town!
    © YellowBrick / GGR2022
    Elliott Smith moored in Lanzarote and took time to Facetime his close ones. More are planning the same in Cape Town, should the weather allow
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    Ertan Beskardes was contemplating repairs in Cape Town and continuing in Chichester class but managed to get his power back on at sea!
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
    Abhilash Tomy has been a lot faster than this picture suggests, and a consistent leader of the 1000-mile club
    © Nora Havel / GGR2022
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