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Cruising Yacht

Cruising Yacht

Show news Think global. Act local.
We were on a subject that does seem to be widely appreciated
Posted on 21 Feb
Team Italia prepares for an exciting year
Team Italia 36 new yachts in 2019 order book
Posted on 21 Feb
Oma – Named Peril - Forewarned is Forearmed!
Her trajectory is not clear, but is important to utilise the knowledge of the past, and prepare now
Posted on 20 Feb
Halcyon Days Obscured
Banyandah settled into a calm state of nirvana
Posted on 16 Feb
Cape Verde is calling
We left Canary Islands in the early afternoon under sunny skies
Posted on 16 Feb
World ARC 2018-19 fleet tour Salvador
Exploring the city and its diverse culture
Posted on 16 Feb
Happy Hooking - The Art of Anchoring
3rd edition of Happy Hooking - The Art of Anchoring
Posted on 14 Feb
NEEL to stage world premiere of new trimarans
NEEL Trimarans is set to unveil two revolutionary new models
Posted on 14 Feb
Bahamas cruising
Delighted to be invited to cruise in the Bahamas
Posted on 14 Feb
The reality, and some good solutions
Readers will know we are more than onto the scourge that is plastic
Posted on 13 Feb
Round Martinique Regatta enjoys a great revival
A fun and competitive event
Posted on 13 Feb
S/V Nereida sails around the world - Day 132
Rough going - fighting the infamous Agulhas Current in strong opposing wind...
Posted on 13 Feb
Southern Atlantic crossing to Salvador da Bahia
World ARC 2019-20 fleet make landfall after crossing Southern Atlantic Ocean
Posted on 11 Feb
The Round Martinique Regatta overall
Race favourites top the leaderboard
Posted on 11 Feb
The Round Martinique Regatta: A race for the brave
Fleet set off from the Fort de France Bay at 0400 hrs under the cover of darkness
Posted on 10 Feb
Cruisers to join Island Time Class at SMH Regatta
Over 110 yachts from more than 20 countries will compete
Posted on 8 Feb
Chefchaouen & The Rif Mountains: Winter in Morocco
The new year arrived in Morocco
Posted on 7 Feb
It just got really personal…
Alas, please do not fear. There will be no dust up about to commence here.
Posted on 5 Feb
First date - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490
Clearly, I have had a thing for the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 ever since I first saw her
Posted on 1 Feb
Combining your passions
A sailing and a photography holiday
Posted on 30 Jan
General security precautions for cruisers
Useful information about how to better secure your valuables
Posted on 30 Jan
Strong winds and elixir of glorious voyage
The westerly winds had blown strongly for days
Posted on 29 Jan
Morocco Part II - Exploring Inland
Marrakech, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and Fes
Posted on 22 Jan
The big Boot
Boot Düsseldorf really does offer a lot of new craft up for consideration
Posted on 21 Jan
Historical Shipwreck revisited
Jack and Jude are hiding out in one of Australia's best kept secrets
Posted on 19 Jan
Europe's Sailing Mecca
Look ahead to a sizzling summer in the Med with our exclusive January savings
Posted on 17 Jan
Join the World Cruising Club at Boot Düsseldorf
Seminars, presenations and a glass of wine at Europe's biggest boat show
Posted on 15 Jan
New research shows Brits lose sense of adventure
As survival skills are a thing of the past
Posted on 11 Jan
We made it to Morocco – Part 1 Tangier
Our last sail of the year (2018) was a little jaunt across to Africa
Posted on 10 Jan
Single Stick
Latest newsletter from John Curnow of Sail-World
Posted on 9 Jan
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