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What's their secret? - Australia Newsletter


What's their secret?

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WASZPs blasting off the start line at the 2020 Australian Nationals - photo © Harry Fisher

Dear Recipient Name

The sailing landscape is changing just as fast as life in general. While some classes have struggled with this, others have embraced it and are seeing huge growth as a result. Their 'secret', of course, is a myriad of factors, but there are common threads.

Who better to ask about these successes than the people who do so much behind the scenes for these classes? We spoke to some of the visionaries to get their views on what it takes to foster growth and achieve high turnouts at events...

Ensign 2021 Sail MPU   CDI 2021 / 600x500

The WASZP - foiling goes mainstream

Australian Marc Ablett (head of WASZP Global Sales & Marketing) has been the man behind much of the growth in the class and is extremely open about the formula for success:

"There is no secret why the WASZP has become successful and had outstanding growth since production began in 2016. The key is culture, understanding why the product exists, and driving that message down the fleet.

UK WASZP Nationals at Rutland day 1 - photo © Howevideography
UK WASZP Nationals at Rutland day 1 - photo © Howevideography

Race Yachts 2021 600x500 v2   Flagstaff 2020 - First Yacht 53 - MPU

"Sailors are the best ambassadors for any class. Since the beginning, we have listened and learned from sailors at the grassroots level, asking what they want. Simplicity, accessibility, and an on-water/off-water culture justifies the time we spend doing the sport. If you have a terrible day on the water but can come off the water and enjoy yourself, then you have already won.

"Too many people do things because they think they should be doing it, not because they enjoy it. WASZP has always focussed on why people were turning away from the sport or losing interest it. Rather than canvassing people on why they enjoy the sport, we canvas people who have lost interest or are drifting away. Why? Because the drop off after youth sailing is incredible and the talent loss is amazing. Through WASZP, we have created a reason to stay engaged with the sport: great events with a beach party atmosphere, affordable equipment, cheap maintenance, and a youth alignment with SailGP which raised the elite youth engagement up to an age of 21.

Waszp inspire racing event day 2 at Sydney SailGP - photo © Jordan Roberts / SailGP
Waszp inspire racing event day 2 at Sydney SailGP - photo © Jordan Roberts / SailGP

"Young people love to travel, hang out with their mates and spend time on the water - not in the boat park fixing boats. We have one of the most diverse fleets globally, with strong female participation as the boat is a genuine level platform for men and women to compete equally, while the masters section of the fleet loves to travel for holidays with friends and family and race against their mates.

"WASZP, as a manufacturer from the very beginning, has taken the stance to continually re-invest in our customers/sailors. We want them to have an 'elite experience' every time they rig up and go sailing or attend an event. Our events are structured so that we always go to great locations that are a good fit for both sailing and fostering the off-water culture.

Ready to launch at Wakatere BC - 2021 WASZP Nationals - photo © Wakatere BC
Ready to launch at Wakatere BC - 2021 WASZP Nationals - photo © Wakatere BC

McConaghy Boats 2021 - MPU   Reverso Air 2021 MPU

"We have provided infrastructure for local associations to follow a scaled-down model of our major events for their local versions. This includes consistency the whole way through, and people can attend an event knowing what they are to expect. We always aim to keep the cost down for our events and always try and include more value than the sailors' outlay.

"Everything that is cumbersome about sailing (and going to an event) we have tried to mitigate, like measurement, AGMs, organising things to do for the family while sailing, maintenance, finding spare parts, and travelling. WASZP's willingness to continue to provide resources to fill the void as the class grows is a significant driver. We have recently employed Martin Evans as our class manager to look after all the associations' needs, manage our bespoke class admin system Race Hub and manage all tier 1 and 2 events. This appointment creates consistency in delivery and message from the top down to the sailors."

Spanish SailGP training - photo © WASZP class
Spanish SailGP training - photo © WASZP class

Zhik2021-OFS700Competition-MPU   Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 5

The Europe class revival

It isn't just new classes which have seen growth. The Europe class saw the largest turnout for decades in the recently held UK Nationals in Weymouth. Ben Harris of the UK class association gives us his opinion on what have been the drivers behind this, concentrating on the strength of community and the boat itself:

"The Europe class has seen an incredible rebirth and resurgence in the UK over the past few years, largely driven by an enthusiastic committee and the development of a strong community of sailors using a Facebook group, with Europe sailors, past, present and future, all sharing their knowledge, experience and support, regardless of background or boat. Lots of older boats have been refurbished and are back out on the water, remaining as competitive as they were when they disappeared into a garage, boat park or hedge!

Start of Race 1 on Day 1 at the 2021 UK Europe National Championships - photo © Linus Etchingham
Start of Race 1 on Day 1 at the 2021 UK Europe National Championships - photo © Linus Etchingham

ABRW 2021 - MPU   Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - MPU

"The UK fleet benefits from the enthusiasm and expertise of some of the class's top sailors and equipment suppliers, with new boats now being built in the UK as well as imported from abroad. The association has worked to secure top quality venues, hosting events with perfect sailing conditions, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere onshore.

"This is all underpinned by how fun the Europe is to sail: comfortable to hike upwind, a pleasure to sail downwind, and a blast on a reach. The technical rig and dynamic controls allow all sailors to enjoy the boat across the full wind range, and the class has embraced the hugely wide range of sailors, with great gender diversity, a weight range from 50-80+ kg, and with ages ranging from youth sailors to some over 70 years old!"

Steve Cockerill mastering windy weather sailing on Day 1 at the 2021 UK Europe National Championships - photo © Linus Etchingham
Steve Cockerill mastering windy weather sailing on Day 1 at the 2021 UK Europe National Championships - photo © Linus Etchingham

Colligo 2021 MPU   Sail Exchange 300x250 Used Sails

Youth movement in the Snipe class

According to Shan McAdoo, Captain of Snipe Fleet 554, the recent youth movement in the Snipe class is due to a confluence of things:

"Firstly, there is the boat and the class. The boat is perfectly suited to double-handed sailing with a design that emphasizes longevity. Ten-year-old boats still win boats regattas regularly. The class emphasizes getting young sailors to attend with Under 30 events, prizes, and most importantly a culture that helps young sailors take the step into boat ownership and self-supported campaigns with clinics and training.

2019 Snipe World Championship - Final Day - photo © Matias Capizzano
2019 Snipe World Championship - Final Day - photo © Matias Capizzano

"Secondly, the events are designed to attract sailors. They are spaced apart and sailed in great venues. The motto "Serious sailing, Serious fun" includes challenging races and fun landside social events, combined with tons of well-coordinated marketing, meaning that everyone knows our events are happening. We strive to make sure that the boat that finishes last had a good time and will be back.

"Finally, there is the state of the world and sailing. Young people do not have the resources to support big boats and the campaigns they require. The Snipe remains one of the most affordable boats to buy and to sail competitively. This, combined with a culture of support within the class, for example, veteran sailors regularly bring tools and parts to help the new guys get up to speed."

"Our next big event is the Snipe North Americans being held in September. We are taking steps to maximize the fun and participation."

2019 Snipe World Championship - Final Day - photo © Matias Capizzano
2019 Snipe World Championship - Final Day - photo © Matias Capizzano

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Quest 300x250   38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU

Australian Sabre class going strong after 50 years

Community, culture, and the boat itself are credited as the factors explaining the strength of the Sabre class in Australia, as Sabre Victorian President Bruce Abbott explains:

"The Sabre was born in Australia some 50 years ago as a low cost, intermediate one-design dinghy suitable for Port Phillip Bay conditions (strong winds and waves). Initially all were amateur built in marine ply, however they have moved with the times with most are now professionally built in FRP - durable and low maintenance.

"Sabres are well suited for early-stage sailors, those re-entering sailing, and those looking to sail in large fleets. It is also an immensely popular class for female sailors. Despite interruptions due to Covid restrictions, there were 62 entries at the Victorian State Championships in March 2021 at McCrae YC, creating interesting starts and good racing throughout the fleet. The Sabre fleet in Australia continues to grow.

39th Sabre Australian Championships - Big fleet start - photo © Alex McKinnon
39th Sabre Australian Championships - Big fleet start - photo © Alex McKinnon

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU

"A critical and often overlooked aspect is the 'Sabre culture'; it's one of encouraging the newcomer to the class, and includes club and state-based coaching by our more experienced sailors. We want sailors to enjoy their sailing and grow in competence. However, we also freely admit that the Sabre may not be suited to all sailors; there are plenty of other choices for those wanting straight speed, Olympic and international competition or a larger boat."

Adrian Finglas, best known as a three-time coach of Australia's Olympic Sailing Team, joined the Sabre fleet at Black Rock YC last season. Adrian sees the Sabre as: "cost effective, has good racing, and although it's one design, you can tinker with placement of fittings, toe straps, mast rake etc - it keeps the inquisitive mind engaged. Having bought a boat, I'm impressed with the camaraderie and openness, allowing me to fast-track measurements and techniques."

Sabres on the water at the Lindisfarne Sailing Club - photo © Emily Snadden
Sabres on the water at the Lindisfarne Sailing Club - photo © Emily Snadden

Team Windcraft 2021 - Hanse - MPU   MIA 2019 300x250 5

Global success for the RS Aero built on a warm welcome and strong communication

If you're an Aero sailor, as well as many other classes, you'll know Peter Barton. As the RS Aero Association Manager, he's been instrumental in the lightweight dinghy's growth, as well as one of the top sailors in the class:

"In the RS Aero class I strive to cultivate an ethos of welcoming all new owners and sharing information to allow them to progress quickly through their familiarisation with the boat and beyond. This enthuses everyone and enables new sailors to progress to achieve more enjoyment and value from their RS Aero. That then adds to our racing both in numbers and quality where, without that input, it is possible that their participation might have been more limited, especially if in isolation.

Lymington RS Aero Open - photo © Jason Ludlow
Lymington RS Aero Open - photo © Jason Ludlow

Rolly Tasker Sails 2021 v2 - 600x500   Sydney Festival of Boating 2021 MPU

"Throughout the past 18 months we continued to take any opportunity to get afloat where safely possible. When we couldn't get afloat our online media helped keep our audience engaged as well as reaching remote owners (both current and future) with 'RS Aero Top Tips' on the class website forum (there is a series of 90 now!) and weekly video training over Zoom, which grew to have an international following peaking at over 50 participants in various time zones!"

RS Aero Nationale Italiano Series #5 - photo © Emilio Santinelli / Circolo Vela Arco
RS Aero Nationale Italiano Series #5 - photo © Emilio Santinelli / Circolo Vela Arco

North Sails 2021 MPU   Barton Marine 2019 600x500

A record attendance for the Blaze class

Allen's Ben Harden regularly writes articles about Blaze events, as well as being the UK national champion! He believes the success of the class is down to a combination of elements:

"The Blaze fleet had its biggest ever National Championship attendance this year, which I believe is a result of several important factors. Firstly, we have a boat builder which is continually supporting the class and listening to the feedback from the class association. This can be seen with the new sail the class has just released, which was developed by the boat builder on feedback from the sailors.

The new Blaze sail is unveiled - photo © WSC
The new Blaze sail is unveiled - photo © WSC

ALT Composities 2020 West System 2 - 300x250   Boat Books Australia

"Secondly, the Blaze class has a range of price entry points available. Those who have never sailed the boat before, wanting to test the waters before putting down big bucks, can do so by starting in a 20-year-old Mk1 or Mk2 for a very reasonable 1500 GBP - a lot of boat for the money! And these older boats are still extremely competitive and regularly seen at the front of the fleet. Once the sailor is hooked, which is inevitable, they can then upgrade to a newer Mk3 or the latest Mk4 from 4000+ GBP, depending on the specifications they are looking for. This in turn feeds their older boat back onto new sailors. This is proved by the Blaze second-hand market; it's almost impossible to find one!"

Ben Harden sailing his Blaze during the Inlands at Chase - photo © Peter Mackin /
Ben Harden sailing his Blaze during the Inlands at Chase - photo © Peter Mackin /

Navico 2020 fun MPU AUS   Pantaenius 2021 AUS Sailing MPU

No single factor, but common threads

So, as we suspected, there isn't one elixir which will guarantee success for a class. Community, ethos, sailor engagement and builder support all come into it, but behind every strong class is either an individual, or group of people, who spend their time implementing strategies and fostering growth.

Publicising what a class is up to - for example, sending your event reports to the sailing media - is a hugely important element of telling the sailing community what's happening, and we would love to hear what you're up to via and

We'd also love to hear what you're doing within your class to drive growth. Tell us what has worked and what hasn't. If we can all learn from the successes, then the whole of sailing will benefit, from the smallest club to the largest of international events.

In the team at and participation is our passion, and it's the passionate and dedicated people within our sport who are the drivers behind growth. There is no 'secret' to making sailing more popular, and those who are making the biggest difference are open with advice. Yet another reason sailing is a sport that is great to be involved in.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Allen 2021 More Grip Less Slip MPU   J Composites 2020 - MPU

36th America's Cup is the most watched ever - reaching an audience of almost a billion viewers
With an audience of almost a billion viewers, the 36th America's Cup was the most watched America's Cup ever with the dedicated viewership audience 3.2 times the size of that of the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda in 2017.

Marine Auctions July Online Auctions
Marine Auctions are happy to provide details of the Vessels and Marina Berth that we will be offering for sale in our next Online Auction.

AST Coaching Chain Series - Jake Lilley
Australia's recent Olympic sailing success has been no accident. Our Olympic champions have accessed quality coaching from the time they learned to sail at their home club up to the work they are doing now with their Australian Sailing Team

Vetus-Maxwell 2020   Henr-Lloyd BLU MPU
America's Cup: "Once again...the America's Zealand's Cup" - fours years ago today.
Today on the 26/27 June 2017 Emirates Team NZ won the America's Cup in Bermuda. Here's the full race video with The Voice of the America's Cup commentating, an audio clip of the final seconds of the final race and plenty of images.

2021 Swan Sardinia Challenge at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Overall
Today was the final day of racing at the Swan Sardinia Challenge, organised by the YCCS together with Nautor's Swan and ClubSwan Racing. The fleet of 34 yachts was divided into four Classes and there were twelve different nations racing.

Interlodge team lined up to rejoin the 52 Super Series
After an absence of 4yrs, one of the circuit's most popular and committed couples - Austin and Gwen Fragomen - plan to return to the 52 Super Series this season with their Interlodge team and their fifth TP52 since they started grand prix racing in 2007.

Armstrong-300x250-banner-Wing-sail   C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250
Sailing legend Santiago Lange reflects on extraordinary life
Santiago Lange is a naval architect and sailing legend whose incredible gold at Rio 2016 - less than a year after cancer surgery to remove part of a lung - inspired the world.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And that's why our cam cleat design hasn't changed since the 80's. Cam Cleats are available in different materials, sizes and have a wide range of accessories to suit many different applications.

Interview with Offshore Team Germany's Benjamin Dutreux after winning The Ocean Race Europe
Offshore Team Germany have won the first edition of The Ocean Race Europe, clinching the overall victory by no more than four meters on the very last race, beating 11th Hour Racing and LinkedOut to second and third steps on the podium.

Highfield Boats - SW - MPU   Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU
Tokyo2020: Kiwi Nacra17 Olympic representative suffers serious injury in training
New Zealand Nacra 17 sailor Erica Dawson has suffered a small break in her fibula after a training accident in Australia, five weeks out from the start of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Regatta.

Britain's Ocean City gearing up for the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix
With less than a month to go, anticipation is building for the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix as Plymouth - Britain's Ocean City - prepares to welcome the sport's top athletes representing eight national teams for the third event of Season 2.

2021 Foiling Week Malcesine preview - forums, trials and especially racing
We're exactly one week out from the start of the 2021 Foiling Week Malcesine; after a tough year without much sailing, we're very excited to finally be back out on the water flying.

Selden 2020 - E40i electric winch - MPU   Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU
Allen develop a new mast tapering process
British hardware manufacturer, Allen, has quietly been working on some big projects for the marine industry, one of which is the production of 11-meter tapered masts.

Italian Open Moth Championship at Circolo Vela Torbole
At the Italian Open Moth Championship there was an Australian double, with the two Olympic and America's Cup stars Iain Jensen and Tom Slingsby, followed by the helmsman of Luna Rossa, Francesco Bruni, third.

World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award renewed through to 2024
World Sailing is pleased to announce a four-year partnership extension with 11th Hour Racing for the title sponsorship of the World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award.

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU   Saffier 300 x 250px SE23
GC32 Lagos Cup 1 - One week to go: Watch out for the dark horse
With great anticipation, in just one week's time competition on the GC32 Racing Tour resumes for the first time since the GC32 Oman Cup in November 2019.

McConaghy announces hull #1 of MC75 model
Designed to offer contemporary on-water living with an apartment-like style, the MC75 is lightweight, eco-friendly and, as with all models in the McConaghy Multihull range, fully customisable.

Live Ocean: Burling and Tuke back expansion of Hauraki Gulf Protection Zones
Live Ocean's Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have welcomed the move to significantly increase the marine reserves and other protection measures announced by the NZ Labour Government, on Tuesday.

Doyle Sails 2020 - Pure Brilliance 300x250   AUS Fusion FM_Series 300x250px
America's Cup Musings, TOR Europe, Rolex Giraglia, and One Design news
I'm not much of a Guns N' Roses fan. But the other day, "Sweet Child O' Mine" came on the radio. Axl started crooning: “Where do we go? Oh, where do we go now?” And of course, I started thinking about the America's Cup.

Barton Marine - Our climate change commitment
Barton Marine is serious about the long-term welfare of our lands and oceans. We are committed to ensuring climate change and environmental policies are front of mind when it comes to Barton's production and operations activities.

ILCA 50th anniversary celebration on Sydney Harbour
The Laser ILCA Dinghy 50th Anniversary was celebrated in style on Sydney Harbour on Sunday 20 June. Over 100 sailors braved the winter morning to take part in the historic event that marked the birth of the world's most popular single-handed dinghy.

Predictwind - Iridium 250   Sailing Connex - Sailor Sunscreen - MPU
ORCV Winter Series Race 1 at Royal Brighton Yacht Club
ORCV Winter Series kicked off with 45 competitors out on Port Philip enjoying some close racing after the conclusion of the lockdown period last Saturday.

Cancellation of SCOR 2021 and B2SC 2021
In order to give all stakeholders enough notice, it is with regret that the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club is cancelling the SCOR and B2SC regetta.

Oman to host 50th edition of Youth Sailing World Championships in 2021
World Sailing is delighted to announce that the 50th edition of the Youth Sailing World Championships presented by Hempel will be held at Mussanah Sports City, Oman, from 11-18 December 2021.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68   Southern Spars Recruitment 300x250
Trapeazy! The Rooster Trapeze harness has been reimagined, redesigned, and rigorously tested
The Rooster Trapeze harness has been reimagined, redesigned, and rigorously tested by our team to provide the ideal amount of support and comfort on the Trapeze.

Cold Weather Bonding
During the colder months, the Technical Advisers at West System and ATL Composites are frequently asked "What's the lowest temperature West System Epoxy can be applied?"

America's Cup: Tom Whidden reflects on the winning of AC36
Three times America's Cup winner and President of North Technology Group, Tom Whidden, shared some insights into the 36th America's Cup during a Wednesday Yachting Luncheon hosted by Ron Young of St Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco.

Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px1   Auckland Boat Show 600x500 No.3
PlanetSail: Fully crewed aboard an IMOCA60 - Annie Lush explains
Since the IMOCA60s were announced as being one of the two classes for the Ocean Race in 2022 there has been plenty of speculation about how a breed of boats designed to be sailed single handed would work when sailed by a full crew.

Vendée Globe - Vision 2024
Almost 6 months after the first skippers crossed the Vendée Globe finish line already the tenth edition, starting November 2024, is on everyone's mind.

AST Coaching Chain Series - Mara Stransky
Our Olympic champions have accessed quality coaching from the time they learned to sail at their home club up to the work they are doing now with their Australian Sailing Team preparing for this year's Tokyo Olympic Games.

Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 1 jpg   Smuggler 300 x 250px Amphibious
Hooligan hailed winner of MC38 2021 Season Act 3 at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
Sydney dumped an ice-bucket on MC38 crews racing on Pittwater in Act 3, Marcus Blackmore's local Hooligan crew shaking off the dismal winter conditions, and their classmates, to land back on the one design class podium for the first time in a while.

Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - FOOTER

McConaghy Boats 2021 - FOOTER

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