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Damage to Wild Oats XI as bottom section of mast fails, and loads up the deck. - photo © Voile Dock Talk

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It's a handy ingredient for dim sims, coleslaw, burritos, soups, and a bunch of other dishes. It is not so flash when it comes to ocean racing, however. Sail makers often refer to them as CVDs, or Commercially Viable Days, but the extent of some of the issues caused by the blustery conditions experienced before and at the start of the CYCA Cabbage Tree Race on Friday will also have the shipwrights involved.

No Limit hit South Head, and InfoTrack blew two kites out, at least one of which was before they even left the Harbour. They also took care of their mainsail battens, so a bad gybe or two would seem to be a likely cause.

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Ribco R28S and Venom 44 (Official Chase Boats) shadow Wild Oats XI on the way to the start of the Cabbage Tree Island Race - photo © Salty Dingo
Ribco R28S and Venom 44 (Official Chase Boats) shadow Wild Oats XI on the way to the start of the Cabbage Tree Island Race - photo © Salty Dingo


Yet it was Wild Oats XI with the greatest calamity, as they nearly blew the rig out of boat. She subsequently pulled into Newcastle. A tremendous amount of seamanship, and a nice dose of luck has allowed them all to walk away unscathed, and with damage that can be repaired, as opposed to fatal.

Now the team have an old stick at the dock at Woolwich, but the word is they may try to cut and shut a new section into the bottom where at least 5m compressed and 'went bang', according to those on board. Section failure appears to be the cause.

They were lit up with the R2 hoisted when it twisted, and it has cracked the deck as well. 'Miracle we do not loose rig' was another statement from on board.

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Black Jack and Wild Oats XI hooting down Sydney's northern beaches in preparation for the Cabbage Tree Island Race - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Black Jack and Wild Oats XI hooting down Sydney's northern beaches in preparation for the Cabbage Tree Island Race - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

The incident happened at 2030hrs Friday night, off the coast of about Terrigal (pretty place BTW). Iain Murray commented once back in Sydney, "We got off as lightly as we could really. These boats carry enormous loads, so when you get a failure in that sort of situation, everything goes out of alignment. The deck was asked to carry a load not normally requested of it."

"The boat's all packed up, the mast is down and on the deck, and she'll motor back to Woolwich, where the process will start. We will repair the mast we have, and McConaghy's will rebuild the deck and other affected areas. Thankfully there as no major sail damage, and we had our old mainsail on. So yes, we got off remarkably lightly, compared to what could have been", said Murray reflecting on keeping the rig up, not over side, creating holes in the boat and so forth.

There was over 30 knots of breeze at the time, and they did see 40 on approach to Newcastle, which they elected to head to, as it was downhill. "We had 32 knots of boat speed when it happened, reaching away with headsails. We had a kite up for the start, but there was too much West in it once outside, so we went to the double headsail sail plan to be able to hold course."

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Damage to Wild Oats XI as bottom section of mast fails, and loads up the deck. - photo © Voile Dock Talk
Damage to Wild Oats XI as bottom section of mast fails, and loads up the deck. - photo © Voile Dock Talk

"We had to keep it on port, as the rig was hanging out to leeward, so even with three reefs we were still doing 15 knots. Certainly the experience of the crew to deal with it really well shone through. Everyone did their job, got the sails down pronto, and so the fact that we saved the rig is remarkable. Dealing with the situation swiftly and accurately has left us with a small problem, not a huge one."

"Honestly, we are lucky it happened in this race, to expose the problem, as we have time to sort it out. The good news is that Wild Oats Xi was going like a scolded cat before it happened." That of course is pretty important when you are chasing your tenth Line Honours victory in the impending Sydney Hobart race. Murray added, "This latest round of upgrades is working (return of the for'ard canard and extra weight out of the boat as well). We have seen this movie before. We'll be on the start line and all strong."

Apart from McConaghy going to work on her structural issues, Southern Spars will have to make another, totally bespoke bottom section, and I dare say sleeve, as these parts have been replaced before.

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All Set!

Black Jack takes the lead with the race record in their sight - Cabbage Tree Island Race, Day 1 - photo © CYCA
Black Jack takes the lead with the race record in their sight - Cabbage Tree Island Race, Day 1 - photo © CYCA

"It is all done and dusted, and best of all we have qualified for the 75th Sydney to Hobart Race. It is difficult to keep on these boats on the water, and we had just done a few weeks together after putting it her back together after he last birthday. Maybe this helped us", said Black Jack's Skipper, Mark Bradford.

"It was nice when everyone left us, and we could just get on with completing the race. We saw 34-knot gusts as the maximum, and it was ranging between 24-34 the whole time. We started in the new Southerly, and ripped out the Harbour, with all three of us (Black Jack, Wild Oats XI, and InfoTrack) really sprinting. Then the others all fell down around us, and thankfully we have come away all unscathed."

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Black Jack and Wild Oats XI go head-to-head - Hamilton Island Race Week 2018 - photo © Kurt Arrigo
Black Jack and Wild Oats XI go head-to-head - Hamilton Island Race Week 2018 - photo © Kurt Arrigo

"We have improved and achieved a top boat speed of 28 knots. We could not go with Wild Oats XI in those conditions before, but now we have had a couple of hours directly boat on boat with them, and good ideas have come from that. Interestingly, the configurations have all changed for both of us, and the boats are similar. We hope they get back on water, as there is a lot of good sailing ahead of us."

Comanchefinal approach through the Molokai Channel during sunset. - Transpac 50 - photo © Sharon Green / Ultimate Sailing
Comanchefinal approach through the Molokai Channel during sunset. - Transpac 50 - photo © Sharon Green / Ultimate Sailing

Not there - has she indeed been sold?

Comanche was not out, and not a lot has been heard after two new kites were blown out in this year's Transpac. It was widely known that Jim Cooney was keen to sell, but the recent holding pattern, and radio silence with crew slated for the impending 75th Hobart, would tend to indicate that this campaign is not a true flyer. Tick Tock. Tick Tock... Two Americans, and one Russian have been linked to the purchase, with the latter 'story' all set to go down after the Hobart. We will see.

SHK Scallywag, Seng Huang Lee's Maxi Dovell rounding the Rock in the early hours of the morning - 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race - photo © Rolex / Kurt Arrigo
SHK Scallywag, Seng Huang Lee's Maxi Dovell rounding the Rock in the early hours of the morning - 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race - photo © Rolex / Kurt Arrigo

And the Scallywag?

Well she has arrived into AUS, and her stick will be in at the end of the week, with some new ET6 standing rigging holding that in column.

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SuperFoiler with RecordPoint sails?

Curious to see that after testing their new sails on the one vessel, that these old RecordPoint ones would pop out. Not like you did not have all the old data, you know... Certainly this would categorically indicate that one Michael Firmin, owner of RecordPoint, is the man behind the 'new' SuperFoilers, however.

The new daggerfoils and rudders conceptualised by Glenn Ashby, with full engineering by Morrelli and Melvin, and input from Moth sailor Harry Mighell, would appear to have stability as the winner. No more real outright speed was achieved, but a much tamer beast was seen as a very favourable thing!!!

'New' SuperFoiler, 'old' sails... - photo © Instagram
'New' SuperFoiler, 'old' sails... - photo © Instagram

Right oh - here today there are some gems for you to review like the Brest Atlantique with the Ultim Tris, Joyon sets Mauritius record, Transat Jacques Vabre, intel from North Sails, GC32s, TP52s, the Clippers, 18-Footers, Maiden continues her global trek, furlers with Wichard Pacific, AC75s, and certainly there is much, much more.

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Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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SailGP: Review of the F50 build and first season by Rolex
Rolex is a supporting partner of the SailGP series, five-member crews representing six countries race identical F50 foiling catamarans in the world's most famous harbours. Just released is this video by Rolex reviewing the SailGP first season.

Olympic and America's Cup champions announce new ocean ambition
Olympic champions Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have announced the establishment of Live Ocean, a registered New Zealand charity with a focus on ocean conservation. Burling and Tuke say they're excited about what may be their biggest challenge of all.

2019 China Cup International Regatta - Overall
Cheche Team conquered the Beneteau 40.7 one-design fleet at the China Cup International Regatta after a lack of wind meant no racing in Shenzhen on the final day of competition.

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Inaugural 'Maiden Factor Voice' announced
Supporting The Maiden Factor project the Voices will be a group of influential and inspiring women - and men - from around the world; coming together with the common goal of generating awareness of the importance of girls' education.

The Clipper Race Leg 2 - Race 3, Day 18 - Arrivals continue into Cape Town
In honour of their Captonian Skipper, the crew were adorned with 'Wavy' inspired mustaches as they arrived into the V&A Waterfront, cheered on by one of the loudest crowds of the arrival window so far.

18ft Skiff Spring Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 5 & 6
The team of Brett Van Munster, Phil Marshall and Kurt Fatouris only have to appear at the starting line next Sunday to take of the Australian 18 Footers League's 2019-2020 Spring Championship after a totally dominant performance.

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Gusty Cabbage Tree Race: Masters of all conditions show their form
After 180 nautical miles the Audi Centre Sydney Blue Water Pointscore Cabbage Tree Island Race has dealt a full range of conditions to the largest fleet on record for this race.

Apivia wins the IMOCA division in the Transat Jacques Vabre
Charlie Dalin and Yann Eliès on their 60ft monohull, Apivia, have won the IMOCA class of the 14th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre after crossing the line in the Bay of All Saints in Salvador de Bahia on Sunday

Brest Atlantiques Day 5: Damage to trimaran MACIF as they enter the Dodrums
Despite a smooth race for the Ultim 32/23 class trimarans since the start of Brest Atlantiques, in the early hours of this morning, trimaran MACIF hit an unidentified floating object (UFO) which damaged the central rudder

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North Sails Weekly Debrief: A powerful collaboration, Save the date, Upwind groove, Outfit your crew
Sodebo Skipper Thomas Coville on why he trusts North Sails to help him bring the seemingly unimaginable to life.

GC32 Oman Cup, Overall - Alinghi claims the title
In yet another flawless display by the world's top catamaran sailing team, Alinghi today won the GC32 Oman Cup and the 2019 GC32 Racing Tour.

Cape Town to host two rounds of world class sailing circuit 52 Super Series
Known as the worlds' leading monohull grand prix in the yacht racing circuit, the 52 SuperSeries attracts some of the best sailors in the world, including Olympic medallists, Americas Cup winners, World Champions and Volvo Ocean Race sailors.

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Gusty Cabbage Tree Race plays into Black Jack's hands
Peter Harburg's 100 foot super maxi Black Jack took line honours in the Audi Centre Sydney Cabbage Tree Island race this morning, slipping just outside the race record, in a time of 13 hours, 30 minutes and 12 seconds.

Separate TP52 division at the Festival of Sails 2020
The TP52s will be granted their own start line and scored under IRC and TPR handicap systems, the latter a class rule developed by the Australia owner's group that takes into account different generations of the popular design.

Transat Jacques Vabre Day 13: IMOCA podium battle heats up as Salvador welcomes first boats home
After Groupe GCA - Mille et un sourires became the first boat to cross the line in the Bay of All Saints in the small hours of Friday morning under a magical moon, the second - Solidaires En Peloton - ARSEP - arrived in full flight in glorious sunshine.

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Fareast 28R Australian Nationals at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
Saturday was breeze on with a 20-25kn N-Easterly, sending the 28R fleet downwind on spectacular rides. Guest 'Team NZ' used to these conditions scored two bullets, separated by only one point on high wind lover Valkyrie with local Ming on their tail.

Groupe GCA – Mille et un sourires wins the Transat Jacque Vabre Normandie Le Havre Multi50
Groupe GCA - Mille et un sourires covered the theoretical course of 4,350 miles at an average speed of 15.50 knots, but actually sailed 4,926 miles at an average speed of 17.56 knots.

Francis Joyon shatters the Mauritius Route record
The Mauritius Route started from Port Louis in Brittany with part of the round the world route that Francis knows so well having sailed it many times both alone and with a crew.

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America's Cup: Brits vs Kiwis - two AC75s line up
America's Cup teams sailing against each other, other than at sanctioned events is illegal under the Protocol for the next America's Cup. Here is the next best thing - two videos that show the similarities and differences between the AC75 designs

Hugo Boss arrives in Cape Verde Islands and puts focus on Vendee Globe
This morning (Friday 8th November 2019), shortly after 08:00 UTC, Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald arrived safely into the Cape Verde Islands onboard the Hugo Boss yacht.

Tom Slingsby helps launch SailGP Inspire Racing
Olympic gold medalist and SailGP Season 1 champion Tom Slingsby returned to his home sailing club in New South Wales to help launch an innovative new program that aims to create a pathway into high-performance sail racing.

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SA Sharpies announces new travel grants program to help out younger sailors
The South Australian Sharpie fleet has announced a new travel grants program to incentivise more sailors to attend their national championships, which often has significant costs associated with it.

Lipton Cup teams format will become more inclusive and competitive
The 2019 Lipton Cup Regatta will become even more inclusive and competitive, following a decision to allow AMS measured yachts to lead teams in their challenge for the prestigious trophy.

Iconic yacht 'Maiden' leaves the USA to continue on world tour
Nearly 30 years ago, Tracy Edwards MBE sailed into the record books on Maiden with the first all-female crew in the 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Race.

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Wichard announce new generation NEX furlassist for easy furling
Wichard Pacific, a global leader and distributor of deck hardware, is pleased to announce the new generation NEX furlassist easy ratchet (2 direction) furling system for optimal and safe furling.

Get on the Water with Borrow a Boat
We caught up with Matt Ovenden, founder of, recent sponsors of Southampton Boat Show and industry innovators, about their plans to make getting out on the water accessible to all.

America's Cup: Emirates Team NZ's has high speed dive
Emirates Team New Zealand's AC75 had a high speed nosedive while sailing upwind in moderate to fresh winds on the Hauraki Gulf today. The sequence was caught on camera, at long distance, by Sail-World NZ.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Boat Books Australia
America's Cup: Putting the big lens over Te Aihe
Light winds earlier in the week in Auckland probably didn't do much for Emirates Team NZ's America's Cup workup, but it did allow a closer look at their AC75 Te Aihe, as she waited and waited for the breeze to arrive.

How Bizarre - A clean sweep in Melbourne to Stanley Race
Lord Jiminy has taken line honours in the ORCV's Melbourne to Stanley Race, but the most outstanding result came from the Scott Robinson skippered Seaquest RP36, How Bizarre, which pulled off the rare triple of IRC/AMS/PHS overall wins.

St. Barth Cata-Cup: A sold out regatta!
The 12th edition of the St. Barth Cata Cup is right around the corner, and it's a full house. As of today, with 60 duos registered, the regatta is, as they say, sold out!

C-Tech Emirates TNZ 250   Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site
70 years of Rolly Tasker Sails
The Australian Rolly Tasker (1926 - 2012) was one of the pioneers in modern yacht racing. Exactly 70 years ago, he also founded Rolly Tasker Sails with a capital of 500 Australian Dollars, which now is among the world's largest sailmakers

The World Sailing Show: Programme 10 - Season 2019
Luna Rossa is unveiled in Sardinia while INEOS Team UK are foiling on the Solent. Also in Sardinia was the 52 Super Series finale where home team Azzurra look to secure the season title against the high-powered fleet of grand prix monohulls.

A grand departure for Brest Atlantiques
The four Ultim 32/23 Class trimarans took off on Tuesday 5th November at 11am on the "Brest Atlantiques" race, a new 14,000 mile double-handed race that will take them non-stop to Rio and then Cape Town, before heading back to Brest.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66   Protector - 300x250
TJV racecourse drama, Mini Transat update, Paris 2024 Olympics updates
If you're an ocean-racing junkie, November can be a thirsty month in North America. Fortunately, this year's fix comes in the form of the biennial Transat Jacques Vabre, which involves doublehanded racing aboard IMOCA 60s, Multi 50s and Class 40s.

Marine Safety Day at the CYCA
Do you know how to respond to an on-water emergency? This is the event that could quite literally save your life – or that of one of your crew.

World Sailing confirms Kiteboarding for Youth Olympic Games 2022 and Youth World Championships 2021
World Sailing Council and AGM have confirmed kiteboarding events in both the annual World Sailing Youth World Championships, starting 2021 in The Hague (Netherlands), and the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar (Senegal).

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AGLAIA   Yacht Racing Forum 2019 - MPU
Statement from the Finn Class following the 2019 World Sailing Conference
The International Finn Association delegation to the 2019 World Sailing Annual Conference in Bermuda has returned empty handed. The eight submissions to reinstate the Finn in the slate for the 2024 Olympic Games were rejected.

HUGO BOSS detaches keel
Last night Alex and Neal were both able to get some rest onboard HUGO BOSS. In the early hours of this morning the skippers resumed their attempts to stabilise the keel.

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2019: Top 20 disclosed
The top eighty pictures have been selected last month by the international jury and published on the event website, allowing the public to vote for their favorite pictures.

Strong fleet gearing up for Lipton Cup Regatta at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
The Victorian Sydney Fleet will this year take part in the 2019 Lipton Cup Regatta as part of its 2019/20 program, with a strong fleet getting ready to descend on the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria for its major club regatta of the year.

MC38 2019 Season Act 6 at Middle Harbour Yacht Club
It's been a while coming and for the closing Act 6 of the MC38 2019 season pointscore, Leslie Green's Ginger Ninjas worked their way back to familiar territory, at the top of the class scoreboard.

Ensign Yachts moves into the digital age as it expands, bringing brokers to you
Ensign Yachts is taking a new strategic direction. This progressive strategy will see it reducing its retail footprint across Australia while developing maximum reach by expanding its presence in yacht clubs and marinas around Australia

World Sailing's Annual Conference wraps up in Bermuda
The ninth and final day of the Conference saw the ratification of the Council decisions made on Friday and Saturday, confirmation of the Election Committee for the 2020 General Assembly and a decision made on World Sailing's governance.

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