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Hooray for the hundredth!

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Seagull LEADERBOARD

11th Hour Racing 2021 - OCT15 - LEADERBOARD

Giddy Up! Beam reach and the A-Bag on the J/99 - photo © J Composites

Dear Recipient Name

Now if you're a British subject that means you get a letter from HRH QEII. If you're French, maybe you get one from President Macron. Certainly POTUS does to US citizens. So then here is our card, of sorts, to the J/99, because come Boot Düsseldorf, which is being held from 22 to 31/1/2022, 100 of the little speedsters will have been delivered. Well done!

If you even just glance at these ramblings occasionally, you will have noticed we have had a lot to say about short-handed, and especially the new breed of craft purposely designed and built for that, like the J/99. Back in November 2020 we had a deeper look at the J/99 in Good Thinking, 99, after skirting around the edges a bit in other editorials.

WASZP2021 - WASZP_X - MPU   Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - MPU

Down below on the J/99 - photo © J Composites
Down below on the J/99 - photo © J Composites

Alas, it all seemed like a very good time to come back to Fred Bouvier from the builder, J/Composites, to see what he put it all down to; because no matter which way you talk about it, 100 is plenty special! "Versatility is the main reason for J/99's success. She's a good daysailer, as well as family weekender, and in the meantime you can win races in all kinds of handicap systems, because her design has not been focused on just the one rating formula."

Now he also knows a lot about sailing, and here's a video of him having a blast two-handed off Les Sables-d'Olonne. "We may not have set out to market the J/99 as a One Design Class, but certainly the number of boats in different regions does now allow us to start thinking about a J/99 class. Our goal from the outset was to get the vessel numbers out there and being used, and then class racing will come", said Bouvier in closing.

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J/99 on a mooring in Pittwater, NSW. - photo © J/Boats Australia
J/99 on a mooring in Pittwater, NSW. - photo © J/Boats Australia

Regions. Right then. That sounds perfect. There are presently seven J/99s in Australia, with the last one just being commissioned now, and in fact, #8 is due soon too, and discussions for numbers 9 and 10 are under way as well. As it turns out, Ray Entwistle from J/Boats Australia also felt that the vessel's inherent versatility was the key to its success, with them residing from Hobart to Newcastle; some in pens and some on moorings...

Entwistle expanded, "If you put racing to one side, as the results speak for themselves, apart from the versatility of the design, another key feature is the high normal specification. Our Australian owners represent a very broad spectrum in terms of age, experience, and reasons for purchasing the boat: whether it be short-handed or fully crewed racing, offshore and inshore, family cruising or a complete mixture of the lot. The J/99 does covers it all."

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New J/99 undergoing commissioning for her Australian owner. - photo © J/Boats Australia
New J/99 undergoing commissioning for her Australian owner. - photo © J/Boats Australia

Importantly, relative to Bouvier's thoughts, "All the J/99's in Australia are single rudder, no water ballast, and standard alloy spars in configuration, so it's the beginnings of a well matched fleet of new generation 32-footers."

Australia's first J/99 arrived during lockdown 2020, so the sailing was quite limited. Ray and wife Sandra utilised the time to practice their short handed manoeuvring. "We found the J/99 to be everything it said on the box; stiff, spacious, comfortable, incredibly well configured for both short-handed and fully crewed racing, and super responsive. Once we finally started racing, we found her such an easy boat to sail regardless of the wind and sea state, it was just pure joy to get out and stretch her legs", said Ray.

CDI 2021 / 600x500   Vakaros 2021 - MPU

J/99 KING OF BLUE victorious at Les Voiles de St Tropez - photo © J Composites
J/99 KING OF BLUE victorious at Les Voiles de St Tropez - photo © J Composites

Sandra would comment about it all after some practice as they had not done a lot of double-handed for a while, "Actually, I prefer racing two-up, as I get to do a bit of everything - from tactics to jib trim to kite trim, and all the tasks to make that happen. Paradoxically, I find it less stressful with just two on board, the reason being that we ensure we are organised and prepared for what's going to happen next, I know what Ray is going to do and vice versa."

Naturally, the Australian representatives expect a lot from any J/Boat, but found with the J/99 that it delivered even more than their lofty expectations, with a string of wins keeping the smile on the dial factor also nice and high.

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J/99 polars straight from the software... - photo © J Composites
J/99 polars straight from the software... - photo © J Composites

There are two J/99's entered in the two-handed division of the 2021 Sydney to Hobart race. Both owners wanted a boat that was an all-rounder, so offering great up and downwind performance, as well as excellent stability. Importantly, S2H is not their only focus, for the boat also needed to be family friendly, and the J/99 ticked all their boxes. Indeed, with S2H 2020 cancelled, one of them spent last Christmas cruising their J/99 with his young family.

"Our Hobart owner, who has built and owned multiple boats over the years, stated the performance of the J/99 exceeds all his expectations, with his crew commenting it is the best boat he has ever owned. Being an octogenarian and concerned about the rough weather in Hobart, he opted for the wheel version so he had something to hang onto through the tacks and gybes. He reported he has moved up two divisions already, despite coming from a larger boat!"

Allen 2021 More Grip Less Slip MPU   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU

J/99 Short-handed Offshore Speedster - photo © J/Boats
J/99 Short-handed Offshore Speedster - photo © J/Boats

So the latest J/99 to Australia belongs to Shane, who has been a J/Boat owner some years ago. He had the following to say regarding his selection of the J/99. "Way back in 2003 I bought my first J/Boat, which was a little J/92 called, Selkie. 18 years later, Selkie is still being sailed around Sydney Harbour, and I am sure the current owners are having as much fun with her as I did."

Shane added, "The thing I liked about the J/92, and now the J/99, is quite simply they are a fun and fast boat to sail. On the J/99 everything on deck is well thought out - everything comes to hand easily, whether you're sailing short-handed or fully crewed. J/Boats are designed and built really well built. You can use them to race, cruise, or a combination of both."

Flagstaff 2021AUG - First Yacht 53 - MPU   11th Hour Racing 2021 - OCT15 - MPU

Ray and Sandra Entwistle return into Pittwater after racing offshore on the J/99, Jedi. - photo © RPAYC
Ray and Sandra Entwistle return into Pittwater after racing offshore on the J/99, Jedi. - photo © RPAYC

I have been racing or cruising yachts for more than thirty years now. In this modern era of sailing there are a lot of great craft to choose from. There are many new trends, and indeed a touch of new fashion in modern yacht design. Some boats are great downwind, some are fast on a reach, and some are terrific to windward. In the racing I do I was looking for a good windward/leeward boat. A boat capable of two handed racing in the S2H, competing in other ocean races, such as the CYCA Blue Water Series, and a boat I could still have fun with around the cans on a Wednesday night. For me, the J/99 ticked all of those boxes."

Rum Rebellion is the name for Shane's new J/99, and he knows they'll have plenty on to get her ready in time for the Hobart. He added in closing, "I appreciate all the work Ray and Sandra at J/Boats Australia have done in getting her to Australia, in what can be best described as a difficult year. They have certainly assisted me in any way they can."

Speaking of offshore, here's a video of the J/99 Jazz, with her designers Rod and Alan Johnstone on board, heading to Bermuda on a 'mercy mission', as such, back last year.

J/99 Offshore Speedster - photo © J/Boats
J/99 sailing two-handed on Pittwater - photo © J/Boats

Ensign 2021 Sail MPU   Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU

Nearly Off.

Yes it is nearly 'game on' time for Yassine Drk. You know it is still unbelievable to contemplate - 300nm non-stop and unassisted - in a Laser! Yassine checked in just the other day, and commented, "My departure is scheduled for the 28th. The wind will shift to the East, making it possible to leave the Strait (Gibraltar). The current is pretty strong, and without a good Easterly breeze, leaving will be impossible. I would have enjoyed its strength a few days ago when after a two hours on the one tack I was still at the same place, hahaha."

At any rate, he was kind enough to share this video of his training, which clearly he is very much enjoying, simply stating, "It's very beautiful here."

Zhik 2021 Season 2 MPU   Colligo 2021 MPU

Yassine Darkaoui - the Long Trip - photo © Yassine Darkaoui
Yassine Darkaoui - the Long Trip - photo © Yassine Darkaoui

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John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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The International Masters Regatta is back - 12 legendary skippers to compete in San Diego
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Home waters victory for Italy at Hempel Mixed Two Person Offshore World Championship
Italian team Claudia Rossi & Pietro D'Alì have been crowned winners of the 2021 Hempel Mixed Two Person Offshore World Championship after a hard-fought final leg to Venice.

Team Windcraft 2021 - Solaris - MPU   J Composites 2020 - MPU
Today, September 26, marks the 38th anniversary of the America's Cup win by Australian II
Today, September 26th is the 38th anniversary of Australia II's win in the America's Cup - handing the New York Yacht Club their first ever defeat since the first defence in 1870, here's a replay of a documentary marking the 30th Anniversary of the win.

Special announcement: Warren Jones supported events in 2022
The WA Tour will see a series of three-match racing events, targeted to youth sailors, sailed over January and February in Western Australia.

52 Super Series fleet set to line up in Menorca
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SSL Sailing Team South Africa wins the SSL Gold Cup Test Event 1, Grandson Switzerland.

The Race Around: Entries open and pre-NoR released
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Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award: deadline approaching
The awards ceremony will take place in public, during the Paris International Boat Show, a ceremony to which all marine photographers, professional sailors, teams and agencies are cordially invited.

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Pantaenius 2021 AUS Sailing MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
30th Anniversary Women's Keelboat Championship in Fremantle
This is the first time that Swan River Sailing is moving the Foundation-36 fleet to Freo Waters (Bathers Beach) specifically for the women's competition.

Equinox sale on hardware and safety gear
To celebrate the moment at which the centre of the visible sun is directly above the equator we are offering the best online pricing for all Harken Winch and Winch Handles.

Mixing it up
As we head towards the end of September, I've been thinking about which events, and days out sailing, have been the most fun this year. There are a few to choose from, and overall it's been a good year for time on the water.

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An exciting 52nd edition of La Solitaire du Figaro. Now heading for 2022!
'Where legends are born!' is the strapline of La Solitaire du Figaro. One reason that legendary sailors are made and crowned on the La Solitaire du Figaro is the magnitude of the challenge.

The Vendée Arctic - Les Sables d'Olonne 2022 offers a demanding 3,500 mile course
The SAEM Vendée, the organisers of the Vendée Globe, will also organize the "Vendée Arctic - Les Sables-d'Olonne" which will be the first qualifying stage for the Vendée Globe 2024. The "Arctic Vendée Les Sables-d'Olonne" will leave from Port Olona

Figaro Beneteau 3 – Quintessentially French
She's quite happy to slap you back and forth across your face, or go off and sulk at a corner table with an espresso martini and deliver you scorchingly deathly stares. 250 - 2014   C-Tech 2021 SnuffAir 300x250
11th Hour Racing Team experiences highs and lows at Le Défi Azimut in France
Victory in the Speed Runs and the runner's-up spot in the double-handed 48-Hour Race were the highlights for the US-based 11th Hour Racing Team, as it competed with two boats in the Défi Azimut regatta in Lorient on the French Brittany coast.

Italia Sailing Team announces entry in The Ocean Race 2022-23
During a press conference organised by the Yacht Club Italiano on Sunday evening, the Italian Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, gave his full support for an Italian entry in the next edition of The Ocean Race, scheduled to start in late 2022.

49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championships 2021 at Thessalonikki, Greece - Overall
Mikolaj Staniul with Kuba Sztorch (POL) won a tit for tat battle with Tim Fischer with Fabian Graf that played out over two 49er gold races on the final day in Thessaloniki.

Super-B 300x250px GIF   Doyle Sails 2020 - Built for Adventure 300x250
Gladwell's Line: Irish bureaucrats cop media ire over Cup hosting 'indecision'
The Irish editions of the weekend and Sunday newspapers have taken the Ministry of Sport bureaucrats to task over their "indecision" on the America's Cup hosting bid for Cork.

The Défi Azimut - Lorient Agglomération: A proper contest and a worthy winner
You could hardly hope for a more dramatic race packed into less than two days at sea than we saw in the Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération 48-Hours classic, a contest that tested crews and produced another stellar performance at the front by APIVIA.

Golden Globe Race team and Les Sables d'Olonne at the Southampton Boat Show
One year prior to the September 2022 start of the Golden Globe Race, Don McIntyre and the GGR team were joined by Les Sables d'Olonne, home port of the race and European capital of solo-sailing at the Southampton boat show.

Len Heffernan: Champion skipper who changed the style of Sydney 18 footers in the 1960s
Len Heffernan was a champion 18ft Skiff skipper, designer and boat builder of the 1950s and 60s, who changed the style of the Sydney 18 footers in the early 1960s, but never gets the recognition that he deserves.

GC32 Villasimius World Championship 2021 - Overall
Sport is all about emotions, highs and lows. Nowhere was this more evident today than at the conclusion of the third GC32 World Championship, held in Villasimius.

Stars+Stripes win the 56th Congressional Cup
Taylor Canfield's (USA) Team Stars+Stripes has triumphed in the 56th Congressional Cup at Long Beach Yacht Club, capping five-days of high-test competition in this World Match Racing Tour championship event.

Seahorse Mainsail Hoisting System
Tired of climbing up on your boom to release the top car on your mainsail so you can cover it completely? Well, this system allows you to decouple the top car from your mainsail easily, so you can automatically lower the sail to the boom for covering.

2021 Rolex NYYC Invitational Cup - Overall: Southern Yacht Club wins for second time
For the second time in three editions, Southern Yacht Club will leave the New York Yacht Club Harbour Court with the most prestigious trophy in Corinthian sailing, the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, firmly in its collective grasp.

Flagstaff 2021AUG - Excess 11 - FOOTER

J Composites 2020 - FOOTER

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