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38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - LEADERBOARD - Sept2021

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History repeating

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Seagull LEADERBOARD

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9m trimaran - El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly

Dear Recipient Name

Here's something very new, as such... However, in the 60s, another bunch of avant-garde enthusiasts pretty much did the same. Now their product, also took its inspiration from the male bovine. They even gave the Muira wonderful little styling cues to really cement Lambo's triumphant arrival into the supercar scene, with the cheeky eyelashes turning heads, and placing exclamation marks everywhere it went. Yet there was another you had to be specifically looking for, and all the while it paid homage to their very origins on the land, as the tractor builder made good, duking it out with the biggest and best in the business.

Today, Lamborghini's little devil, with a nasty penchant for self-inflicted fire, is as priceless as it ever was. The Muira was able to steal movies like the Italian Job from even the legendary Sir Michael Caine, and the late and great Benny Hill, to utterly wowing them at auctions nowadays. You could use iconic to describe them, perhaps seminal if you wanted to give the thesaurus a wee belting, but you'll perhaps just end up back at synonymous - with an era, a passion, and a mission. So cue the Propellerheads, and put the spotlight on Dame Shirley Bassey, because...

Open the doors and there you have it - the horns of the bull. V12 Legend - Lamborghini's Muira. - photo © Photo supplied
Open the doors and there you have it - the horns of the bull. V12 Legend - Lamborghini's Muira. - photo © Photo supplied

38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU   Flagstaff 2020 - Excess 15 - MPU

Tri it on all right!

So our nautical 'El Toro' is a 9m trimaran, which is obviously in reference to said bovine, for front on, it too has more than a passing resemblance. The band of passionate sailors consists of Ben Kelly from North Sails in Brisbane, and Aaron Carle (Engineering/design/boat building) who both designed it, and then Russell Kerr (Painter, come boat builder during this project), along with Doug Fuller (Boat builder. "Plus he is the wise one, having built multiple trimarans!" As Kelly informed me.) All four will make up her race crew.

The skilled crew has raced multis together for 10 years, and El Toro is the classic labour of love, with weekends and a few nights being scraped together over the last five years to get her to the stage where she is set to race in the next few months. No pressure, of course...

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Powerful form of the new 9m trimaran El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly
Powerful form of the new 9m trimaran El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly

The bucket list project is a non-commercial build, "...but we could do plans for home builders if they are crazy enough! We all say this will be our last ever build!" As Kelly said this, you got the feeling that they almost wanted to go on record to ensure they don't get any more grand ideas once El Toro is launched.

Kelly has won ten Multihull National titles aboard vessels penned by Grainger/Egan and Farrier, all of whom have influenced this boat's design, but you can easily also see a real French twist, given they all " the Multi 50s, ORMA 60s, Mod 70s, and Ultim weapons!"

J Composites 2020 - MPU   CDI 2021 / 600x500

More than a rocket - more like a missile

El Toro is 9m LOA, with an impressive beam of 7.2m, and an all up sailing weight of 1200kg, plus her crew. I think you get the picture right there. She is completely demountable, with the structural beams running through channels in the main hull and plugging into the floats. Her mast is located at exactly halfway along, and sits on the main beam, with the traveller then mounted on the aft beam. The boards/foils are located in her floats, which then means she has a very small and lightweight centre hull.

Aero fairing of the beams for El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly
Aero fairing of the beams for El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly

El Toro is primarily GRP, with carbon reinforcing where needed, which has allowed them to keep the cost down. Equally, the OMR rule is not kind to super lightweight boats, so she is solid (by multi standards) to rate well, which means she be competitive now, and for some time to come. Her mast, boom, foils and beams are all 100% carbon. Note she has not been built to be a full foiler at launching, but this is certainly a place they can go if they choose, and the budget arrives to provide for that kind of fun.

You'll see her racing out of Manly on Moreton Bay, and also along the East Coast of Australia, but Kelly also points out that, "El Toro will also be a great platform for weekends away and joy riding on the bay with friends and family. My 11 year old son Luca is very excited about the new boat."

Spartan, pratical and clean - centre hull of El Toro - not the for'ard beam channel nestled in between the ring frames. - photo © Ben Kelly
Spartan, pratical and clean - centre hull of El Toro - not the for'ard beam channel nestled in between the ring frames. - photo © Ben Kelly

McConaghy Boats 2021 - MPU   Sail Exchange 300x250 Used Sails

Sexy gear abounds.

North Sails 3Di Raw will be used for her working sails, and then NPL panelled materials, along with Helix luffs, will give her a formidable, furling downhill selection to play with. "The wardrobe is reasonably conservative, and gives the ability to bring more sail area to the boat in the future, should it be required. The biggest gains in more recent times have come from North Sails incredible design systems and people, and 3Di structured technology", said Kelly.

"This will all be on show with El Toro, for she will be a test bed and demonstration vessel too (Editor's note: Lucky clients who get to go for a blast, I say.). I have enjoyed working with New Zealand based designer, Magnus Doole (designer for Black Jack, BeauGeste Mod 70, Fuku Scallywag Tri etc, and Extreme 40s), to nail down the sail wardrobe. BTW, we should be hitting the water this September. It's likely our first racing event will be the St Helena Cup in late October."

No shortage of sail aloft for El Toro - photo © North Sails
No shortage of sail aloft for El Toro - photo © North Sails

A project of this nature is always bound to inspire others as well, and El Toro will have some great brands of gear on board. "Gaelle and the team from Wichard Pacific have given great support for the entire build period. Most specifically, they have provided deck hardware like Wichard and Tye Tec fittings, loops and so forth, along with Facnor/Profurl furlers, and our Facnor halyard locks. These are incredible items and will really ensure we can extract all that El Toro has to offer."

"Joel Berg from Allyacht Spars has assisted with plus our Moonlight hatches, and then most especially with some custom parts to match our 14.3m long, 280mm C-Tech carbon wing mast. El Toro also has a C-Tech boom and bowsprit. Grant and Callum at Harken supplied the bulk of the deck hardware, Karver winches from Any Port Marine, and International Rope Supplies delivering a full custom package of strings", said Kelly in closing.

Race Yachts 2021 600x500 v2   Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - MPU

14.3m C-Tech carbon wing mast for El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly
14.3m C-Tech carbon wing mast for El Toro - photo © Ben Kelly

One thing is clear, and that is that El Toro will be a marvellous test bed and showcase for all these amazing brands, and allow Kelly's clientele at North Sails the best working platform to develop multihull sails that are relevant to the OMR rule. Nice. Queue starts here BTW. Take a number...

El Toro - time to tame the bull. - photo © Ben Kelly
El Toro - time to tame the bull. - photo © Ben Kelly

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Quest 300x250   Zhik 2021 Akzonobel MPU

North Sails Open Day in Sydney.

In finishing, just a quick note to say that the North Sails Open Day is being held at their Sydney loft in Mona Vale on July 3rd from 10am to 3pm. It's an informal gathering to show people how sails are made, there'll be several dinghies displayed, like Finns, and OKs, quite probably the new 3Di 49er and FX sails, North Sails kiteboarding gear, North Sails technical gear, and some talks - OD panels and cruising seminars, as well as big names dropping in to add further colour, also sail repair demonstrations, including vacuum bag 3Di sails, and sailmakers talking directly with interested parties as they move about the loft, all in a low-key manner. Even food trucks and other amenities have all been organised. RSVP through this link here.

North Sails Performance Southern Ocean Smock - photo © North Sails
North Sails Performance Southern Ocean Smock - photo © North Sails

Right oh - there is plenty of information on the group's sites for you to review when you can. Please avail yourself of it.

Now if your class or association is generating material, please submit your material. Got this newsletter from a friend? Would you like your own copy next week? Just follow the instructions on our newsletter page. Whilst there, you can also register for other editions, like Powerboat-World.

Finally, many thanks for making Sail-World your go-to choice. We're always here to keep pumping out the news. Stay safe, and enjoy your time on the water.

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

ALT Composities 2020 West System 2 - 300x250   Colligo 2021 MPU

Hempel World Cup Series - Allianz Regatta Day 5
The first half of the Hempel World Cup Series - Allianz Regatta has concluded with the awarding of gold, silver and bronze World Cup medals in the ILCA 6, ILCA7, Men's and Women's RS:X and the Nacra 17.

Fairytale victory for Japan at Italy Sail Grand Prix in Taranto
Italian Francesco Bruni wins home event as 'the City of the Two Seas' delivers spectacular crowds on and off the water.

The Ocean Race Europe fleet leaves Cascais for Alicante as difficult Gibraltar passage looms
The second leg of The Ocean Race Europe got under way today in Cascais, Portugal where the event's 12 professional yacht crews representing nine countries from around the world set off on a four-day offshore passage to Alicante, Spain.

Rolly Tasker Sails 2021 v2 - 600x500   Salthouse Boats 300x250 Drone shot
Spain tops season leaderboard after dramatic second day in SailGP Italy
For the second day Japan SailGP continued to dominate the racing at SailGP Italy, winning the second race of the day and then taking the Final on a drama-filled day.

First ever all-female double-handed sailing team ready for Sydney to Hobart 2021
The average team competing in the infamous Sydney to Hobart race has 10 crew members or more. But two Sydney women are ready to push the limits of what's possible by preparing to compete in the 2021 race as the first ever all-female crew of just two.

Massive Online Sail Auction 10th-16th June
Sail Exchange in conjunction with Marine Auctions are clearing 200+ New & Used Sails - Mains, Jibs, Spinnakers, Roller Furling Genoas for 30-100ft yachts.

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Fleet MPU   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU
Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team wins first coastal race of The Ocean Race Europe
Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team claimed victory today in the first points-scoring coastal race of The Ocean Race Europe.

Tax deductible donations for a Cleaner Ocean
Ocean Crusaders have been cleaning waterways across the Eastern seaboard for the last 5 years and have removed staggering amounts of debris, stopping it from getting out into our playground.

Spectacular Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy comes to a close in Cascais
The annual Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, which was founded in 2020 with the mission of creating awareness for marine conservation projects to protect the world's oceans, has come to a close following a second day of thrilling racing in Cascais.

ABRW 2021 - MPU   MIA 2019 300x250 5
Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Overall
The final day of the first superyacht event of the Mediterranean season confirmed victory for Missy and Highland Fling XVII.

United States and Japan dominate opening day of Italy Sail Grand Prix in Taranto
Hundreds of on-water spectators and a packed shoreline witnessed the return of Jimmy Spithill's United States SailGP Team and Nathan Outteridge's Japan SailGP Team as they dominated the opening day of the Italy Sail Grand Prix.

Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy coastal sprint reshuffles the leader board on eve of leg 2 restart
The Ocean Race Europe fleet returned to competitive action in Cascais, Portugal today where the 12 int'l teams representing nine countries took on the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy coastal race ahead of the start tomorrow of the second offshore leg

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500   North Sails 2021 AUS Open Day MPU 1
Unboxing Innovation
The Pro Laced Boots (made from 4mm lined neoprene) have been developed to give the wearer ultimate support for hiking and trapezing.

Reduced crew keeps F50 fleet foiling in Italy
Light and shifting conditions in Taranto Harbour, Italy saw the Great Britain SailGP Team have a mixed day of results on the first day of the Italy Sail Grand Prix with Paul Goodison driving the British F50 in his first ever SailGP event.

The Ocean Race Europe: After champagne sailing in leg one, it's upwind through the Strait in leg two
The inaugural staging of The Ocean Race Europe is going to present the five IMOCA crews taking part with tough conditions on leg two to Alicante in Spain, which starts from Cascais on Sunday.

Ensign 2021 C42 Yacht of the Year 600x500   AUS Fusion SG3_Classic_300x250px
SailGP Italy: USA and Japan tied at top of leaderboard after Day 1 in Taranto
USA and Japan dominated the first day of racing in the SailGP Italy, sailed in winds of 8-10kts at Taranto. The crews were reduced by two in an effort to make the F50 wingsailed catamarans foil more readily with the mid-range 24metre wingsail.

ClubSwan 36 One Design Class approves smartlink 5t from Cyclops
Nautor's ClubSwan 36, renowned for its innovation and forward thinking, has approved the use of a smartlink 5t on the forestay during racing.

America's Cup: Sir Stephen Tindall retires from Emirates Team New Zealand Board
Sir Stephen Tindall is retiring as Chairman and Director of the Board of Emirates Team New Zealand after a long and successful tenure as Director of the four times America's Cup winning team.

Vetus-Maxwell 2020   Navico 2020 fun MPU AUS
Four Salthouse Coach Boats headed to Tokyo Olympics
The Olympic dream is coming true for the team behind Salthouse Coach Boats with four of its boats on their way to Tokyo for the Olympic Games starting in July 2021. Yachting New Zealand is sending four of its five new Salthouse Coach Boats.

Allen Through Deck Block Range Expands
We are pleased to announce that our range of 20mm & 30mm through deck blocks is expanding to include stainless steel sheaves and recycled acetal sheaves.

Leg one of The Ocean Race Europe, Lorient to Cascais, produces a thriller of a finish
Close racing in the IMOCA Class is nothing new, especially after the last Vendée Globe, but even so the first leg of The Ocean Race Europe produced a thriller of a finish that had fans gripped to their computer screens all over the world.

X-Yachts AUS X4 - 2   Sydney Festival of Boating 2021 MPU
The Ocean Race Europe Leg 1 Finish: CORUM L'Epargne and The Austrian Ocean Race Project win
The opening leg of The Ocean Race Europe came to a nail-biting conclusion today in Cascais, Portugal with the winners in both the VO65 and IMOCA 60 classes decided only in the last few moments of the four-day passage from Lorient, France.

The Ocean Race Europe has tight finish at Cascais - six finish in 180secs
The 1400nm first leg of The Ocean Race Europe went down to the wire with six boats from the combined fleet of 12 IMOCA60's and VOR65's crossing the finish line inside 3 minutes.

Thriving in the environment: J/111 Owner Profile - Louise Makin
Louise Makin has received notable recognition in the business world and the sport of sailing. For 15 years, Louise was CEO of British Technology Group (BTG) before Boston Scientific completed the acquisition for $4.2 billion.

Boat Books Australia   Sea Sure 2020 - MPU
WANTED: Boatyard Manager at RHKYC
The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is looking for a high calibre individual to fill the post of Boatyard Manager which will become vacant in August 2021.

America's Cup: Emirates Team NZ tight lipped on response to $100million offer
Emirates Team NZ have refused to comment specifically on media reports of a $100million package claimed to have been rejected by the team. In a later story the Auckland Mayor has elaborated on the previously unattributed claims.

Your club needs you!
The incredible surge of growth in grass-roots sailing, and boating in general, relies on the life-blood of our sport, the myriad of sailing and yacht clubs around the world.

Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU   Highfield Boats - SW - MPU
Reach for the Sky: Climbing the rig of a Clipper 70
One of the tasks on board that may polarise Clipper Race Crew, is the need to ascend the lofty heights of the mast. Some thrill seekers on board will jump at the opportunity and others could not be dragged up there by wild horses.

Excess 12 - It's a sensation!
(Well actually it is more than one…) You know, the father of Excess, Bruno Belmont, always said to me that Excess is all about delivering sailing sensations, with the amenity of a cruising cat.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild: Rolex Fastnet Race, Transat Jacques Vabre… and the Jules Verne Trophy
With 10 days to go till the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild is relaunched, the five-arrow racing stable is unveiling its sports programme for 2021.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   Sailing Connex - Sailor Sunscreen - MPU
Everything you need to know to start wingfoiling
There are many reasons why you might want to wingfoil; you want to impress your significant other, you want to learn to ride swell, you're bored and want to try something new.

18ft Skiffs Golden Era
The 1970s is often referred to as the 'Golden Era of 18ft Skiff Racing' as it produced large, competitive fleets at both the Australian 18 Footers League and Sydney Flying Squadron, a strong, fleet at the Brisbane 18 Footers Club and at Auckland SC.

François Gabart, skipper of the new trimaran SVR-Lazartigue
The French group Kresk, chaired by Didier Tabary and owner of the SVR, Lazartigue and Fillmed cosmetics brands, announces the acquisition of the new Ultim, the trimaran built by François Gabart's ocean racing team, MerConcept.

Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66
Ocean Racing Club of Victoria Apollo Bay Race
Another Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV) Apollo Bay race has been run and won, with Alien (R880) claiming victory as overall race winner.

Selden 2020 - E40i electric winch - MPU   Armstrong-300x250-banner-Wing
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