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All hail the new Chief of the Village - Australia Newsletter


All hail the new Chief of the Village

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38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - LEADERBOARD

The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

Dear Recipient Name

Which village, you ask? Well that would be the one of the TeePees, and the very new CF 520 could well be the one adorned with the huge plumage. Now we won't have to wait too long to find out, either, because the first one will be out sailing next (Northern Hemisphere) Spring.

From Gen I to V, and then all the derivations under IRC, Pac52, and so on, the sweet spot seemed to be 52 feet, fixed keels, lighter and lighter displacement until we got into the sevens, 270m2 bags, max beam to transom with all of her 15 crew perched there under pre-social distancing rules, and the aft pedestal linked into the primaries. Giddy up, indeed!

So if that's who she is, then we need to find out a whole lot more about just exactly what she is. So the C stands for Carkeek Design, the F for Fibre Mechanics, the builders, and 520 for the magic size under many a rating system.

The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design
The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

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How did it all come about?

Shaun Carkeek explains, "I was approached by Sir Richard Matthews towards the end of 2019, when he was looking to build his new Oystercatcher XXXV (35). The project started out as a 45ft-48ft IRC racing yacht for a dual-purpose inshore/offshore race program, including the Rolex events in the UK, Caribbean and Mediterranean."

"We soon pushed the LOA to 50 feet to deliver a more comfortable offshore platform, and then finally ended at 52 feet, once we had discussed strategy, as well as Richard's coastal and offshore programme, I felt confident we could raise the bar to something special in the same way we crafted the three times One Ton Cup, Fast 40 Series Champion, and World Sailing Yacht of the Year, Rán VII, for Skype Co-Founder, Niklas Zennstrom."

Right oh. Then we are bang smack in the middle of the village, as it were. You have to go somewhere - so where is that? "The TP52s are fantastic machines, with an unrivalled track record around the globe, having won most of the major events under every major rule including IRC and ORCi. We certainly pegged used TP52 design as our benchmark", said Carkeek.

The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design
The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

"However, my goal was to conceive a new generation 52, harnessing the best of the TP, whilst at the same time creating a more versatile and up to date platform for clients wanting a fast offshore experience in a dry boat. Applying a blank sheet of paper approach to it all, the CF 520 was born, and she's a more all-round optimised and engineered boat, offering blistering performance with water ballast and the capability to race with less crew (10 versus 15 offshore), Improved balance and control in both light airs and windy conditions with heaps more power and performance with amateur and pro teams alike."

"I wanted to design a boat that could be sailed by 10 offshore without giving up any performance on the coastal and 600 mile races. All the while being equally strong inshore against the TPs around the cans. This was achieved through a unique design methodology and process we use at Carkeek Design, which is a combination of cutting edge technology, design, craftsmanship, innovation and engineering. The CF 520 also features a state of the art water ballast system, and a unique aero/hydro package designed and engineered specifically for the CF 520. This boat is all about the details and every aspect working in harmony. It's a boat designed by sailors for sailors."

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Got it. What does that look like, then?

"Each design we undertake presents a unique set of challenges and requirements. The new CF 520 is no different, and in fact, we decided to push the limits further. So to achieve this next level, we applied our knowledge and experience from the inshore (Fast 40, TP52, IRC AND ORC), and offshore (Volvo 70s) arenas, to create something new, unique and exciting, so as to satisfy a new breed of demanding owner."

Not only does the CF 520 look like a new era boat, she's a stylish, meticulously detailed and well thought out racing yacht, courtesy of her design and engineering. The team at Carkeek Design is made up of experts in the various areas of the design: namely - aero, hydro, interior and exterior design, control, sailing, mechanical and electrical systems, structural and technical engineering, graphics, and production. The composites engineering for the CF 520 was done by Waterfront, with whom they collaborated on the successful Fast 40, Rán VII (World Sailing Yacht of the Year), the NEO 57 and C 80.

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The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design
The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

Naturally, several tens of thousands of man-hours can vaporise into project of this nature as you delve into comparisons, alternate aspects and changes. Carkeek explained, "Our process is extremely detailed, and we deliver a turnkey package that involves many design iterations. Our proven, winning design process sees the various loops working seamlessly between all those areas you mentioned immediately above."

"The process starts with an understanding of our client's needs, budget, racing program, and expectations. Once the design space is defined, we develop baseline concepts, and then begin the optimisation process. Our system allows us to optimise all aspects in parallel, and in a unique integrated manner within the design space."

"We take care of every detail in the design and production process. Advanced modelling aids the client's discussion and also includes the builder, key suppliers, and sailing team. The high number of hours is driven by our involvement from the first conversation to the end of the build phase, and well into the sailing trials, tuning and testing."

Some of the key parameters for the CF 520 were that it could be pushed hard offshore, yet have the same pedigree as a SuperSeries 52 inshore, and importantly, also in light airs. The CF 520 is faster and more powerful versus a TP52, due to the unique combination of design parameters, and it also allows owners to sail shorthanded inshore or offshore, thanks to a state-of-the-art, high speed transfer ballast system designed in-house by Carkeek Design.

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Just what parameters can prospective owners work inside?

The yacht has a new setup, and Hull #1 has twin rudders, however owners can opt for the single rudder design to optimise the craft for an inshore program. "I'm very pleased with our twin rudder setup as the go to all-round solution, for it offers many benefits over the single rudder boat, particularly when offshore", added Carkeek.

The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design
The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

Hull #1 is also the base package, which includes twin rudders, water ballast, fixed keel with a newly designed and built mast section featuring a High/Ultra High Modulus rig from NZ Spars, and solid carbon (Carbo-Link) rigging. Careful attention to the details includes an exhaustive optimisation programme in terms of the aero/hydro aspects to maximise the performance versus rating for inshore, coastal, and offshore sailing. The interior and deck layout design reflects the yachts versatile, all-round ability.

"Owners have the ability to work closely with us to customise their boat, to match their particular requirements, including operating with or without water ballast. They can select deck gear, mast and nearly all parts can be customised, including the cockpit layout and interior, as long as it fits the primary structural GA", offered Carkeek.

"We can supply two pedestal and winch layouts, and if a client so chooses, we can design and supply a unique custom electric winch system and full electric or hybrid package. We supplied Rán VII with a full electric racing propulsion system, and clients are looking for green racing solutions these days, which we can certainly do."

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Changing gears

"We designed in the ability to mode the CF 520 platform, depending on the event being sailed, and the required setup. The yacht is more adaptable due the systems we've built in, thereby allowing teams to match the boat to a wider range of conditions and venues. The base displacement is 6800kg. The sail area to displacement ratio is higher than the average IRC or TP52."

"The CF 520 is a lighter, stiffer, faster, higher stability platform than a TP52, with increased level of control, reliability and flexibility to mode, along with an emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and dryness offshore. Hull #1 is currently in the assembly/fit-out stage, and we're scheduled to launch at the end of April 2021."

"While pushing the performance and design, we've worked closely with Fibre Mechanics and our suppliers to deliver clients great overall value. The CF 520 is extremely attractively priced, with quality, service and support being key elements in our process", said Carkeek in closing.

The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design
The new CF 520 - first one finished April 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design

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Timing is everything

How close was it. Just another week and all would have been fine... Ages ago, when Victoria went into lockdown we basically said, just be mindful that your turn might come. How sad it was to see that all come to pass. Sad for owners, crews, suppliers, and so forth.

David Hislop, the Marketing & Communications Manager of the CYCA wrote to us after the cancellation of the Hobart and said, "Yes it was definitely a difficult decision but one that we are comfortable with and had to be made. (Not that it feels like that now)." Quite so...

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Big guns don't fire - yet

After first losing Edmond du Rothschild, Sodebo also retired after damaging the starboard rudder, leaving IDEC Sports' Jules Verne record intact, for now. It's sad for Sodebo, as they were racing along smartly. A major shakeup is taking place in the way the Ultim class will be run, and the events we can look forward to, like Brest Atlantique, and a solo RTW event slated for 2023. Closer in and Transat Jacques Vabre and the Fastnet are in the mix. The new Banque Populaire XI is also due in Spring (Northern Hemisphere), so there is plenty to keep us entertained.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild - photo © Y.Riou / polaRYSE / GITANA S.A
Maxi Edmond de Rothschild - photo © Y.Riou / polaRYSE / GITANA S.A

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Form guide?

AC36, the ACWS Auckland - ETNZ finished the first joust on top, with American Magic in second place, then Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team and finally INEOS Team UK with no wins. The Prada Christmas Cup ran out of puff - literally. Overall, good fun racing with light air vulnerabilities on display, and low-rider mode no good for staying in the mix (like that's new intel). Plenty to keep one watching, me thinks...

There's still room! (Just)

Definitely getting tighter after SailGP's announcements that Saint Tropez and Cadiz will get September and October, but us Antipodeans can still hope for something before the April final in San Francisco.

Second, Third, and First after Round One of the 2020 SailGP Season. - photo © John Curnow
Second, Third, and First after Round One of the 2020 SailGP Season. - photo © John Curnow

Right oh - there is plenty of information on the group's sites for you to review when you can. Please avail yourself of it.

Now if your class or association is generating material, we can help you spread your word just by. Got this newsletter from a friend? Would you like your own copy next week? Just follow the instructions on our newsletter page. Whilst there, you can also register for other editions, like Powerboat-World.

Finally, many thanks for making Sail-World your go-to choice. We'll be here over the holidays to keep pumping out the news. Stay safe, and have the happiest time possible depending on your level of restrictions.

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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Vendée Globe Day 43: Back to the future, Bestaven first Across the Antimeridian
Yannick Bestaven, who has been at the front of the fleet for four days, passed the Antimeridian at 1337hrs UTC this Sunday afternoon with his lead now extended to 120 nautical miles over second placed Charlie Dalin.

No wind for Christmas Race, but much to analyze for cup teams in Auckland
New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the 36th America's Cup, was unable to complete a planned Prada Christmas Race semifinal match against the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team of Italy on Sunday due to a lack a breeze.

53rd Hyères Semaine Olympique Française: A Paris 2024 Olympic appetiser
The SOF in the south of France will bring together the 10 classes competing in Japan in August 2021, as well as the four new disciplines that will be competing on the waters of Marseille at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Pacific Sailing School 2020 - MPU   Ensign Nautitech Range MPU
One end to the other...
Confession. I got a sneak peak at the SV Delos Arctic trailer a while back, and swore to complete secrecy, or face the long walk off a short pier...

PRADA Christmas Race - no wind, no race
No winner in Auckland today for the PRADA Christmas Race as the breeze dropped away after the start of race 1 and there was not enough to complete the 4 races scheduled for the day.

Vendée Globe Day 43 morning update: Knitting in an all too peaceful Pacific
Caught up in the lighter winds at the back of a front during the hours of the European night, daytime for the leaders, has seen second placed Charlie Dalin concede a handful of miles to leader Yannick Bestaven.

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Feva 300x250   ALT Composities 2020 West System 3 - 300x250
PRADA Christmas Race runs out of puff
The one-day PRADA Christmas Race was the last opportunity for Emirates Team New Zealand to be able to line up and measure themselves against the other Challengers before the main event next year.

Australian Sailing statement on Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race cancellation
Australian Sailing shares the sadness of the sailing community at the announcement of the cancellation of the 76th Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

RSHYR : Rupert Henry insights on two-handed sailing
Filmed before the event's cancellation, Rupert Henry, an experienced two-handed sailor gives some insights into what it takes to campaign a short handed off-shore race, in preparing the for the 76th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Del Morrsion Art 2020 MPU   Navico 2020 fun MPU AUS
Vendée Globe Day 42: Every day is a different challenge
Constrained by a high pressure to their north and only moderate winds, the Vendée Globe leaders are still losing miles to the peloton of skippers chasing 250 nautical miles behind.

America's Cup Rialto: December 19 - Back to Basics for Challengers
The three day America's Cup World Series is now complete. While it has been a regatta of surprises, it has also shown that the AC75 is a test of basic sailing skills, as well as match racing and the application of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic innovation.

American Magic takes 2nd overall at PRADA ACWS Auckland
Day 3 of the Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland saw New York Yacht Club American Magic close out racing at the first AC75 class regatta with a second place finish overall.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU
2020 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race cancelled amid COVID-19 concerns
It is with great regret that the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia announces that the 76th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will not be proceeding in 2020.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli at PRADA America's Cup World Series Auckland - Day 3
RACE 12 Emirates Team New Zealand vs Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

Knife edge dance for Emirates Team New Zealand at PRADA ACWS Auckland
The crowds were out basking in the sun at Auckland's America's Cup Race Village, right outside the doorstep of the Emirates Team New Zealand base to soak up the building atmosphere in anticipation for the final day of racing for the PRADA ACWS Auckland.

J Composites 2020 - MPU   Wichard Pacific 2020 - Swivel and Halyard Locks - 300x250
PRADA ACWS Auckland - Overall
As if written into the script, the final race was the one that mattered when it came to who would take the PRADA America's Cup World Series Auckland trophy.

New South Wales 12 Foot Skiff State Titles at Sydney Flying Squadron and Lane Cove
A good rollup of 12 Foot Skiffs faced that starter at the Sydney Flying Squadron & Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club over consecutive weekends in early December.

America's Cup World Series: Day 3 Course and Forecast
Regatta Director Iain Murray has advised that the course today is likely to be a combination of Course B and C, which means that the Rangitoto Channel will be used for racing.

Flagstaff 2020 - First Yacht 53 - MPU   Road to Gold - MPU
Boom times ahead for sail training and regattas at Port Stephens
The move signals a fresh change of management and a new chapter for the former Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club, which has a 40-year history of running local dinghy sailing as well as world, national and state championships.

All I want for Christmas is... A 12-step system for a world-class sailing campaign!
When the racing world properly opens up again, you want to know that you'll be more prepared, more knowledgable, and faster than you have ever been before.

The winningest Wise Man - Charles Currey
Up until now, with the exception of Jon Turner, the wise men that have been featured have all been innovators who sailed, whereas Charles Currey was an incredible sailor, who at the same time was also a clever and insightful innovator.

Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 5   38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU
America's Cup Rialto: Dec 18 - Matchracing Meisterclass
Few would have predicted when the new AC75 Class concept was announced just over three years ago that, as well as being the fastest of the monohull classes, it would also be a top matchracer.

Saint-Tropez and Cádiz added to SailGP Season 2
SailGP today announced two new venues that will be added to the European leg of the global championship's second season in 2021.

WASZP to serve as talent ID tool for SailGP Women's Invitational Camps
With a year like no other in 2020, both SailGP and WASZP have embraced the change, taken stock and further improved their programs to foster diversity and inclusion in the sport of sailing.

Race Yachts 2020 600x500 v4   Official-Event-Store-Navy 300x250 NZ+AUS
PlanetSail: Vendée Globe Cape to Cape - Retirements to Rescues
From retirements to mid-ocean rescues, the Vendée Globe is living up to its reputation. Steve Ancsell reports on the state of play as the fleet heads from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Leeuwin.

America's Cup: Emirates Team New Zealand push back on foil cant system criticism
Emirates Team New Zealand, designers of the foil cant system supplied to all America's Cup teams have issued an explanatory note following the incidents aboard INEOS Team UK, which resulted in their retirement from racing yesterday.

TasPorts Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race - All in the Sassy Family
The TasPorts Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race is widely regarded as a race for families and friends, and this is certainly the case onboard Sassy, with three father/son combinations making up the crew for the 2020 race.

Boat Books Australia 250 - 2014
SAILING Champions League - Asia Pacific: Qualifier 1 moves to Mornington YC and new dates
SAILING Champions League - Asia Pacific organisers have partnered with Mornington Yacht Club (MYC) as the official host club of the 2021 SCL - AP: Qualifier 1.

RS Aero Boat Setup Tips
Peter Barton from the RS Aero Class Association show us some top tips and boat bimbles to get the best out of your RS Aero.

18ft Skiffs: Busy Time Ahead for Noakesailing Team
The next three months will be a busy time for the Noakesailing 18ft Skiff Racing team as crew members prepare for a Sydney-Hobart Race campaign, the JJ Giltinan while still maintaining the Noakes Group business activity during the present difficult time.

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU   Sail Exchange 300x250 1
Changes to the Racing Rules - What competitors and clubs need to know
RYA Racing Services Manager Niall McLeod talks us through the changes to the Racing Rules - what competitors and clubs need to know.

American Magic ready to begin at Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland
New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the 36th America's Cup, is set to compete in the first official AC75 class regattas during the Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland and the Christmas Cup, which will begin in under 24 hours.

Welcome the GWA Wingfoil World Tour
After our successful founding and organisation of multiple events this year, the Global Wingsports Association is launching a dedicated Wingfoil World Tour for 2021!

C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
Second wave of America's Cup broadcast partnerships announced with all-star commentary line up
The racing finally gets under way in the first race event of the 36th America's Cup with four days of match racing during the PRADA America's Cup World Series Auckland, New Zealand (Dec 17th-19th) and the PRADA Christmas Race (Dec 20th).

To foil or not to foil? That is the question
Foils are all the rage - there's no doubting that. From the America's Cup, to the Vendée Globe, SailGP, Jules Verne Trophy, Moths, WASZPs, A Class Catamarans and a plethora of other designs, windsurfers, kiteboards these eye-catching boats are in the air.

New for 2021: Announcing ZHIK's new OFS700 women's jacket and salopettes
For 2021 Zhik have re-named all their foul weather ranges for easier recognition in store, with the OFS prefix for offshore/coastal products and INS for inshore/coastal products.

Selden 2020 - Carbon Masts - MPU   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER
Entries open for the 2021 Banjo's Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta
Entries for the Banjo's Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta are open with the Bellerive Yacht Club (BYC) issuing Notices of Race for the popular Tasmanian sailing regatta.

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Flagstaff 2020 - Excess 15 - FOOTER

Vaikobi 2020 - FOOTER 1

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