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All aboard the bandwagon!

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L30, a 30-foot one design keelboat, is dwarfed by a VO65 berthed in Lorient. - photo ©

Dear Recipient Name

If I had a mini maxi, I reckon that is exactly what I would have to call it. Just because you'd get a cast of thousands on board, and subsequently have a grand old time. Now if I had a supermaxi, I think its name would have to be Gravy Train, and I'd need to paint it bright pink, and have emblazoned on the hull and kite a huge panther caricature swinging his tail and holding a massive cigar - think about it... "You're gonna go far."

Enough of the frivolity then, for what we are really talking about here is the offshore event for Paris 2024. It has been a fair old while since keelboats have been in the Olympics, and it is going to be a welcome return to offer that other style of racing, and not just dinghies.

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Bomby and Diamond - Sun Fast 3300 from Jeanneau - photo © Carlo Borlenghi
Bomby and Diamond - Sun Fast 3300 from Jeanneau - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

So I am finding it hard to understand that there are people not getting behind it. We've been on this from the get go (even when it all looked really gloom after it got canned initially), as readers will attest. So we think it is just marvellous, as there will be a different style of athlete to be involved.

Yet perhaps even more importantly, the opportunities it presents from a media point of view are quite literally the crucial matter at hand. Sailing is not endearing itself to a new audience in the point and click world. So offering something that attests all that we love about the sport, and having a vessel that can carry cameras and devices to beam it all back to millions is tremendous.

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The trail-able L30 has been chosen by World Sailing as the one design keelboat to be used in the Rolex Middle Sea race which will be the inaugural World Offshore Championship - photo © L-30 Association
The trail-able L30 has been chosen by World Sailing as the one design keelboat to be used in the Rolex Middle Sea race which will be the inaugural World Offshore Championship - photo © L-30 Association

Sailing has already come such a long way in terms of telemetry, so coupled with effective commentary, you start to see the package as entertaining, informative, worthwhile, and able to fill spaces hitherto unused. Smart. As a 72-hour type event, it will enable it to reach a greater audience overnight, and of course for us, that means middle of the day. So aren't we lucky!

The course can be shortened to meet any deadline, or lengthened for that matter, and the kinds of vessels under consideration can handle a much wider range of conditions than the current crop of Olympic craft. Being mixed-gender also goes along way to solving equality issues. Struggling to see any downside, you know...

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Beneteau Figaro 3 - photo © Sarah Henry
Beneteau Figaro 3 - photo © Sarah Henry

OK. So cost of craft is a major hurdle, but I reckon the manufacturers will solve that problem, and it will end up kind of being a motivating factor, me thinks. Even if it is not one of the super-exciting crop running around right now. With sailing not exactly top of the pops to anyone alien to what we all love and adore, the notion of embracing something from outside of the envelope needs to be nurtured, cajoled, watered, fed ample protein packs, and given ample sunlight. Here endeth the lesson...

Don't know what I am waxing on about? Check out this video to get a handle on something new.

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The J/99 is one of the hot picks for the new Olympic Offshore Keelboat class - photo © J/Boats
The J/99 is one of the hot picks for the new Olympic Offshore Keelboat class - photo © J/Boats

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our Sail-World readers. Next is our Managing Editor, Mark Jardine for his unwavering faith, support, encouragement, covering my back, playing counterpoint, and dedication to task. After that is my colleague Peter Rendle for allowing me to tap into his wealth of knowledge from over the years. And the reason? Well it is simple. Results in the last while continue to show significant growth, and would not be at all possible without you. Cheers.

Once again I have been lucky to have the ear of the Australian Sailing Team coaches and athletes, and am very appreciative of that. To find the time to talk with me has been very rewarding. Talking of results, wow, what a great effort by the team. Also very lucky to have the steely determination and deft application of ideas from Nicole Shrimpton, assisting me all the way along.

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SailGP China Team skipper Phil Robertson (NZL) goes for a spin during the A Class Cat Worlds at the WPNSA - photo © Gordon Upton /
SailGP China Team skipper Phil Robertson (NZL) goes for a spin during the A Class Cat Worlds at the WPNSA - photo © Gordon Upton /

Right oh - here today there are some gems for you to review like the A-Class Cat Worlds, Fireballs, M32, Magnetic Island, The Ocean Race (does TOR work as a TLA?), the Clipper, TPs from Palma, J/70 Worlds, IMOCAs, AC news, next Marine Auctions event coming up, the maxi Edmond de Rothschild, Maxi Yacht Cup, and certainly there is much, much more.

Remember, if your class or association is generating material, make sure we help you spread your word, and you can do that by emailing us. Should you have been forwarded this email by a friend, and want to get your very own copy in your inbox moving forward, then simply follow the instructions on our newsletter page, where you can also register for different editions.

Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

Sail Exchange 300x250 1   Icom AUS IC-M37E MPU 2019

Largest and fastest gather for 30th Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
47 of the world's largest race boats (plus another six not racing) are gathered in Porto Cervo primed for tomorrow's start of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.

Australian Sailing Team at the Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima - Day 6
"It is the nature of the habit, a winning spirit, and the will to win." This is how the inspirational Australian Sailing Team coach of Men's 470, Victor Kovalenko distilled the victory of his champions - Mat Belcher and Will Ryan - after their latest win.

Reflections on Hamilton Island Race Week
A look at Hamilton Island Race Week, the premier keelboat regatta in the Southern Hemisphere, what makes the event special. Catch the superb video by Broadkast Edge - first screened at the prizegiving to a rapturous reception.

Jeanneau AUS 2019 SO319 MPU   Raymarine AUS Lighthouse 3 Annapolis 3.9 - MPU
Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima - Day 6: Three in a row for Belcher and Ryan
Australia's Mat Belcher and Will Ryan won their third consecutive Men's 470 gold medal on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic waters as the Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima event in Japan concluded.

North Sails Weekly Debrief: Hamilton Island RW, M32 World Champion, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Preview
North Sails clients controlled the scoreboard of Hamilton Island Race Week, particularity in IRC where all classes were won with full North inventories.

A Class Cat World Championship at the WPNSA - Overall
Andrew Landenberger and Mischa Heemskerk became the 2019 'A' Class cat World Champions on Friday at WPNSA in great style.

Nanni Diesel 2019 MPU   Anyport 2019 August Karver - MPU
Clipper 2019-20 Race: Skipper thoughts ahead of Race 1
The Clipper 2019-20 Race Skippers have had their penultimate meeting ahead of the Race Departure ceremony from St. Katharine Docks, London tomorrow afternoon.

Fireball World Championship at Pointe Claire Yacht Club - Overall
What a day and what a night! The fleet awoke to pouring rain but with a forecast for sunshine and wind that did not disappoint.

Australian Sailing Team at the Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima - Day 5
In what can only be described as a stratospheric rise, the two natural talents from Perth - Nia Jerwood and Monique de Vries - took their 470 to a win in the last race of the day, returning them to the top of the leader board.

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Marcus Eagan wins Viper 640 World and North American Championships
Hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, the four-day Championship consisted of 13 races in atypical Long Beach conditions - light, 8-10 knots except for the final race on day two and the last two on the final day when winds were mid to high teens.

Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima - Day 5: Surprises sprung as five podiums decided
Five Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima champions were crowned on Saturday 31 August as the first day of Medal Races sprung some surprises.

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week at Townsville Yacht Club - Day 2
Day 2 started much the same as yesterday, except the light breeze came in on queue; Principal Race Officer, Denis Thompson, able to proceed with racing on time from 11am at SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week, held off Townsville in Far Northern Queensland.

Rooster GETSEASMART 300x250 AUS   RS Sailing 2019 - MPU
Gearing up for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
Alessio Razeto is the North Sails Italy sales manager, and this week he is pulling double duty as he gears up to sail on SuperNikka in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.

M32 World Championship 2019 at Lake Garda - Overall
Bullets in the two opening races of the final day at the M32 World Championship on Lake Garda all but secured Don Wilson's Convexity the title, the Chicago team eventually able to bow out of the last of today's four races, the regatta already won.

Australian Sailing Team at the Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima - Day 4
After the carnage of yesterday, two entire classes - the 49erFX and the Nacra 17 - were left sitting on the bench today as officials at Enoshima played it safe with the squalls.

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50 years of ORC
In 1965 there were rumors the 1968 Olympic Games might include an offshore racing class and in 1966 the International Yacht Racing Union asked the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and the Cruising Club of America to try to frame one international rule.

Aarhus confirmed as Host City for The Ocean Race 2021-22
The Ocean Race will come to Aarhus, Denmark during the spring of 2022, following a popular 'Fly-By' of the city during the final leg of the 2017-18 edition of the Race.

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week at Townsville Yacht Club - Day 1
A number of newcomers joined the multitude of repeat offenders for the opening day of SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week, and although competitors waited for over an hour for the breeze to fill in, competitors agreed it was a superb afternoon of racing.

Pantaenius AUS 40 Years 300x250 JPG   SYC Sail Paradise 2020 - MPU
Bow Caddy Media videos from Hamilton Island Race Week #2
Bow Caddy Media have delivered this second package of videos covering all the action from the 2019 Hamilton Island Race Week. Please enjoy...

Rolex TP52 World Championship on Bay of Palma - Overall
On a day when Platoon all but gift-wrapped a third world title for them, Azzurra failed to capitalise, sailing to sixth in the day's first race and then seemingly unable to shake off Platoon for eighth in the second race.

79 Teams, 20 Nations, 5 Continents: All set at the Darwin Escapes 2019 J/70 World Championships
On Monday 2nd September, racing will start at the Darwin Escapes 2019 J/70 World Championships, hosted by the Royal Torbay Yacht Club. This will be the sixth edition of the J/70 World Championship and the first to take place in UK.

Gul 2019 CZ LONGJOHN MPU 250 - 2014
Greta Thunberg arrives in New York after 14 days crossing the Atlantic aboard Malizia II
The racing sailboat Malizia II with Pierre Casiraghi, founder of Team Malizia and sailor Boris Herrmann, arrived Wednesday in the bay of New York with Greta Thunberg on board.

IMOCA skippers committed to a sustainable future
The first to be involved are the IMOCA skippers themselves, like Boris Herrmann, one of the most committed sailors in this field. He is currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean alongside the young, Swedish green activist, Greta Thunberg.

The Low Down on everything GLOVE
When it comes to sailing, hands can be pretty integral to your success on the water... if you can't feel your fingers or the sheets keep slipping away from you, you're not in for a good ride.

C-Tech 250   Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250
Subaru Ireland Flying Fifteen World Championship 2019 at Dun Laoghaire - Preview
With just over 72 hours to go until the measurement process for the Subaru Ireland Flying Fifteen World Championship 2019 in Dun Laoghaire commences, plans for the event are proceeding apace.

Marine Auctions - Forthcoming Online Auctions in September 2019
Details of the vessels and the Marina Berth we will be offering for sale in our September Online Auction are in the PDF link below, the bidding for this Online will commence on Friday 6th September and will end on Wednesday 11th September.

Gitana Team Brest Atlantiques Qualification complete, time for a late summer refit
Four months ago, Charles Caudrelier and Franck Cammas joined Gitana Team and took over the helm of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild to form a rather atypical if complementary duo.

upffront 2018 Cousin Constrictors 20% Off 300x250   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER
International Nacra 17 Class Association Safety Statement
The crew was immediately rescued by a coach in attendance where a tourniquet was applied to stem the bleeding and steps were taken to counter any infectious matter.

Sailing World Cup: Italian sailor hospitalised after foiling incident
The Italian Olympic sailing team have reported that one of their Nacra17 team had an injury incident when sailing at speed downwind, ahead of the Sailing World Cup event in Enoshima, Japan

2019 Concierge Traveller Spring Series - Race 3
Race 3 of the Concierge Traveller Spring Series presented another entertaining day's racing. Windy conditions presented the 24 competitors in the race with lots of challenges, with gusts of up to 23 knots recorded on Sydney Harbour at 2pm.

Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AGLAIA
J/70 UK National Championships at Royal Torbay Yacht Club - Overall
Paul Ward's Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat is the 2019 J/70 UK National Champion. King and Wilson's Soak Racing is the Corinthian UK National Champion. Michael Goldfarb's Warcanoe from Seattle (USA) was the top team out of all the 35 international teams competing.

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