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A show like no other

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RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA

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I've written a lot about the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show in the past and am sure I will write more on it in the future. Last year I wrote 'It may not be the biggest...'. The reason I keep coming back to it is that it's truly a show like no other.

Most commonly known as just the Dinghy Show (or the Dinghy Exhibition for those who remember its history back to when it was first held at Picketts Lock) it brings together dinghies old and new, sailors young and old, all under one roof. What ensues is two days of chat, business and sales, which kick start the dinghy sailing season in the UK.

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RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA
RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA

There are many though who now sail throughout the year in the UK (yes, confirming for those in warmer climes, this is possible!) and the show also hosts the prize-giving of the Seldén Sailjuice Winter Series, the brainchild of top sailing journalist Andy Rice, which for the past 15 years has brought together once disparate events into a cohesive series.

In the UK we have an extraordinary number of dinghy sailing classes, and the Dinghy Show is a great opportunity to see many of them, or at least the most active ones. Take a look at the Classes page on and and you'll see a dropdown list which goes on for quite some way - many of these are at the show.

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RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA
RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA

Some of the chat at the show is always about there being too many classes, meaning that class attendance at events is lower and diluted, while others will applaud the range, as they can find a boat which is 'just right' for them.

Having so many classes does mean that handicap systems are all-important, and another major area for discussion. In the UK we have two dinghy systems in use: the Portsmouth Yardstick Number (known as the PY) and the Great Lakes handicaps.

If you're going to have disparate dinghies sailing against each other, you want to feel like your dinghy handicap is fair, and every year at the Dinghy Show the latest PY numbers are announced. These are reviewed annually and adjusted according to previous results submitted by clubs.

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GJW Direct 48th Bloody Mary - photo © Mark Jardine
GJW Direct 48th Bloody Mary - photo © Mark Jardine

The Great Lakes system, which is used for the Seldén Sailjuice Winter Series, starts with the PY numbers as a basis, then a committee meets to review the results of the individual events, and the new race data will be added to the analysis. The results from the latest winter events are considered when setting handicaps for the following season.

If a class has been performing well in handicap events then inevitably their handicap will suffer in each review, leading to much shaking of heads and muttering at the Show, whereas conversely some classes where the handicap has improved will be strangely quiet about it, almost as if mentioning the change might make someone take it back!

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Radio Sailing at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show - photo © Nigel Barrow
Radio Sailing at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show - photo © Nigel Barrow

Class association stands at the Show are significantly cheaper than the commercial stands, which allow them to attend and try to attract new sailors to their design of dinghy, as well as chat with their regular sailors. They also use it to launch and promote their season calendars, run competitions, and highlight sponsorships they may have.

Showing their class in the best light usually means a gleaming new boat on display, or a well-presented older boat. There were many examples of wooden decks varnished to perfection, and a fair few LED lights under gunwhales to make the hulls shine just a little more.

There is a strong incentive to make a special effort on presentation as each year there is a trophy for the best boat of the show. I've been judging the Concours d'Elegance with various people over the past 16 years, and this year was joined by the British Sailing Team's 49er crew Fynn Sterritt. He understandably was drawn to boats with wings, while I couldn't help running my hand over a shining wooden deck. We both though admired the Firefly F503, Jacaranda, and judged it to be the winner of the 2024 award. This boat was sailed by the British Olympic representative, Arthur McDonald, in the 1948 Olympics, where the sailing was held in Torbay.

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1948 Olympic Firefly wins Concours d'Elegance at the RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA
1948 Olympic Firefly wins Concours d'Elegance at the RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA

The dinghy was discovered 25 years ago in Norfolk, and since was lovingly restored by Alastair Vines. This really was a combination of beauty and rare provenance and had us won over and, judging from the comments I've received since, many others as well.

Over the two days nearly 8,900 people came to the 2024 RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show, which was 400 more than in 2023. It's always nice to see an increase in days when people talk of decline.

The show is vital as it is the sounding board for true grass-roots sailing. Multi-time world champions chat with impassioned club sailors, marine industry icons help anyone and everyone with any questions they may have, companies show the latest sailing equipment available, and clubs and classes try to persuade you to join them.

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Dinghy & Watersports Show - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA
Dinghy & Watersports Show - photo © Paul Wyeth / RYA

It's an amazing, passionate, energetic show thanks to the people there, exhibitors and visitors alike.

We're still adding content we created during the show, as well as content from the clubs and classes which is still arriving, but it can all be found here. Videos, photos, and articles aplenty showing the latest, the not-so-new, innovations, initiatives, the latest colour trends and the slightly unusual can all be found.

Enjoy all we have from the show like no other.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

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The harsh reality of the Global Solo Challenge: more than half the starters have retired
The young talented American sailor is getting plenty of attention from US media as she's poised to become the first American female to complete a solo nonstop circumnavigation by the three great capes and becoming the 18th women to ever achieve this goal.

Prizegiving and final farewell - McIntyre Ocean Globe Leg 4 race start tomorrow
The crews of the 13 classic yachts racing around the world in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Whitbread Round the World Race donned their sparkle and stilettos for a night of well-justified back-slapping.

53 Trofeo Princesa Sofía Mallorca by Iberostar is shaping up to be a strong showcase regatta
With the first entry registration period now closed, most of the racers who will compete at the 53 Trofeo Princesa Sofía Mallorca by Iberostar have already registered.

Flagstaff 2021AUG - Excess 11 - MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
Cup Spy March 2: Luna Rossa retire test boat. Progress report for January and February
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was the only team to sail on Saturday, having missed a planned sailing day due to lack of wind on the Friday. It transpired that this was the last sail for the Italian team's custom design LEQ12 test boat.

Vendée Globe Press Release with reference to Clarisse Crémer's Rule 69.2 Hearing
Hearing under Rule 69.2 of the Racing Rules of Sailing on Saturday 2nd March, starting at 11:00.

Sailing Ahead: World Class Talent Driving The Smart Revolution
In the dynamic landscape of marine technology, Cyclops Marine has rapidly emerged as one of the foremost innovators. In 5 short years Cyclops has impacted every section of sailing. Wireless load sensing is fundamentally changing the way sailing is done.

SCIBS 2024 MPU   Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 MPU
St. Maarten Heineken Regatta Overall
The grand finale of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta was easily one of the best ones yet, with picture-perfect race conditions for every fleet.

Record breaking 2024 Tan Lines OK Dinghy World Championship in Brisbane
The 2024 Tan Lines OK Dinghy World Championship in Brisbane, Australia, was a fantastic celebration of OK Dinghy sailing in some amazing conditions and run with precision and enthusiasm by both the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Firecracker storms home to take inaugural Fareast 28R Australian Championship
Three of the boats contesting the inaugural Fareast 28R one-design Australian Championship won two races each and it literally came down to the last race as to whose name would be first on the new trophy

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Selden 2023 CXe
Challenge breaks Conspiracy's stranglehold on Sydney 38 One-Design NSW Championship
"It's an unbelievable feeling," were the first words Greg Croak spoke ashore after his Challenge crew broke Conspiracy's stranglehold of the Sydney 38 One-Design class at their NSW Championship on the weekend.

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week: Entries sold out in 12 minutes!
Entries opened for Townsville Yacht Club's (TYC) SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week on Friday amid a flurry of activity, the much loved event was sold out in an unprecedented 12 minutes - minus a few seconds.

Resilient, determined Armel Le Cléac'h takes third in the Arkea Ultim Challenge-Brest
Armel Le Cléac'h, winner of the 2016-17 Vendée Globe, maintained his record of finishing on the podium on all three of his solo round the world races so far when he crossed the finish line to complete the ARKÉA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest.

North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU   A+T Instruments 2024 MPU
44Cup Calero Marinas - Overall
Four bullets from nine races was enough to secure Team Nika victory in the 44Cup Calero Marinas, opening event of the 2024 44Cup.

470 World Championship in Llucmajor, Mallorca - Overall
After five days of competition in a variety of conditions on the Bay of Palma, the stormy conditions of Sunday meant no Medal Race to conclude the 470 World Championship in Mallorca.

18ft Skiff Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship Day 2
The Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship produced another cracking race on Sydney Harbour today when the defending champion Andoo team scored a brilliant, but narrow, victory over a gallant Rag & Famish Hotel in Race 2 of the international regatta.

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Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Harbour Regatta Overall: It's a wrap
Today's weather was a turnaround from yesterday's wet blowy day at the 2024 Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Harbour Regatta, a glorious north-north/easterly wind on a sunny hot day made a difference to many results of yesterday - but not all.

OK Dinghy World Championship 2024 at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Brisbane - Overall
Nick Craig has won his sixth OK Dinghy World Championship after a tight week of racing at the 2024 Tan Lines OK Dinghy World Championship, hosted by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, in Brisbane.

Cup Spy March 1: The Cup countdown clock ticks louder as Spring arrives in Europe
Two teams sailed on March 1. The US team got a real workout, in Barcelona, while the Kiwis had a more leisurely sail, in Auckland. We review the standings and the amount of sailing by the teams in January and February. There's some surprising differences.

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18ft Skiff Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship Day 1
Race 1 of the Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship set the regatta off on the highest possible note on Sydney Harbour today with one of the best 18ft skiff races seen on the harbour for several seasons.

Entries now open for the Brisbane to Hamilton Island Race Week 2024
Last year we were honoured with the presence of first-time sailor, Wally Lewis, the 'King' of Rugby League as he helmed Andoo Comanche around the warm up course before he jumped off and onto the Start Boat to be the official race starter!

2024 Rolex Middle Sea Race open for entries
The Royal Malta Yacht Club is pleased to announce that the Notice of Race for the 2024 Rolex Middle Sea Race has been published today and the online race management system is ready to accept entry applications.

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18ft Skiff Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship Invitation Race
The 75th regatta for the world's premier 18 footer championship got under way on Sydney Harbour today when the Australian 18 Footers League hosted the Winnings 2024 JJ Giltinan Championship Invitation Race for the 27 competing teams from five countries.

Maxi Class to join the fun at 2024 ORC World Championship
Soaked into the floorboards of this town's saltier watering holes are stories from the 1980s and 1990s when the globe-trotting Maxi class would regularly call into the quaint New England port to contest a major championship.

Colligo Marine spotlight: Snatch Blocks - extremely lightweight and extremely strong
Colligo Soft Snatch Blocks are extremely lightweight and extremely strong static blocks for high load, low travel situations or low load, high travel situations.

Cyclops 2024 February MPU   2024 fill-in (side)
Second placed Thomas Coville returns to a warm Brest welcome
Charles Caudrelier, winner of the ARKEA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest on Tuesday, may have been granted dream conditions for his victorious finish on Tuesday but thousands of well wishers braved the Breton drizzle to welcome home second placed Thomas Coville

Cyclops Marine Load Sensor Competition at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show
Ben Hazeldine of Cyclops Marine was running a load sensor competition on the Vakaros stand at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show. We found out more about the load sensors, as well as what the highest loads were being recorded during the weekend!

Thomas Coville, Sodebo Ultim 3, takes second place in the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest
Thomas Coville the French solo skipper of Sodebo Ultim 3 crossed the line off Brest to finish the ARKÉA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest at 13:42:40hrs UTC this Thursday afternoon, to take second place.

Rooster 2023 - Aquafleece - MPU   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68
Sail at the 37th America's Cup, Régates Royales Cannes, and many more
Unique Regatta Experience: Sail at the 37th America's Cup, Régates Royales Cannes, and many more regattas with exclusive discount code for readers.

Ocean racers set course for destination King Island
On 9th March 2024, the 114 nautical mile race across Bass Strait, organised by the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria and supported by the King Island Boat Club, starts.

Knut Frostad joins Henri-Lloyd as Executive Chairman
Monte Rosa Sports (MRS) formally announces that Main Board Director Knut Frostad will join Henri-Lloyd as Executive Chairman from March 01, 2024. Headquartered in Switzerland, MRS is the holding company for sportswear brands Henri-Lloyd, Odlo and Janus.

Line 7 - Master yacht - AllSail 300x250px   C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250
Entries open for the RS21 World Championship 2024
The RS21 International Class Association proudly announces the official opening of the RS21 World Championship 2024.

International Melges 24 Class starts a new decade with new Class Rules
On Friday, February 23, World Sailing approved the final 2024 changes to the Melges 24 Class Rules. It published a new edition along with the document of particular changes, which came into effect immediately.

ARKEA Ultim Challenge Winner | TEAM GITANA
The open ocean is unforgiving and unpredictable and Maxi Edmund de Rothchild trusted North 3Di to power their circumnavigation. These sails drove Charles straight across the finish line with more speed and power than the competition.

Lloyd Stevenson - T2Artefact 300x250px   Doyle Sails 2020 - Pure Brilliance 300x250
America's Cup: Swiss hit the Road to Spain with new AC75 raceboat
Alinghi Red Bull Racing's AC75 yacht that will be raced to challenge for the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup this summer has departed from the boat yard in Ecublens, Switzerland bound to Spain. The event is a major campaign milestone.

Taking a closer look at the Switch
There are many dinghies throughout the years which have taken their inspiration from the International Moth and become one design. The Europe and the British Moth are two, and now there's the Switch.

North Kiteboarding joins the race for Olympic Gold
North Kiteboarding is teaming up with a leading paragliding designer to join the race for Olympic gold in the One Design Formula Kite Class.

Whangarei Marina Curious (300 x 250 px)   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Charles Caudrelier crowned first king of the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest
Blessed with a perfect sunrise, flat seas and a modest 15kts breeze as he approached the long awaited finish line off Brest this morning Charles Caudrelier took time to enjoy the final ten miles of his solo multihull race round the world.

Charlotte Borghesi, the first woman to win the SB20 World Championship
Team Kidzink of Charlotte, Pippa, Artem and Gonçalo marked not only the first UAE victory in the competition, but also a historic moment as Charlotte Borghesi became the first female helmswoman to claim the championship with a 50% female team.

World Sailing publishes Olympic Vision to steer the sport through to Brisbane 2032
World Sailing has published its Olympic Vision strategy which is aimed at strengthening the sport's contribution to the Olympic Movement.

PredictWind - GPS 300x250   ABS24-SailWorld-600x500_04
Charles Caudrelier and the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild take the crown in Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest
At the helm of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, the skipper of Gitana Team wins this race of pioneers, completing his first solo circumnavigation of the globe in 50 days 19 hours 7 minutes, 42 seconds at an average speed of 23.74 knots.

Cup Spy Feb 27: Kiwis return to an unfamiliar Hauraki Gulf
Today was Day 67 on the Hauraki Gulf for Emirates Team New Zealand sailing their AC40 hull set up as a LEQ12 test boat. The team appear to have fitted new sensors and maybe cameras onto the foils. Of course, they needed some adjustment.

French skipper Charles Caudrelier wins the first Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest solo multihull race
French solo racer Charles Caudrelier, skipper of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild crossed the finish line off the coast of Brest, this Tuesday morning at 8h 37mn 42s local time (UTC+1hrs) to win the ARKEA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest.

TNI PINDAR SW Ads_300x250px-6   Armstrong 300x250 A-Wing XPS Range
Barz Optics up for sale
After establishing Barz Optics 28 years ago, Kevin Barr has decided to sell the company. Health issues over the last two years have taken their toll so it's time to smell the flowers.

Cup Spy Feb 26: Swiss get roughed up by the Barcelona seastate
The Swiss challenger Alinghi Red Bull Racing was the only one of the six teams to be accompanied, on Monday (CET), by the AC37 Joint Recon program

Back with a vengeance
Categorically been on this bandwagon from the beginning. Flag bearing, card-carrying, full-blown trumpeter. Mixed two-handed offshore. You might argue it had a wee false start, but it just was a bridge too far at the time

Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest: Charles the magnificent
He waited half a century to realise his dream of a single-handed circumnavigation of the globe. And perhaps this is the point, which will enable the public to really get an insight into this great yet very discreet sailor.

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