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Wetsuit Outlet Wetsuit Outlet
Customer Service is at our core

Whether a beginner looking for an entry level wetsuit, buying for a friend or relative, or a semi-pro looking for the right gear to up your game - We're here to help you find the best products to suit your needs.
We mean it! Fellow dedicated watersports enthusiasts waiting by the phone, via email with rapid response or in person at our showroom. From placing your order, to advice wearing it - Wetsuit Outlet are with you all the way.
We ship from our own premises

How do we offer the best products at the lowest price? Unlike most online retailers, we hold a massive amount of stock. This means we can ship the very latest products from the top manufacturers straight from our warehouse to your door unbelievably quickly!
When we're running low, we simply order more and store it securely in our own warehouse ready to fly off the shelves to our happy customers around the world once again.
Something for all budgets

We're your online "one stop shop" - focused not only on wetsuits, but all essential watersports clothing and equipment. From UV Rash Vests for sun protection, to wetsuits and drysuits for thermal protection, covering every member of your family.
As well as stocking brand new products boasting the latest technology, check out our sale and clearance sections for end of line, past-season bargains and warehouse seconds.
We're the biggest in Europe

Since 2004, Wetsuit Outlet has grown from humble beginnings as a one-man operation, into Europe's largest supplier of watersports clothing and equipment. How did we do it? Simple - Great products, the lowest prices and the best customer service in the business.
You can shop with confidence as we have more than 100,000 items in stock and have shipped over 600,000 orders & a million products around the world since 2004.
We practise what we preach

We love watersports! If you hadn't noticed - that's why we do what we do.
Our Summer is too short! Wetsuit Outlet offers you the clothing to extend your watersports throughout the whole year. Let's make use of the best and most important part of our planet!